Flexible LED Screens continue to develop with the launch of the new flexible LED strip curtain screens from ICE AV Corp

NEW PRODUCT: The New Flexible LED curtain screens from ICE AV continue to advance the use of LED as a innovative screen technology. Most users are only familiar with LED screens in metal cabinets that might sit astride a building wall as a digital sign or in a stadium.

The latest addition to the LED flexibles screen range from ICE AV Corp. is the ICE Flexit Strip LED Screen.

In this image shot is a ICE Flexit Strip LED screen in action during testing prior to shipping to a client.

This is a rear view of the new Double Strip Flexible Curtain screen. Since it is lightweight it becomes cheaper to ship and install. Depending on the overall screen height it is possible to combine a top and bottom row and join the horizontal edge of the two screen rows to create a seamless join in the middle.

A close up of the double strip flexible LED screen is the next generation in flexible screen developments.

In the above picture, on the new Flexit Double Strip Flexible Screen you can see through into the background between each strip. Customers can also have a cloth hanging backdrop to cover this gap and achieve a higher contrast appearance. Circuit board strips pictured are white or black depending on customers preference. The screens are available in indoor or outdoor versions making them suitable for inside shopping malls or outside hanging on a wall.

– Designed to display video and graphics.
– Resolution starts at 16mm Pitch.
– Indoor and Outdoor versions available
– Designed to hang from overhead structure
– Transparent between strips
– Designed to be rolled up
– Weight per sq m ≤6 kg/m2 @ 30mm Pitch

The Flexit Double Strip Flexible LED screen is available from is available world wide from ICE AV Corp., LED Screen Division.
Contact +64-9-414 2348
sales at iceavglobal dot com


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