ICE AV can create your big screen experience

LED Screens

The Rugby World Cup is the talk of many here in New Zealand. Millions of dollars have been spent so far in preparation. Companies are organising activities how to show case their technology and capability. Venues, stadiums, fan zones, branding opportunities are just a few of the areas being covered off.

ICE AV LED Cabinet Modules

ICE AV LED Cabinet Modules

ICE AV has the ability to enable clubs, venues, shopping malls to create their own buzz and large screen viewing experience. In well lit environments often times LED screens are the most viable technology to use and in recent years there has been a dramatic drop in costs to what they once were. In addition there has been dramatic increases in quality and resolution. Screen sizes can be customised and a wide variety of pitch (resolution) sizes are available. Effectively this will be determined by budget and viewing distance. For maintenance they can be manufactured as front or rear servicing units.

ICE AV team

ICE AV can offer full technical support, integration and installation for your LED Screen needs.

Pictured in this post are LED cabinets set up as a perimeter screen alongside the sports field for advertising. They could just as easy be stacked to create one large TV set. Pictured is Colin connecting the many cabinets together for a perimetre LED screen.
Contact ICE AV if you want to plan the big screen experience at your venue. tel +64-9-414 2348


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