LED Flexible Soft Screens that you can Roll – Fold – Hang

LED Division: Soft Flexible screens are providing designers and integrators many exciting options to achieve large format digital images. One of the major advantages is the weight factor and when combined with the panel modular aspect.

The Roll – Fold – Hang model is a solid flexible LED screen available in a variety of Pitch. The screen can be rolled up and then folded allowing ideal pack and shipping benefits. In this picture is a 20mm 960mm x 1920mm panel that can be easily joined to unlimited widths.

Flexible led screens

ICE AV Tech Roll - Fold - Hang flexible LED screen

Panels are manufactured according to certain size modules that varies according to the Pitch. This model is non transparent whereas the other models we have are transparent between the vertical strips. (FlexiRoll) This feature provides additional features or can be made “solid” by using a backing curtain.

Flexible Soft Led Screen

ICE LED Road case packing

The complete range of Flexible LED screens can be controlled form Laptop,s Desktop PC or external Switcher. Pictured below is one option that allows multiple computers, DVD, camera feed etc to be displayed on a ICE Flexible LED screen. This is ideal when you need the flexible to display a variety of sources at the press of a front panel button.

LED Screen Switcher

many people are a little confused on how a LED screen receives it signal as a LED screen as such does not have a VGA, DVI, HDMI input connector. The signal source is transmitted typically on a Cat5 type cable on a RJ45 connector. the signal format is determined one step back as can be seen on this connections chart.

Switcher connections

LED Screen Switcher connections diagram

For our clients we take the mystery out of how to make it all work and calibrated. This can be achieved onsite and even remotely.


Flexible 10mm thick Folding LED Panels for indoors and outdoors achieves unique break thru in LED design.

LED Division: ICE Flexible LED Panel offers high resolution in folding type LED screens

This latest addition, FlexiFold O Series, is based on small panels (192mm x 192mm) that are stitched together and 10mm thick. The panels can be joined together to create large screens such as 5m x 3m. Each screen panel can be joined together to create extensive size screen.

Folding LED screen

The middle panel pictured with the lady is our 12mm Folding LED screen panel.

The FlexiFold O Series is available in Indoor and Outdoor Brightness, various Pitch Resolutions and a variety of IP Ratings.

The stitching wire forms the attachment for adjacent panels. Each row can be folded on the next, forming a neat stacked when all folded. The range extends from 6mm – 20mm. Screens can be suspended from over head or laid flat on the floor. Screen height should be based on 192mm steps and each panel width is made of 4pcs or 6pcs unit panels, with an overall panel module width of 768mm or 1152mm.

The signal and power is connect with independent cable and the power supply, receiver card, led screen are separated components.

Shipping volume means that when folded and stacked the bulk of the volume is the actual screen with out air.

The IP rating ranges from IP43, IP54 and IP65. Brightness ranges from 950 – 9000 NITS. This capability delivers huge capability for daytime and night time conditions.

ICE FlexiFold LED Panels

ICE FlexiFold LED Panels 12mm

With some creative planning it can be used as a LED floor and ideal for temporary installations.
Protected by a laid over acrylic sheet allows reliable performance, protect from damage and stunning images.

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Modular industrial plastic cabinets can solve numerous LED display issues

LED Screen Division: Latest developments in industrial plastics as created new opportunities for a new breed of LED screen enclosures. The modular LED cabinets based around a standard housing enclosure enables one size screen irrespective of the LED screen Pitch.

Based on the 480mmH x 480mmW dimension each screen cabinet is only 6-8kg and delivers huge advantages during installation.The pitch can be diverse and designed for a range of applications.

Typically LED screen cabinets can not be lifted by one person, however the Industrial Plas480LED Display cabinet overcomes this issue delivering greater flexibility during installation due to its light weight. This means that each cabinet can be placed into position on the frame by hand. A major advantage when lifting equipment can not be bought onto site.

The cabinets are accessible from the rear for ease of servicing. Each cabinet comes pre-wired ready for the connector cables to be fitted quickly and with out fuss. Each cabinet is bolted to a frame section, and one by one will create the full size screen required.

Advantages of our Plas480LED displays:
1. Uniform cabinet size: 480x480mm for all pixel pitches.
2. Slim and light weight design. Each cabinet have only 6-8KG, thickness: 11CM.
3. Refresh rate can reach 6,000HZ*, without any scanning line on picture of digital camera. Also the pictures are comfortable to the eyes. * varies according to model.
4. Gray scale 65,536. Accurate gray scale and very smooth picture graduations.
5. Brightness can reach 10,000 NITS, have very good effect even under strong sunshine
6. Simplification of the control system, one receiving card can control cabinets totalling 20 sqm to 40 sqm.
7. Energy saving– save 30%.Using top-grade materials.

ICE LED Cabinets

The Plas480 LED screens are ideal for a wide variety of applications. As the cabinet size is fixed it allows flexibility from an architectural and budget perspective. As long as the correct space has been allowed then as the project or budget is approved then the corresponding Pitch can be specified without holding up construction of the wall area.

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Magnetic Rubber Flexible LED screens allow unique twisting ribbon like LED screens

The latest LED technology screen allows the designer to create innovative and unusual sign installations. The rubber backed LED screen tiles allows complete flexibility and curvature of the screen.

The ICE Flexible LED Screens can be installed in a variety of ways. One of the notable benefits is the ease of installation. The rear of the screen has magnets allowing permanent or temporary installation.

LED Magnetic Flexible Panel

The screen tiles can be used in complex curved screens, cylinders, concave and convex. In the following pictures we show you a behind and in front view of the FlexiMag rubber back led modules as a large video wall.

FlexiMag LED Screen

As the weight of each module is measured in grams! any size wall is easily installed by one person. For convenience and speed, we would recommend at least two technicians for a wall of this size, as one could hold each module in place from the front and the rear person fits the four 5mm screens from the rear to hold onto the support frame. If your wall frame was based on using the magnets to hold in position, then it would be a simple matter of placing them onto the surface and connecting the cables.

Large Flat FlexiMag Video Wall

The rubber backed magnetic LED tiles are now available in 6mm and 10mm Pitch resolution.

If you have a project that requires an innovative display solution we look forward to hearing to discuss your requirements.

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Flexible LED screens have a wide diverse applications. Tel +64-9-414 2348

LED Division: We have been noticing a big increase in LED screen technology projects inquiries. What was once only ever seen in sports stadiums or as billboards in major international cities, LEDs have really become a major enabling technology in so many industries and none more so than in the Digital Display area.

ICE FlexiRoll LED screens are available in 16, 20, 25mm Pitch for video and graphics and more coarse for light patterns and very long distance viewing. Overall within the range they are available in
outdoor and indoor versions and from 1800 – 5800 NITS brightness.

We offer two models in this category of single and dual LED strip.

Screen size can be unlimited and you are able to join each panel section together.  Between each vertical led strip is a transparent see-thru air gap. Often we recommend that a black material cloth is hung behind the screen to re-inforce picture brilliance or if there are light sources behind the screen. The  need to do this really does depend though on your application and environment.

In this video clip we are using the Double Strip. For close up screen detail click here.

Swarovski Elements sparkles in this flexible bling LED ribbon screen within this unique street side installation.

LED Division: LED technology is proving to be a technology that is fast becoming a preferred lighting and large format screen solution. From dashboards in a jet fighter, car lights, street lighting, stadium screens backlights in LCD screens, household lighting and of course in the ICE LED Screens.

The latest LED screen technology allows the designer to create innovative and unusual sign installations. This Swarovski Elements custom Flexible LED screen installation, clearly demonstrates the ability of the new generation LED flexible strip screen. In this luxury shopping district the main street gets wrapped up in five of these custom luxury Flexible LED Ribbon Screen in time for the Christmas Season.

In an added twist the screen is interactive and displays Twitter messages sent from anywhere.

Furthermore viewers world wide can visit the Facebook page and watch their Twitter stream live along the screens.

To send your holiday Tweet message: Add the Hashtag #letitsparkle, then your message and your holiday messages tweeted from any where in the world appears. In the US you can also text 877877 with the word “Sparkle” followed by your holiday greeting and instantly it appears on the five electronic LED screens sculptures’.

To send your holiday Tweet message: Add the Hashtag #letitsparkle, then your message and your holiday messages tweeted from any where in the world appears.

In the US you can also text 877877 with the word “Sparkle” followed by your holiday greeting and instantly it appears on the five electronic LED screens sculptures’.

LED Flexible Screen

Watch your tweet live

The installation went live on a glamour opening event as part of the Swarovski Elements campaign on 21 November 2011. It was attended by a number of well known A-listers who turned out in support, among them
actress and American Idol songbird Jennifer Hudson, DJ Alexandra Richards, stylist George Blodwell and George Kotsiopoulos of E!’s Fashion Police; plus designers Roberto Cavalli, Margherita Missoni and Stuart Weitzman. The evenings host was Actress Jessica Alba.
The opening ceremony also helped draw attention and support for the charity organisation Baby2Baby.

The finest Pitch we offer currently for the ICE Flexible LED screens is 16mm Pitch in both Indoor and Outdoor Versions. Pictured is the double strip version.

The ICE Flexible LED Screens can be installed in the manner seen in the video, or hanging from an overhead beam, wrapped around a cylinder. One of the notable benefits for non permanent installations is the ability to roll the screens up for storage and transportation. In the installation shown, the strip is a narrow custom size LED width and length curtain.

The width can be as wide as required such as would be typical for a stage screen or hanging screen in a foyer. Within the Swarovski Elements installation are 41,775 suspended crystals with another 13,225 used elsewhere along the streets decoration. The structure is designed to represent the DNA helix with its five intertwining, ribbon-like lengths of studded chrome.

To make everyone a possible winner Swarovski will select the three random tweets each Friday and the winners will each receive a gorgeous Navette Pendant Necklace to flaunt on this season’s party circuit. Contest begins at December 9, 2011 and takes place every Friday till December 30, 2011. Tweets must be received till December 16, 2011, December 23, 2011 and December 30, 2011. Each December-Fridays 3 winners are chosen randomly. The prizes are awarded ‘as is’ with no warranty or guarantee. No payment or purchase is necessary to enter or win.

So ladies get tweeting if you want a surprise piece of jewellery this Christmas. Men this would be a great way to earn brownie points!

If you have a project that requires an innovative display solution we look forward to hearing from you.

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LED Underwater Swimming Pool Screen

The ultimate Christmas present for anyone building a swimming pool and desires the latest in digital technology is now announced in time for Christmas. The Underwater LED screen is ideal for the luxury home pool, top rated retreat, the hotel that offers the highest level of luxury and experiences.

New immersion experiences have become highly desirable and now ICE AV promotes the concept of the immersive swimming pool experience. Imagine the floor of your swimming pool can display a wide range of content such as live broadcast television, interactive water game, movies, live sport matches, photographs. Taking this a step further add a camera feed and you could display your environment swimming over a mountain range or over the clouds, other locations, or even a web cam feed! The creative imagination can provide a wow effect for an event and could make it ideal for exclusive VIP parties, fashion shows and music videos.

Underwater Digital Screen

Imagine being able to implement an Underwater Swimming Pool Screen, the ultimate screen for a true state of the art swimming pool experience. of course you need to remember to come up for air!

The Underwater Swimming Pool screen is currently under development as a concept. Currently shipping is the under water speaker system of the concept that is able to create audio underwater by using micro vibration speaker technology.

By adding our unique Ultra Sound Underwater Speakers we now offer one of the most exclusive audio visual experiences that has ever been developed. The ICE Ultra Sound Underwater speakers we create the most amazing entertainment experience underwater as the audio is only heard whilst your ears are below the water. Lift your head above water and the Ultra Sound can not be heard…. unless of course you are using traditional above water speakers. What would be interesting and a fascinating audio experience is when you add sounds of whales or dolphins to the underwater speakers and say music to the above water speakers truly enhancing of water in two separate environments.

Imagine the fun you could have with this! Add a microphone and you could actually talk to those swimming underwater. By adding Ultra Sound to a training pool, coaches could actually talk to their swimmers as they practice.

By converging imagination, technical know how and the latest technologies ICE AV is able to create your underwater immersion experience. This concept screen typically will customisation for your installation.

Pricing on application from ICE AV Technology direct
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