LED Screen installation processes can be managed world wide.

Receiving an order for a large size digital screen is only the start of the process to create large screen magic. Working thru budgets, getting sign-off, negotiating with the vendor set the sequence where the real work is involved.

Supplying LED screens is a complex convergence of expertise, knowledge, manufacturing, digital expertise, international shipping, custom protocols, mechanical engineering, work safe site practices, CAD design, customer liaison, electronics communication, media and content preparation, city by-laws, engineering and electrical rules and audio visual integration.

Construction Plans

LED Construction Plans

The process normally starts with a customers idea that they wish to have a large digital screen that typically will be at least 2x2m and more often than not a lot larger.

Once an LED screen order is received then the finer details relating to site details, installation processes, installation labour allocation all swing into action. Back in the factory a whole team of manufacturing engineers and technicians swing into action led by the Project Liaison Manager. The electronics department, cabinet fabrication, design section, assembly line all work hand in hand to ensure the customers decision to purchase an LED screen all comes together. Once factory burn in soak testing is completed which normally runs at least 3 days and if the screen passes all quality control checks the screen is dismantled off the test rig and passes to the shipping department where the screens are packed ready for shipping to a distant market.

LED Viewing positions

Identifying sight lines and key positions is part of the pre-sales process

The Installation Phase begins once the screen import passes through customs and is forwarded onto the installation site. Depending on the size will dictate the logistics required for unloading. IF ICE AV is contracted to be part of this process these details would have been covered well before the screen arrives on site.

The most important aspects of the purchase and installation process is strong communication channels with the client and contractors. Nothing can be left “to she will be right on the day”.

LED Install photo

Installation of first floor LED screen

ICE AV is able to work with clients world wide. From our international sales office in New Zealand we can liaise with clients directly world wide and by using remote technologies, photography, video and your on site presence we are able to determine most details that will dictate the screen model and installation issues. Only in the rare case we may need to visit on site prior to installation.

If you would like to discuss your potential LED project please contact here:
ICE AV Technology Ltd
Tel +64-9-414 2348
sales @ iceavglobal dot com


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