Create a visual impression on your next stage show with the Plas480 ICE LED Stage Panel Displays.

LED screens are creating dynamic and amazing visuals in concerts. Shows like the XFactor, Eurovision create mesmerising stage screens that captivate and are a visual feast. Deadmau5 is well known for his DJ booth fitted out in the diamond LED shape as if though he is commanding a fantasy night club space ship.

At the other end of the scale the independent DJ and performer is constantly seeking out ways to enhance their shows and stage presence. The wedding DJ or club DJ are all equally dedicated to create a memorable show at the community hall, poolside party, high school dance or local club. What we have noticed that they typically have to rely on some LCD screens and they usual array of lights and strobes to create some visual impression.

Plas480 LED DJ Screen

live event modular LED stage screen

So the team here at ICE AV set about with the challenge, how could we enhance the stage presence of these DJs with a system that is modular and expandable. We wanted to make it full weather proof – just in case they get caught in the rain or a bomb dive at the pool party gives the screens a soaking and able to withstand the brightest daytime sun any where
on the planet.

So our LED Division set about designing a system that is completely modular, easily transported, simple to assemble and allows the big screen experience within a restricted budget.

The Plas480 LED Stage Panels are available in a number sizes. Each panel consists of a quantity of 480mm x 480mm modular panel. Pictured above is a Plas480 Model 301TL. This model consists of 3 x 6kg panels along with side mounted IR programmable Hololites. One of the aspects we have found is that many DJs find it challenging to be able to transport and set up massive displays simply because of the manpower and budget required. The PLas480 LED Stage Panels are designed in such a way that they can be transported in a van and set up by one person.

To cater for the inevitable demand for size options, the Plas480 LED Stage Panels are available as standard in the “Single Series”, that is, a single row or single column and typically we are suggesting a maximum of five 480 x 480mm modules as being the maximum quantity for the the Single Series per LED Stage Panel. The reason the “Single Series” is so appealing is the ease of transporting. Multiple “Single Series” can be used together. All PLas480 LED Stage Panels can be used in horizontal and vertical orientation, floor mounted, suspended, or off floor configurations allowing maximum use options. Laser lights can be mounted on all sides assuming the do not have the Hololites mounted in position. In addition the ease of adding off screen extended beams for mounting lights is possible. This ability is a standard feature of all PLas480 LED Stage Panels.

LED Stage panels

ICE AV LED Stage panels

For those with increased budgets can contemplate the Double and Triple Series to achieve larger seamless image display areas.

Pricing for the various sizes will be announced early in the New Year. Register here for pricing when it is released.

The Plas480 LED Stage Panels are available in a P5, P10, P15, P20 pixel resolutions. We recommend the P10 option as an excellent starting position that maximises display effect for a reasonable budget. For those wanting maximum quality then the P5 is perfect whilst those wanting image impact on a restricted budget then the P15 and P20 options are a good starting place.

ICE LED Stage Panel

The Plas480 Modular Series from ICE AV is a recent development that is available in a variety of sizes. The LED Stage panel version is orientated towards the performance DJ, VJ and artist who wants flexibility, portability and the chance to increase their rig size. Starting off with a pair of Model 103TL or 102TL is a health way as a first rig set up. The addition of a 3rd Plas480TL LED Stage Panel enables you to dress the set in the front middle position.

The Plas480TL LED Stage Panels can be set up as separate units or removed from the frames and assembled into one complete larger screen.

For clients who wish to only purchase the Plas480 LED module blocks (480mm x 480mm) ICE AV makes these available as well. Clients can then manufacture their own frames or mounting supports. We are also able to customise aspects fpr clients. Just let us know what you wants to add

Plas480 module – Industrial Grade pastic cabinent
Brightness is 5,000 NITS
Pitch available 5mm, 10mm, 15mm , 20mm
Each Plas480 module weighs 6kg
Frames built to last a life time and can be welded to, drilled without damage should you wish or adapt at a later stage. Frame built from 1.6mm thick steel box section and pipe.

To achieve the various formats pictured from one system is possible. If you wish to use in either horizontal or vertical please let us know so we can add the additional space support.

ICE AV Technology Ltd
LED Division, Tel +64-9-414234 sales at


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