Bigger than life QR Code on an ICE AV led screen

Bigger than life QR Codes on the ICE AV recently installed LED screen were tested to see the performance and recognition on a 10mm pitch screen.

LED Screen with QR code

QR codes are increasingly appearing on adverts, packaging and in magazines and now ICE AV has shown that they work equally well on LED screens. ICE AV has shown that they work well on all our screen solutions, from our multi touch screens and now our LED screens.

An important consideration users should take note of when using QR codes is that there should be a compelling reason to have a user scan a QR with their camera. If used on LED screens we suggest that they are used where people have dwell time, for example placing them on an LED billboard board alongside the road is probably not the most smartest of places.

The screen pictured is a 10mm pitch measuring 336cm x 192cm.


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