Versatile All Weather Plas480 LED cabinets perfect for Aquatic and Pool side screens

In the last 50 years ever since the TV set entered homes around the world there has been an explosion on where digital screens are used today. From TV screens in your pocket, in the car, shopping mall, sides of buildings and now in NZ towering above the Aquatic centre swimming pools.

What makes this possible is LED and for the large bill board size TV screens the Plas480 universal LED cabinets is an ideal solution for indoors and outdoors as an all weather screen solution from ICE AV.

Mounted high above the pools every swimmer and spectator can enjoy a stunning view.

Mounted high above the pools every swimmer and spectator can enjoy a stunning view.

Media and Screens are the dynamic partnership that are as much 21st century as TV dinners. We expect to be able to enjoy cinema films on the move, be kept informed by screens on the bus and now watch all types of information and films whilst we splash about in the swimming pool. Granted some people splash more than others and whether it is poolside in Las Vegas bathing under the sun or indoors in a Wave Pool in Invercargill the big screen experience next to the pool makes for a very compelling experience.

Watching movies was once the preserve of theatres where you sat in darkness for 90 minutes. Today you can sit in well lit venues, wearing a swimming costume, sun bathe, lounge about and catch all the action on the big screen.

ICE AV LED screens are all custom size based on standard modular LED components and this enables us to create screen size to fit the installation parameter and quality required. Typically we recommend a 10mm pitch is a good starting point and according to viewing distances, budget indoor or outdoor. With these variances we are able to create a solution to meet your exact requirements.

All weather LED screen

All weather LED screen

For sales and further information contact
ICE AV Technology Ltd
Digital Display Division
Auckland, New Zealand

Tel +64-9-414 2348
sales at iceavglobal . com


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