Innovative LED Screens in Shopping Malls and Retail deliver unprecedented display opportunities and experiences.

Retail centres are now the new 21st century village square in a very high tech glitzy manner. With their modern interiors, everything you need mentality, combining entertainment and retail with leisure centres like skating rinks, cinemas and bowling centres. They are the place to hang out, socialise, shop till you drop, and a good dose of retail therapy and self indulgence.

These air conditioned mini cities aim to cater for every retail sensation. Whether it is shopping for luxury brands, high grade products or average shopper needs, retail shopping has become the location for in store retail theatre and drama.

HD led screen

Corner ICE LED Screen

The claim for the biggest mall in the city, country or region seems to come along every 6 months as the growth continues unabated as street side stores struggle to survive and destination shopping malls continue to be built. New Zealand has seen its fair share of destination malls for its tiny population where each weekend every car park seems to be full with a continual stream of cars. A world away in Moscow, the city Mayor Sergei Sobyanin aims to increase the shopping mall space by up to 62% by 2016 so instead of the 741 ft per sqm the aim is to step that up to 12,000 sqft per 1,000 population which is still below the 15,000sq ft in many western countries.

These growth opportunities in retail destinations opens up exciting opportunities for the innovative range of ICE brand large format display technology especially the LED, Interactive and Projection screen solutions. Each shopping centres aims to be bigger, brighter, more innovative and more glamorous than the next. In this sense ICE LED have a very important role to play to bring the magic in the screen alive.


ICE  LED Transparent Digital Glass Facade Wall

It is without a doubt that we are in a world of visual displays and ICE is offering  indoor and outdoor solutions for retailers and mall developers a range of eye catching LED solutions to inform, communicate and entertain shoppers.

Glass LED

Glass LED Panels can be fitted to existing windows

Glass plays a significant role in the construction and here the ICE Glass LED Panels can turn exiting glass walls, interiors and windows into elegant digital surfaces. By allowing visual transparency, light egress through the screen the screens and along with high resolution digital display capability, the effect meets many requirement for the architect, advertiser and lighting effects director without blocking the exterior view by staff within the building.

For long distance viewing we offer a number of solutions and so the LED screen choice will be influenced by a number of factors. First will it be indoor or out door viewing, installation position, solid wall or transparency, viewing distances, placement and size.

ICE LED Screen

ICE LVSS LED Facade Screen

An ideal solution for long distance viewing is the ICE LVSS model and allows remarkable diversity in installation techniques. Pitch ranges from 25mm up to 50mm and can be installed in either Strip or Integrated configurations. Brightness caters for full daylight conditions and IP68 for outdoors however it is equally suited for indoors. The strip mesh effect is ideal for reduced wind loading
due to the inter strip space. The LVSS solution can be installed indoors or outdoors. Pictured left it has been installed behind the glass walled atrium allowing sunlight to pass through the screen.

Many screens can be installed in a hanging configuration and will be influenced by weight considerations, permanent or temporary, general appearance and brightness requirements. One type is the ICE Mesh Curtain Panels and typically consist of 1000 mm x 500 mm panels that are bolted together to the size required. They have an open rear area and normally the electronics is contained within a central cabinet cavity column. They can be either in an open transparent strip mesh or solid LED panels.

The Sphereonic Globe LED screen is a innovative an unique application of LEDs. Instead of being flat or curved the screen is an actual 360 degree sphere with the digital display area covering the entire area. These come into categories Dynamic and Static. The Dynamic model combines robotics with digital display and moves in accordance to programmed sequence where each LED panel segment extends and contracts in pattern required. The Static is a lower cost version where it is best thought of as a large LED ball with wrap around display area.

Globe LED, sphereonic led

ICE Sphereonic LED Globe

A variation is the half size Sphereonic Globe allowing innovative floor, ceiling or wall curved screens as pictured below. The use of digital screens that have different and unusual forma factors helps cut through the visual clutter and certainly is sure to capture viewer attention due to the innovation.

Hemisphere LED screen

Sometimes flexibility is crucial where the creative implementation is required. here if could be the implementation of the FlexiRoll, FlexiMag, FlexiFold of the Hang-Roll-Fold models deliver the only way technique to create the finish based on the creative design.

Custom FlexiRoll LED Ribbon Screen for Swarovski Elements on Rodeo Drive

Custom FlexiRoll LED Ribbon Screen for Swarovski Elements on Rodeo Drive, LA.

The traditional metal rear opening LED cabinet is still a strong contender for solid LED walls and now the resolution pixel continues to be finer reaching down to an incredible 1.8mm for wow factor images. The typical installation will easily make use of 5 – 12m and create high quality images.

LED Frame

LED Frame installed ready for the screen

The average metal cabinet will weigh in the region 30-50kg and can be built in front and rear cabinet construction. Variations on the solid wall LED cabinets in metal are the Plas480 which is an industrial grade plastic cabinet with a 6kg weight per panel.

LED wall

P7.8mm Giant Video Wall

Of course LED screens can be installed into shopping mall floors and ideal when shoppers can look down on to them from a higher floor. In this application LED floors are perfectly suited for shopping mall atrium, in the vicinity of escalators for descending shoppers or in view from transparent elevators. Having them positioned correctly allows them to be incorporated into promotional activities, live performers stage, fashion parade stage, special event activities allows the screen to become part of the event rather than just displaying associated display. For example if vehicles were in place during a promotion then moving roads, landscapes could be displayed, or live camera feeds from would allow shoppers to see themselves beneath their feet, or walking on water or walking over clouds all adds a visual experience that brings alive the concept of retail theatre.

LED Floor

The ability to add enhanced technology that makes the ICE LED floor screens interactive brings a whole new shopper experience, delivering brilliant high bright images and responses to shopper interaction.

We welcome enquiries from mall developers worldwide. Within the ICE Group of partners, manufacturers and collaborators we are able to design, manufacturer, deliver and install state-of-the-art LED solutions.

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Building Your Massive LED Screen Strip by Strip

Large Structure LED Strips and Panels

ICELVSS Large Structure LED Strips and Panels

Large format building and wall screens are an increasing trend world wide to create mesmerising light installations, digital displays and bill boards. Increasingly the requirement for solutions that can be integrated into existing sites becomes crucial to add that digital element.

The ICELVSS Strip and Structure LED Panels are an ideal solution where you can build your screen strip by strip. The solution meets the rigours of out doors in three crucial ways:

  1. Light weight
  2. Daytime Brightness
  3. IP68 Weatherproof

These three aspects along with the physical form factor the ICELVSS Strip and Structure units can be mounted outdoors or indoors.  They are particularly useful for mounting behind glass walls over large areas.  The strip nature of the screens allows the screen to breath and pass air making it ideal for reducing wind loading.


LVSS Building Mesh Screen

The 25mm Pitch solution delivers a massive 8000 Cd/sqm making it suitable for the brightest day. At 50mm Pitch the brightness drops to 4500 Cd/sqm making it still suitable for daytime use. For all models during the evening the software can be set to dramatically reduce the brightness due to night time light levels. This sensitivity to the running costs reduces running costs and allow users to customise the setting for day and night levels. The 16 bit grey scale processor with 281 trillion color delivers crystal clear image  with true-to-life color reproduction. To enhance the quality of the installation all cables are housed inside the frame.

The single strip version allows unique installation onto surfaces that may be curved or irregular and allows creeping angle installation. An important aspect of the design is the minimal connectors ensures longer reliability and failure. In this close up detail you are able to see the front face structure of a single trip

Curtain screen


In this drawing you are able to understand the installation structure. The advantage for installations where people maybe behind the screen is the 50% transparency nature  making it ideal when light must still pass from outdoors into the interior environment. Each panel assembly fits into a U structure frame providing a minimalist approach to the supporting structure.

curtain led screen, mesh screen

The ICELVSS Strip and Structure Panels are an ideal solution for large format screens as pictured in this installation. When installed behind a glass facade the building is able to retain the smooth shiny glass look, however when the screen is switched on, it is as if though the glass itself comes alive.ICELVSS LED_04

If you would like to discuss how you are able to create your Magic is in the Screen installation do not hesitate to contacts us on the following details. Be sure to provide sufficient details so that we can provide an informative reply. Before we are able to provide pricing we need to discuss numerous aspects with you about your required installation.

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Ever been held to ransom after purchasing a high tech piece of hardware? Recently we met a customer in this situation!

Most people have a difficult job coping with technology and feel frustrated by the manual writers, menu designers and the head long rush of screens, connectivity and convergence that is piling on to them. Most people have trouble with the TV remote control, connecting up the right leads, let along delving inside to try to understand the inner workings.

the heart of a LED screen data processor

In this photo is a symptom clue that caused the failure of the screen. Can you spot it? Pictured is the heart of a LED screen data processor – the Receiver Processor

So when something goes wrong we think most people get this heavy sinking feeling that the pain suffered at the dentist is minor to the black hole of technology repairs. If a tooth hurts its easy to rectify – pull it out! But for electronics its not that simple. A 20 cent component failure can cause the same result as a major board failure resulting in nothing working!

This is the case we became involved with recently where literally the client was being held to ransom and felt imprisoned with no options. We received a call with a plea and prayer, hoping that we would come to the rescue as they were up against a wall and a major project sign off for a stadium build and retention payments had all come to a grinding halt.

Now the LED Screen Scoreboard was something we had not supplied but having an understanding of LED screen technology, a logic based approach to servicing and some technical forensic skills, we were able to methodically eliminate possible failure points, which lead to identifying where the fault was based. In this situation we often need to prove the fault and our judgement. As it turned out we were successful in rectifying the situation much to the client’s relief.