Ever been held to ransom after purchasing a high tech piece of hardware? Recently we met a customer in this situation!

Most people have a difficult job coping with technology and feel frustrated by the manual writers, menu designers and the head long rush of screens, connectivity and convergence that is piling on to them. Most people have trouble with the TV remote control, connecting up the right leads, let along delving inside to try to understand the inner workings.

the heart of a LED screen data processor

In this photo is a symptom clue that caused the failure of the screen. Can you spot it? Pictured is the heart of a LED screen data processor – the Receiver Processor

So when something goes wrong we think most people get this heavy sinking feeling that the pain suffered at the dentist is minor to the black hole of technology repairs. If a tooth hurts its easy to rectify – pull it out! But for electronics its not that simple. A 20 cent component failure can cause the same result as a major board failure resulting in nothing working!

This is the case we became involved with recently where literally the client was being held to ransom and felt imprisoned with no options. We received a call with a plea and prayer, hoping that we would come to the rescue as they were up against a wall and a major project sign off for a stadium build and retention payments had all come to a grinding halt.

Now the LED Screen Scoreboard was something we had not supplied but having an understanding of LED screen technology, a logic based approach to servicing and some technical forensic skills, we were able to methodically eliminate possible failure points, which lead to identifying where the fault was based. In this situation we often need to prove the fault and our judgement. As it turned out we were successful in rectifying the situation much to the client’s relief.


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