Light weight based LED Strips and Panels ideal for any wall surface or glass covered buildings.

Creating large digital surfaces in retail, club, shopping mall, is allowing people to engage with digital communication, entertainment and advertising. Increasingly the requirement for solutions that can be integrated into existing sites or renovations is constantly increasing.

The ICELVSS Strip and Structure LED Panels are an ideal solution where you can build your screen strip by strip in either indoors or outdoors.

The LVSS Strips and Panel solution is ideal because the installation is easily achieved against a wall or behind glass. For mounting against a wall, first the power column is mounted first and then the strips are added. The screens can also be installed on suspension wires for light weight installation.

The strip nature of the screens allows the screen to breath and pass air making it ideal for reducing wind loading if used outdoors.

P31.25mm ICE LVSS Screen

P31.25mm ICE LVSS Screen

LVSS 31.25mm Strip Bar measurements

LVSS 31.25mm Strip Bar measurements

 LVSS 31.25mm Pitch showins  transparency through the screen

LVSS 31.25mm Pitch showing transparency through the screen

ICE AV works with clients world wide. We ship to all destinations and able to assist with initial design consultation, product specification, shipping direct and remote set up. If you are wanting to install large format screens on building sides or as pictured below, inside glass windows of office buildings. we look forward to hearing from you.

ICE LED Screen

ICE LED Facade Screen

If you have an interest in our LED Screen range we welcome your enquiry.
Tel +64-9-414 2348
Email sales at
Please be sure to to provide sufficient details of your requirement so that we can adequately advise you.


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