An ICE LED Screen ventures into the remote Turkish Cappadocia in 8 hours time with the Anatolia Raid

An ICE Flexible Hang Roll Fold LED screen was selected as the ideal solution for the TransAnatolia Raid rally starting in 8 hours time from Antalya, Turkey

Transanatolia  2013

ICE LED’s partner ipiTek in Istanbul, is managing the rally IT requirements of the event and responsible during the event for the the LED screen requirements. The screen measures 5.256m*2.628m total and weighs 170 kg consisting of three sections. This allows the screen to be easily transported and assembled in the remote Cappadocia region of Turkey. The screen can be promptly erected at the end of each stage prior to the drivers arriving at the end the arduous rally stages.

Flexible LED curtain

The unique LED screen that you can roll up and fold. Ideal for commercial and industrial applications.

Cappadocia is a high plateau in Central Turkey at an altitude of 3270 ft / 1000 m. It lies in a triangle formed by the three main towns of Kayseri, Nevsehir and Nigde.

The history of Cappadocia begins 60 million years ago with the eruption of 2 volcanos, covering the area with lava and tufa. In later periods rain and wind eroded the land and created unusual valleys, canyons and cones.

For many centuries Hittites, Assyrian Colonies, Greeks and Romans lived in the region. Cappadocia is also a very important region in early Christian History.

There are over 600 hundred rock-cut churches built by monks and hermits between the 4th and 11th centuries. In some of these, church walls have been decorated with wonderful frescoes depicting scenes from the Bible.

Transanatolia Map 2013


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ICE LED Multi Purpose Sports and Event Timer Screen

In this video we explain how a 2400mm wide x 480mm screen appears on the computer desktop with three timer clocks and can be easily adjusted with your mouse to display a counter clock or time along with a sponsor logo.

Very few LED screens allow this complete flexibility, as often the clock function is locked into some specific characteristics and often with ineffective use of the pixel space available.

We can utilise any type font that is displayed on the computer and add any jpeg logo allowing complete customisation. This is just one of the many features we include in a ICE LED STS Sports screen.

This screen can be used in numerous ways, from a rear hall speaker’s timer, manufacturing and operations clock, sports screen or competition clock. We make them available in full RGB and Mono Red.

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ICE “Skrol” LED Sports Screen – Description of the scroll function

The Skrol LED Software is an innovative approach to deliver multiple sets of content on a small size LED screen. If is been developed with the sports community in mind who desire the benefits of having a large screen but without the size.

One of the functions within the Skrol LED Sports Software is that the content to be displayed at any precise time is achieved by simply scrolling the mouse centre wheel button. This action brings the appropriate data set onto the screen in both a forward and reverse function. In this video we describe the scroll function as a suitable way to deliver a variety of sports data throughout a competition, game or event.

The data is updated off screen but still on the monitor desktop meaning that the full data set, player points is always on screen for the operator to enter, monitor and feed into the LED screen preview.


Skrol LED Software

The software was developed out of a need to deliver a far more versatile solution for smaller format LED screens and to be completely customisable according to the sport. Not just to display some results of each team , but messages, multiple sets of unique data and logo messages of sponsors.

Most existing score functions within the typical LED screen make very poor use of the pixel real estate, to the point most of the pixels are never and can not be used, due to the restrictive set up available.

If you are in need of a versatile LED screen solution whether it is for horse racing, school running races, inter school sports or a new venue we have an extensive range of solutions that we ship world wide.

Setting Multiple Clocks on the ICE STS Sports LED Screens

Having a multi-purpose LED clock for outdoors is easily achieved with the solutions from ICE AV. Timing clocks of various configurations whether they be a Count Up, Count Down, Date Time in a variety of digit and segment arrangements are useful for both sports, speak, manufacturing or such as a national event count down.

With the correct selection of software and hardware we are able to offer timer screens of many configurations. Here we show how this is achieved using a STS Sports Team LED Screen measuring 2.4m x .48m (P10mm resolution) and how we can run 3 independent timer clocks Counting Up. The Start and Clear functions are triggered from assigned Hot keys on the keyboard.

This video covers how we can set up and run three independent clocks with their own start and finish triggers. The clocks could be a mix of count Up, Count Down or Actual Time and features customisation such as hour:minutes or minutes:second or other configurations. We can run the clocks in conjunction with digital adverts and messages and will cover that feature in another video. Also in a subsequent video we will show how you can easily resize the clock to what ever size you want.

Our solution has been designed from a perspective of needing to be flexible to customise and adaptable for any sports without any cost penalty so often associated with specialised solutions. What we offer is a solution with standard built in customisation preferences all for the same price.

STS LED ScreenIn this video we show it being used on a STS Series Modular LED Sports board LED that is based on our Plas480 panels, though we can use the software with any display technology including our Digital Daytime Projection screen.

The core STS Series LED Screens are based on a modular 480 x 480mm outdoor panel weighing only 6kg. These can be assembled into any quantity however for the STS Series we have targeted 2400mm x 480mm as being the maximum size. Of course other sizes can be easily configured according to customer requirements.

So for the STS Series the standard panel configuration is:
1 x 2 – 480 x 920mm width
1 x 3 – 480 x 1440mm width
1 x 4 – 480 x 1840mm width
1 x 5 – 480 x 2400mm width
2 x 2 – 960 x 960mm wide

ICE STS Sports Screen set up as a three segment clock.

As a general guide to achieve maximum height clock digits then you will be able to achieve two digits per panel. So in the video for example you can see that we can achieve 480mm size digits and maintain legibility of each digit.

The clock software allows player performance, times to be recorded throughout the game, message board, time function, snap time recorded, individual athlete time display.

Key features

– Able to record times into Uses Microsoft Excel
– Athlete results accumulation during the game
– Print out record of athletes and the game
– Formats available for any sports and competition disciplines
– Affordable

The use of the software with our STS Series Scoreboards are numerous. Schools for example, are able to use the timing clock for athletics for running races, rugby count down clock. In a factory it can be used for productivity measurements, for conference speaker or debate it becomes ideal solution.

We only make the software available with our display hardware.
Be sure to watch our other LED Display software videos as we cover the many options and aspects we are able to offer.

ICE LED STS Timer screens will help 900 of the dirtiest and mud covered racers time themselves.

ICE LED is supporting a local Auckland fun race event in support of raising funds for prostrate cancer. We are supplying a STS LED screen that will display three clocks at a time with multiple clocks running for the many heats.

STST Sports Timing Screen

The Mud Race Rush 2.5km obstacle course has a number of messy surprises where racers have to crawl, slide and make their way over tyres, walls and foam. along the way. Crawling in mud pits, slipping and sliding down foamy water slides, climbing over walls and tyre mountains, splashing through a murky creek and of course getting covered in lots and lots of mud is the challenge as you head for the finish line.

ICE LED Timing Screen

Though the event is to raise funds for prostrate cancer research, it will allow over 900 children to challenge themselves, possibly move them out of their comfort zone and discover the real world away from computers and gaming consoles, as they get filthy and dirty this weekend at Long Bay Primary School on Sunday.

The STS LED Screens is a modular multi-purpose universal outdoor / indoor screen that can be used for a wide range of purposes and virtually any sport and function. The software options cater for many applications including an innovative programming utilising our own database focused display solution.

The STS Sports Screens are just one of the solutions ICE AV has developed and making available to clients and partners world wide.
If you have a need for a video replay, digital billboard or sports LED screen, sports display software we welcome your inquiry for a no obligation chat.

Post Mud Rush Race Update.

Weather worked out fine, with a good down pour of rain overnight to keep the mud soft!

ICE LED STS Finish Time Clock

Here is a post event video report of the Mud Rush event where 1,000 children were completely covered in mud in the cross country event. We had an ICE STS Sports Timer screen at the finish line. I have never seen so many children covered in mud and with smiling parents!

ICEAV Global’s presence will be seen at GameX Now 2013 with ipiTex, our Turkish based technology partner.

GameX Now  2013 Istanbul ICEAV Global’s Turkish partner ipiTex is participating in the Istanbul based GameX gaming, fantasy and entertainment expo and will be demonstrating the ICE Flexible LED Screens, Hang – Roll – Fold.

It will be the first time the ICE flexible LED Screen technology has been seen at the GameX Now expo that covers the whole gamut and range of entertainment themes. Computer gaming, comics, technology, gaming hardware, new interactive games, simulation and Cosplay costumes will be a few of the eye candy to bedazzle visitors to the expo. The GameX Digital Game Show is being held at the Lutfi Kirdar Exhibition Center part of The Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Centre (ICEC) and is located in the heart of the city’s business and cultural centre.

The hanging 5.25m x 2.62m P20 LED screen will be displaying live video feeds, general content and a range of videos to show off the flexible LED screen technology. The screen has already had a solid workout at the FIA F3J Aviation competition held in Turkey during July. In late September ipiTex will be using the screen in the isolated distant remote countryside in the Turkish Anatolia Cross Country Rally.

Ipitex is an official partner of ICEAV Global and as such is able to draw on ICEAV Global’s expertise, product and network of solutions.

GameXNow 2013

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GameX 2013 Turkey