ICE “Skrol” LED Sports Screen – Description of the scroll function

The Skrol LED Software is an innovative approach to deliver multiple sets of content on a small size LED screen. If is been developed with the sports community in mind who desire the benefits of having a large screen but without the size.

One of the functions within the Skrol LED Sports Software is that the content to be displayed at any precise time is achieved by simply scrolling the mouse centre wheel button. This action brings the appropriate data set onto the screen in both a forward and reverse function. In this video we describe the scroll function as a suitable way to deliver a variety of sports data throughout a competition, game or event.

The data is updated off screen but still on the monitor desktop meaning that the full data set, player points is always on screen for the operator to enter, monitor and feed into the LED screen preview.


Skrol LED Software

The software was developed out of a need to deliver a far more versatile solution for smaller format LED screens and to be completely customisable according to the sport. Not just to display some results of each team , but messages, multiple sets of unique data and logo messages of sponsors.

Most existing score functions within the typical LED screen make very poor use of the pixel real estate, to the point most of the pixels are never and can not be used, due to the restrictive set up available.

If you are in need of a versatile LED screen solution whether it is for horse racing, school running races, inter school sports or a new venue we have an extensive range of solutions that we ship world wide.


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