New Year Promotion. Large savings on Outdoor P16 for Billboards and Sports Field Screens.

Existing Stock - Be quick to gain savings

This promotion is for the current stocked P16. After these stocked cleared, then the promotion is over. The duration of availability is expected to be only in January 2014.

This cabinet is suitable for many Outdoor applications such as score board, sports screen, advertising bill board. Ideal viewing distance starts at approximately 16m. Below is pictured a P16mm installed at the Queens Wharf that is used to welcome and inform.

P16mm Outdoor LED Screen

Select unlimited size height and width

Model ICEUNI16
This model is an outdoor grade cabinet at our most crazy price.
Key aspects to know are:
– Cabinets are 1024mm Width x 768mm Height
– 7500 NITS per sqm brightness
– Brand new stock
– Metal cabinet
– Rear opening door
– Outdoor rating IP65
– 38 kg per cabinet
– 24 Month warranty
– Cost includes receiver card
– Stock available for shipping.
– Price includes LED software

Full Technical Specification Sheet. Download link.

Establish the overall area size of the screen based on the number of the quantities

Decide the width and height according to the chart to determine the final screen size.
Example 4096mm Width x 3072mm Height = 12.58sqm
is a 4 cabinets wide x 3 cabinets high = Total of 12 cabinets
Cost would be 12.58sqm x $US687 = $US8642.46
Additional Costs
– LED Screen Cost per sqm $US687
– Sender Card $US258 (one required per screen)
– Ex-works freight

Requires client to supply a Windows OS computer (XP/7)
Either a desktop with Dual Graphics card one of which must be
DVI or HDMI or a Laptop with HDMI output.

Contact us on sales at Tel +64-9-414 2348

Promotion Code ICENTP16


ICE 2014 GlassLED Screen Catalog published online

The ICE GlassLED screen technology has captured the imagination of architects, designers and clients worldwide. During 2013 ICE LED Division, received inquires for GlassLED from regions as far flung as the North Sea, Middle East, South East Asia, Australia, Turkey and Russia. Applications have included are diverse as stadium corporate sponsor viewing rooms, multi story corporate Head Offices windows, shop windows and within airport terminals.

The ability to turn the millions of existing square metres of glass windows and walls world wide into digital screens is a possibility with ICE GlassLED. Not having to remove the glass and replace it, but by adding to the inside of the existing window is a revolution. The ICE GlassLED tiles are transparent allowing viewers on either side of the window to view into the building or to the outdoors and still display a full digital image.

Glass LED Facade screen

The Transparent ICE LEDGlass screen is an exciting innovative display solution. It has been designed precisely to create magical digital daytime images on glass windows and walls in high brightness daylight conditions. Whether it is full motion video, chroma keyed content, animation, photos and graphics it is now possible to create clear transparent digital surfaces for any application.

The diversity that LED screens are being put to use is growing rapidly. Here at ICE AV we are being asked constantly to provide solutions that cover every imaginable scenario with each project having its own peculiar aspect. This means there is never a one fit for every solution. Long gone are the days when it was only an LED screen on a stand with rear service doors. GlassLED screens overcome many structural issues for buildings.

Previously when large LED screens were mounted externally massive external structures and hardware need to be bolted and welded onto the external surface, destroying the gleaming smooth appearance of large glass surfaces. GlassLED from ICE completely eliminates this detraction.

The LED Glass Screen is one such solution and designed to provide minimal impact visually in one direction. It has been designed to be applied to the inside of the glass window or buildinging external glass facade wall. Each panel physically attaches to the glass and each adjacent panel. The clean lines, minimal fuss with cables, neutral colour etc means it is ideal for office interiors, shop windows where a designed finish look is paramount to match the surroundings.

We welcome your fully briefed enquiry.

We welcome your fully briefed enquiry.

To use on building glass facade walls, the ICE GlassLED tiles are ideal as they can be mounted by various methods including attaching directly onto the internal side of the glass window, hanging or mounted onto window positioning holding brackets.

With the growing demands and requirement for digital signage in office and shop windows the ICE LED Glass screen is a unique and innovative way to overcome sunlight and yet deliver a transparent view. Being mounted on the inside of the window eliminates the need and higher cost to create IP65 waterproofness screens.

Key elements that make the ICE GlassLED Tiles perfect for the creative designer include:
— Transparent Screen —
— Curved Custom Tiles —
— Viewable in Full Sun Light —
— Variety of Pitch Resolution —
— Customisable LED Tile Size —
— Light Weight Manageable Tiles —
— Versatile Installation Technique —
— See Thru transparency on both sides —
— Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor Viewing —

To request your copy of the ICE GlassLED complete the form below. Describe the essence of your project and we look forward to your inquiry.

The Round World of Spheronic Iris Globe LED screens

LED Spheronic ScreenThe range of Spheronic Iris Globe LED screens allows dynamic eye catching installations for a variety of installation for indoor and now outdoors.

The ICE range of Spheronic Iris Globe screens include full 360 degree sphere globes that can be hung from a ceiling, sitting on a floor stand, half 180 degree spheres mounted vertical or horizontal and now two outdoor 360 degree Spheronic Iris Globe models.

ICE Half Spheronic Globe

P5 1.2m diameter led ball

On the smaller size ICE Spheronic Iris Screens the structure is assembled prior toy shipping.

On the smaller size ICE Spheronic Iris Screens the structure is assembled prior toy shipping.

In this video we show both the Dynamic and Static Spheronic LED 360 Globe screen.

Please note the Dynamic expanding Spheronic model is a special one off custom solution.

If you are looking for creative ideas to implement a unique and dynamic digital experience for visitors then an ICE Spheronic Iris LED Globe can be an ideal choice.

We look forward to your enquiry. Remember the more that you share with us the more equipped we are to inform and advise you. Please complete the form if you need the 2014 Spheronic 360 LED Globe Catalogue.

ICE Continues to deliver Magic in the Screen with the P5mm Pre-Love Promotion

We continue our End of year Pre-Love Promotion with the addition of P5 Indoor Panels at Black Friday Thanks Giving gotta have pricing.

We will be running the panels out at a HOT HOT price till they are all gone. We can not take reserves, so it is First in First Served. Once they are sold we do not know when will we be running a Pre-Love Promotion for P5 again.

The LED Panels would be at home in any indoor installation. They are suited for permanent or rental type applications. Each panel is 480 x 480 x 100mm and manufactured from an aluminium cast case. The P5mm panels will let you set a new standard in your display applications with a stunning P5mm Pitch resolution. At 12m viewing this is going to look like a printed poster !!! Download the link for technical specs and watch the video for a preview.
Download link for technical specs

Easily assembled P5mm panels. Viewed here from the rear as  3 x 3.

Easily assembled P5mm panels. Viewed here from the rear as 3 x 3.

ICE P6 Model GSOV_02sm

ICE P6 Model GSOV_04

Contact us via the form or send a email to sales at
or Tel +64-9-414 2348. be sure to explain how you want to use them and your target screen size.

Sydney Christmas Tree is ribbon wrapped in ICE Mesh Net LED Screen

Sydney’s Christmas Tree is wrapped in a Mesh LED Ribbon to carry the greeting and good will to all. The tree features the interactive ribbon for the first time and displays real time greetings from around the world from Twitter feeds.

Sydney Christmas Tree LED Ribbon

The LED Mesh strips wrap around the tree like a giant ribbon. The Pitch is 40mm and designed to be seen during the full daylight. Of course the magic of Christmas lights takes on its own magic at night time. As the pitch is 40mm this screen should be viewed at 35m to begin to see a non pixelated image. Closer up the text can be easily discerned however.

The key elements of the ICE Soft Mesh Transparent LED screen include:
– Modular panels
– Optional Dual Side LED Pixels
– Resolution Pitch Choice
– Simple dis-assemble structure
– Clear or black structure choice
– Silent to run
– Electronics and cables out of sight
– Light weight
– Indoor and Outdoor use

Martin Place Xmas Tree

The Modular ICE Mesh net Screens are ideal for the following applications.
– Decorative interiors
– Digital walls
– Room and special dividers
– Stage backdrop
– Effects screen
– Night Club décor
– Atrium environments
– Custom shape screens

Close up of the Mesh Net LED Pixels

Close up of the Mesh Net LED Pixels

Technical details

Variety of Pitch available
Indoor and Outdoor IP rating options
Brightness varies according to model

LED screens are increasingly being used for entertainment, building design, message screens, staging and bill boards. The diversity of LED screen innovation available from ICE AV incorporates these
developments giving us the ability to draw on the solutions that are dreamed up by those who are wishing to push the barriers in a digital display world. ICE AV is being increasingly asked by clients, designers, end users, architects and resellers for solutions that create that digital touch point magic.

ICE Net Mesh Screen

We welcome you enquiry. Contact us on sales at or tel +64-9-414 2348 Please ensure you describe you project so we can commence meaningful discussions.