Front service ICE LED Magnetic Cabinets solves many installation issues

The DIC Series ICE LED Magnetic LED Cabinet are a innovative approach for a modular magnetic tile based cabinet screen. The Magnetic LED Cabinet DIC Series is a break though design that is built on five key aspects:

Value Cost
Front Access
Easy to Service
Modular Metal Cabinet
Magnetic Tile Mounting

Magnetic LED Cabinet

Designed for indoor installations and easy front access maintenance solves a number of challenges faced by many other LED screen solutions. Using the traditional cabinet design allows the cabinets to be easily integrated and installed against the walls. This removes the need to have rear access to the LED wall and can enable unique installation requirements. The P5.33 resolution allows high quality viewing at close distances. The cabinets can be stacked and bolted onto a rear support structure to keep the completed LED wall upright and secure.

Magnetic Cabinet LED tile

All of the electronic components are covered by 2mm Tri-Guard Lacquer to ensure no oxidation, no rusty and no moisture. The large viewing angle, up to 150°horizontally and 140°vertically, has no image distortion and no colour cast at any angle within this range

Once the cabinets are bolted into place and up against the wall, the screen is easily serviced. Each tile can be easily removed for replacement or repair from the front as they are held in place by strong magnetic feet. Power supplies and Receiver are mounted within the cabinet frame and can be serviced as well.

The front access ability reduces the costs for infrastructure as the cabinets can be mounted against a simple frame or suitable wall construction. The Magnetic Cabinets are available in 4mm, 6mm and P10mm Pitch resolutions.

Cabinet Sizes and options

P4 512x512mm or 1024x1024mm.
P5.33 768 x 768mm
P10.66 768×768, or 1024×768, or 1024x1024mm

Front acess simple cabinet-P6

The ICE Magnetic LED cabinet has good performance characterised by flatness, uniformity, consistency and clarity. The raw material of all of the outdoor products including LED chips, mask, glue and steel cabinets have the ability of enduring high temperature and high humidity, and being anti-UV, waterproof, anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

The large viewing angle, up to 150°horizontally and 140°vertically, with no image distortion and no colour cast at any angle within this range. This makes the Magnetic Cabinets ideal for indoor applications such as supermarkets, hotel rooms, receptions, night clubs, entertainment, ball rooms, stage and theatre applications are all perfect uses of the ICE Magnetic DIC Series Cabinet.

If you have a project that needs an easy to install screen, serviced from the front displaying high quality images then the ICE DIC Series Magnetic LED Cabinet might be your perfect affordable solution. Fill out your details and project parameters below and we will be in touch soon.