Shopping Plaza GlassLED transparent screen adds a new high tech view for visitors

ICE Hanging GlassLED Screen

ICE Hanging GlassLED Screen almost finished being installed.

In this video we will show the recent installation of a Glass LED transparent screen in the Wanda Plaza located in Chengdu.

The screen was able to be installed without effecting the physical environment and being light weight certainly was an advantage. Visitors on the atrium side have a splendid view and those in the foyer can look through the screen with out the closed in feeling.

The GlassLED Screen measuring 5.63mW x 3.02mH with a P8mm resolution acts as a backdrop wall and atrium promotional transparent digital movie screen. The content can be of any nature, however as you will see in the video it is being used to promote new release movies in the IMAX theatre.

The GlassLED tile sizes used are 512mm x 256. Each tile is attached to the adjacent tile at each corner allowing the screen to be assembled.

The brightness of the screen means that it can still display excellent quality images during the day. For night time, the software allows the brightness to be automatically reduced so as not to be glaringly bright.

If you have a need to create some digital magic on your store front, glass clad building, or internal partition wall into a digital transparent screen we would love to have a chat on how we can help. We know that designers, architects, building owners and retailers all have one this in common, that is to create dynamic and modern environments where visitors feel they can be informed and engage with your brand and information. The versatility of the ICE GlassLED tiles now becomes a powerful tool for the creative mind.

ICE GlassLED Wanda Plaza

For resellers looking to expand their product line or expand their services we would like to discuss with you how you can join the ICE Global Partner Network.

We look forward to hearing from you if you think this solution might be useful in your next project.

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