Aquatic Cinema LED Screen for your swimming venue

Aquatic Centers are dynamic destinations where people meet, have fun, compete and enjoy the magic of water based activities. The community swimming pool venue, is an important centre for many smaller town and cities and can play an important role in cohesiveness of a community just like the theater and sports stadium.

Today’s swimming pool is a far cry from 20 40 years ago when they were unheated and small in size..

Today, we have progressed with stunning facilities with multi lane sports pool, dive pool, a leisure pool with waves and sprays, a kiddie’s pool, water slide, wave pools, dive pools, fountains, water jets, therapy services and rehabilitation pools, gym exercise facilities, child care rooms, meeting rooms, massage facilities and a cafe with treated and heated water.

Until recently only large and well financed aquatic facilities and swim pools, have installed large digital L E D screens, although most facilities have a timing clock, or a basic score board for race meetings.

A new trend is developing with the use of the LED Screen as an entertainment and cinema digital display within the aquatic venue.

We call this concept, the Aquatic Cinema.

Now with big screens, daylight viewing, high quality images and movies, this makes for a compelling enjoyable experience to increase pool attendance and use by the community. Whether the visitor is a social swimmer, or maybe even just attending to soak, or a seasoned ocean swimmer, the large format LED screen is a wise investment that will return dividends to keep patrons entertained and informed and returning regularly.

Swimming pool_01

Reasons for this, include the need for venues to be innovative in their offering so they continue to maintain and grow their attendance numbers. Society is becoming more demanding on being entertained and their awareness of technology,. They see large format screens on every TV sports broadcast, stadiums of note have large digital LED screens, it is almost expected that LED screens are used in concerts, sports events and TV shows make strong use of LED screens..

So in this environment, aquatic venues have a real opportunity to add a new dimension to entertain, inform visitors and continue to be their preferred destination for relaxation, sports and family or lifestyle activities.

ICE Global has a range of LED screen models highly suited for Aquatic Centers, and can recommend a hardware option for your venue.

We even have underwater submerged audio speakers to enhance the experience. Currently we are developing the underwater swimming pool floor LED screen for the next level of engagement.

Our latest model for the aquatic venue is the remarkable S Series panel that is I P 66 rated and perfect for out door, or indoor venues. It can be front or rear installed and maintenance can be from either side. The panel weight is only 7 and half k g. It is completely sealed, and has no need for fans or vents providing maximum protection against any rain and water.

Series S Panel

ICE AV is a New Zealand based company in Auckland, and is well known globally, and regularly approached by both small, and very large companies around the world to offer innovative solutions.

No matter where your location and venue is located we can work with you, ship to your location.

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to hearing from you.

Please do not forget to request our free Aquatic Product Brochure where we describe a variety of LED models that might be interesting for you to learn about. It could be very helpful for you if you are new to LED screen technology as we explain some interesting aspect for your education.

ICE AV welcomes inquiries from clients world wide to meet your needs nd project requirements.

Our range of screen technologies are available for a wide range of applications.

ICE AV Technology Ltd has a number of Product Divisions catering for different industries and sectors such as Multi Touch, Simulation, Projection, AV Integration, LED and Component supply.

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