Latest Technology in Business Venue Room Display Launched for Business Environments

The All In One High Def LED Display system is the next evolution in mobile (or fixed) room display systems designed for Meeting Rooms, Conference Facilities, Streaming and Video Conference Rooms, Strategy and Huddle Meeting Room areas. For facilities claiming state of the art Audio Visual facilities should seriously consider the LEDMAN Display Hub distributed by ICE AV Global.

Vehicle Show rooms will find the All in One Displays very useful due to the size, quality and ease to move around the show room.

LEDHUB Display2

LED display technology has made huge gains in quality and can be seen in massive mind boggling sizes covering entire buildings.
This experience and the growth in micro pixel manufacturing in the last few years is now being brought into the business meeting environment. Adding to its functionality is the 10 point touch allowing dynamic use of content, making it the perfect presentation display technology.

The technology used is based on fine pitch LED SMD COB chips to create the impressive display. The reverse side of the display system could be used as a White Board simply by attaching a traditional white board. The system features a Screen Transfer feature allowing the large displayed screen content to be mirrored on to all common devices such as iPhone, Android Phones,


Windows 10, Android 8, tables, Computer. In total 9 devices can connect to the screen allowing the system to be part of a collaborative environment.

The HD quality 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution allows details images and making it also ideal for spread sheet displays or content with lost of detail.

Initially we are launching the following sizes for international distribution
110 inch diagonal
138 inch diagonal
165 inch diagonal
Refer to the chart for full specification details.

The displays can come supplied with an optional Video Conference camera
Compatible for Windows and Android Operating System.

Outputs: Audio HDMI and Video HDMI connector is available,
Interactive 9 Point Touch is standard allowing full interactivity of the screen’s content

4K camera as option function mainly for Teleconference, sound, picture and remote-sharing desktop ppt application, etc
Share whiteboard, write on both sides and the other side can see whatever in any place

– Display Surface can be cleaned with water. Dust & Moisture Protection ensures long life.
– Built in Wifi Connection enables access to the internet.
– Outputs: Audio HDMI and Video HDMI connector is available to connect to other displays,
– Interactive 9 Point Touch is standard allowing full interactivity of the screen’s content.
– Mounting options include Mobile Stand or Wall Mounting.
– Assembly: The Display Systems shipped require assembly on site.

Pricing excludes assembly and international freight


About ICE Technology Ltd
ICE AV is a company that consists of Divisions active in the LED sector, Interactive, Projection solutions. We manufacturer, distribute and partner with companies world wide in creating unique experiences with our portfolio of technologies.

ICE AV has a wide range of innovative LED solutions it can offer clients worldwide from string LEDs, Folding LED screens, rolling screens, semi transparent LED screens, high definition LED screens, waterproof screens and twisting screens are just some of the solutions available.

If you would like to discuss in detail about any comments or solutions referred to we invite you to pick up the phone and give us a call or send an email.

For sales and further information contact
Kevin Andreassend
The Magic Screen Specialist and Consultant.
ICE AV Technology Ltd
LED Display Systems Div
New Zealand

Tel +64-9-414 2348
sales at iceavglobal com

The Magic is in the Screen


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