P6mm LED screen

ICE AV Technology supplies a wide range of LED solutions for every application and environment to clients world wide. We have a growing number of partners and resellers worldwide who wish to add our ICE LED solutions to their product range

The range of LED screens includes flexible, roll up, folding, roll & fold, perimeter screens, plastic cabinets, steel cabinets, aluminium cabinets, single and multi colour, mesh type, cylindrical, custom, circular flat, globe. Pitch ranges from 3mm – 100mm, waterproof, outdoor daylight, outdoor night time and indoor type.

We are constantly adding new types and models to our range to meet the ever growing range of client requirements. A recent trend is the cabinet-less screens.

ICE AV is a multi facet company with an international focus, with divisions active in the interactive, simulation, component, LED, DOOH sectors.

sales at iceavglobal.com
Tel +64-9-414 2348

We invite you to Click and join us on Facebook

We invite you to Click and join us on Facebook

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ICEAV Global Channel – featuring videos from our various divisions

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