Special Limited Time Promotion for FlexiFold G Series LED screens

This is a LIMITED TIME only promotion and you have 7 days to make up your mind.

Perfect screen for staging, expos, music, entertainment, clubs and the like. You determine the final screen width. The screen panels are all 2.4m tall and each is 600mm wide. If you are serious about improving your stage performance it will never look this good at this hot price of only $US878 per sqm. 12.5mm resolution, indoor brightness. Save big time on the panel costs for your screen. Orders must be received by 14 Nov 2014. NZ Time.

The FlexiFold G Series from ICE LED is a unique screen panel that is designed to be rolled up and when used, simply hung from overhead. It can be used to display direct from a computer or if you are wanting to display camera feeds, DVD, multiple computer then use the optional LED Switcher / Processor.
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Flexible led screen

The versatile FlexiFold screen will do wonders for your show.


Pixel Composition RGB 3528MD LED
LED Manufacturer Nationstar
Density 6400pixels/sq.m
Pixel pitch 12.5mm
Brightness(white) 1200 nits
Optical View Distance 9 meter
Work Voltage: DC5V
Weight (kg/sq.m) 12kg/sq.m
Max Power Consumption 300W/sq.m
Refresh rate ≥2,000 HZ
Ingress Protection IP54

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Magical Transparent Screen heads to the Middle East for installation in Jordan

Transparent LED screen set to make an early first in the Middle East.

This week our first installation in Jordan is underway. It is the first transparent LED screen to be installed in Jordan and will grace the street side front window of the new head office for one of the corporate giants in this hot spot country. The screen will be used for communicating with passing traffic and promote the various brands the company represents.

transparent led screen

This transparent LED screen allows innovative content display and effects.

The screen measures 3.84m wide x 2.80m high and is 80% transparent in both directions.
The installation is the start of a roll out within Jordan, soon to be joined by a number of other sites throughout the Middle East that ICE AV Technology Ltd is working on in partnership with our network of ICE AV Global Partner Resellers.

The screen can be placed up against the window and then display content in full daytime and still allow 80% transparency. In addition it can hang, be glued or floor mounted enabling most situations to be catered for.

Transparent led screen

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ICE LED plays principal digital display role in Turkey’s major Transanatolia Rally Raid across remote Turkish regions in September 2013

ICE LED Division: We are pleased to announce our modular universal Hang-Roll-Fold Flexible LED screens have been selected for the international Transanatolia Rally Raid motor sports event held throughout the rugged Turkish country side. The event pits man and machine against each other and the rigours of rallying in rugged, breath taking beauty and dangerous regions of Turkey.

Pictured is the ICE flexible 18.25mm Pitch LED screen in an Istanbul workshop being prepared for use in the remote Turkish country side over the last few days. All the calibration was done remotely in real time from our offices in Auckland, New Zealand this week.

Display test pattern confirms sequence and colour.

Display test pattern confirms sequence and colour from a live internet camera feed during remote set up.

The 7 day rally (31 August – 7 September 2013) is a fast moving mobile event that had a key requirement for any digital display solution. It had to be sufficiently large, easily and quickly packed away each day, good quality viewing, rugged, simple to hang off the side of one of the travelling support trucks. The ICE Hang-Roll-Fold Flexible LED screens fitted the requirements perfectly meeting the budget requirements. The particular custom manufactured model was created in 3 separate sections which meant two people could easily mount the screen one section at a time and then clip the sections together.

The 5.25 x 2.62m fold up soft LED screen will display videos and information during the evening when the participants all arrive in for the night at the base camp each day, to re-group, attend to repairs, enjoy international friendship and share stories, including the big whoppers of exaggeration around the camp fire before retiring for another heady day of rallying in some very historic country side.

ICE Flexible LED screen

Rally raids are probably the most gruelling form of motor sport, tougher even than the 24 Hour race at Le Mans. The demand on vehicles, support equipment and drivers was pressed home during the 2012 3rd stage of the Transanatolia Rally in Turkey when a horrible crash fatally injured 2 competitors.The iconic 18 year old Turkish rider Kemal Merkit and Italian rider Mirco Miotto were parked up on the road looking at their guide maps book to find the right track, when suddenly at a roaring speed the Dutch rider Wouter Vaarkamp arrived crashing into Kemal and Mirco. Meanwhile Mirco suffered some little injuries, Kemal and Wouter unfortunately were fatally injured.

TRANSANATOLIA RALLY RAID is organised by TransAnatolia Spor Organizasyonları Ltd. Şti. Authorized by Turkish Automobile Sports

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Small Town, Big Screen impact, shows the way with an outdoor ICE LED screen.

LED Screen Division: The Taranaki Daily Newspaper is leading the way in New Zealand with road side large format digital signage commonly called DOOH (Digital Out of Home) using LED screen technology.

ICE LED Digital Screen

Digital billboard display

The change in media distribution channels and formats has changed the landscape significantly in recent years. Newspapers as a print format have faced strong challenge in the last decade as they loose readership of print, adapting to changes in digital technology, the growth in internet distribution, huge growth in mobility platforms, flexibility and growth in digital television. Demographic research has indicated that advertisers are shifting their advertising budgets from print to digital formats and that the readership of print is migrating away from the youth and young adult market.

Taranaki Daily News General manager Mike Brewer has been very aware of the changing market dynamics occurring worldwide and saw an opportunity to position the paper into the digital realm with a new move into the DOOH sector with LED screen technology. The recent announcement in Australia of the Fairfax employment redundancies graphically illustrates the change happening in news distribution. The LED screen installation is significant as it is the only newspaper owned LED screen installed in New Zealand. The screen is being used to display advertisements, community messages, leading news stories.

Colin makes some last minute wiring connections prior to the lift onto the side of the building. LED Screen technician Colin Smith and Leighton Corr are members of the ICE AV technical crew.

The system was built in two halves to meet two annual budgets and installed over two years. The first half installed was seen as an initial test of the concept and to test the waters with DOOH advertising. With the first year experience and the positive advertising support from local businesses it was decided that the concept made strong commercial sense and that the capital investment could be justified.

Taranaki Daily News contracted with ICE AV Technology to design, supply and install the 2880mmW x 3210mmH screen.

One of the challenges was that the LED screen had to be mounted in front of existing windows of the news room, access would not be available from the rear and it had to be modular and installed in to halves over two years. ICE AV rose to the challenge and was able to deliver and install a solution that addressed all aspects.

Installing ICE LED Screen

Installation process

Taranaki Daily News is the leading newspaper in the petrochemical province called Taranaki and is dominated by the conical volcano Mount Egmont. Taranaki Daily Newspaper is owned by Fairfax New Zealand Limited Mount Egmont and Taranaki was the location for the Hollywood Tom Cruise movie “Samurai”. Mt Egmont is closely resembling Mt Fuji in Japan.