In this section we will include general information, education and technical papers to help you become familiar with our LED screen technology. We are finding that as LED screens become more familiar to folk worldwide and more affordable, there are many who lack the technical understanding about installing, repairing, specifying or preparing content for LED screens as their experience has been limited.

LED screens have traditionally be the exclusive realm of specialist integrators and manufacturers. This has generally been because of the cost, specialist knowledge required and very few people compared to the general Audio Visual industry had much experience. Even though there are 1,000’s of LED screens installed worldwide, the numbers are miniscule compared to LCD, Plasma and Projection systems installed worldwide.

The ICE AV technical on field staff and factory personnel have extensive experience in LED and related disciplines. Our behind the scene support team of partners, collaborators and global networks are utilised to ensure that you have this expertise bought to bear as required on your LED screen project and where in the world.


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