The decision to purchase an LED screen is the first stage you might have contact with us. The particular model, customisation and all the associate parameters of our installation are all details we work closely with you.

Delivery timing and the project commissioning is often timed for particular events that will require management to keep everything on schedule. In many cases we will liaise with local contractors if required. If your purchase includes us to also supply installation we will work with you to determine the onsite issues such as power, access, lifting equipment etc.

We organise all shipping details to any sea port and airport in the world and our price will include either sea or air shipping. If you are not familiar with importing screens and liaising with freight forwarders to clear goods through your customs border we can work closely with you to provide a headache free experience.

Screens are shipped in Road cases, Timber Crates or Foam packed cardboard packaging depending on whether it is a fixed installation or if the screens have been purchased for a rental application.

Preparation prior to shipping

LED Timber crate

Shipment all boxed up ready to go to another client

cardboad foam packed cabinets

LED Screen case


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