ICE Rubber Flexible LED tiles on display at Olympia Hall, London

ICE Rubber Flexible LED tiles on display at Olympia Hall, London

At the invitation of SCIN UK, ( ICE AV Technology Ltd has made available a static table top display of LED rubber encased magnetic LED tiles
for the architect materials focused expo. The expo is a an opportunity for companies to show case new innovation, product ideas and concepts, materials and solutions for numerous applications of design, retail, and applied architecture.

The ICE flexible tiles on display are designed for interior installation where LED tiles need to twist and curve around a structure. The pitch of the tiles is 10mm, 320mm x 160mm x 6mm. The concept of a LED ribbon best describes the capability of the product. It is held in place by built in magnets and simply attaches to any steel sheet or structure.

ICE AV has a range of flexible LED screen tiles in rubber enased tiles and more recently transparent LED tiles that have a remarkable see-thru transparency.

The expo is particularly suited for Architects, Interior architects, Designers, Shopfitters, Engineers, Urban planners, Government agencies, Property developers, Lecturers, Students (in their final year)

Exhibit location: Olympia London – National Hall, Hammersmith Road – Kensington

Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 January 2018, From 13:00 until 20:00

ARCHITECT@WORK will be also exhibiting in 13 European countries and Canada.

For further details, registration and an overview visit:

For your expressions of interest of display propjects requiring flexible LED tiles we encourage you to contact us direct at

ICE AV welcomes inquiries from clients world wide to meet your needs nd project requirements.

Our range of screen technologies are available for a wide range of applications.

ICE AV Technology Ltd has a number of Product Divisions catering for different industries and sectors such as Multi Touch, Simulation, Projection, AV Integration, LED and Component supply.

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Aquatic Cinema LED Screen for your swimming venue

Aquatic Centers are dynamic destinations where people meet, have fun, compete and enjoy the magic of water based activities. The community swimming pool venue, is an important centre for many smaller town and cities and can play an important role in cohesiveness of a community just like the theater and sports stadium.

Today’s swimming pool is a far cry from 20 40 years ago when they were unheated and small in size..

Today, we have progressed with stunning facilities with multi lane sports pool, dive pool, a leisure pool with waves and sprays, a kiddie’s pool, water slide, wave pools, dive pools, fountains, water jets, therapy services and rehabilitation pools, gym exercise facilities, child care rooms, meeting rooms, massage facilities and a cafe with treated and heated water.

Until recently only large and well financed aquatic facilities and swim pools, have installed large digital L E D screens, although most facilities have a timing clock, or a basic score board for race meetings.

A new trend is developing with the use of the LED Screen as an entertainment and cinema digital display within the aquatic venue.

We call this concept, the Aquatic Cinema.

Now with big screens, daylight viewing, high quality images and movies, this makes for a compelling enjoyable experience to increase pool attendance and use by the community. Whether the visitor is a social swimmer, or maybe even just attending to soak, or a seasoned ocean swimmer, the large format LED screen is a wise investment that will return dividends to keep patrons entertained and informed and returning regularly.

Swimming pool_01

Reasons for this, include the need for venues to be innovative in their offering so they continue to maintain and grow their attendance numbers. Society is becoming more demanding on being entertained and their awareness of technology,. They see large format screens on every TV sports broadcast, stadiums of note have large digital LED screens, it is almost expected that LED screens are used in concerts, sports events and TV shows make strong use of LED screens..

So in this environment, aquatic venues have a real opportunity to add a new dimension to entertain, inform visitors and continue to be their preferred destination for relaxation, sports and family or lifestyle activities.

ICE Global has a range of LED screen models highly suited for Aquatic Centers, and can recommend a hardware option for your venue.

We even have underwater submerged audio speakers to enhance the experience. Currently we are developing the underwater swimming pool floor LED screen for the next level of engagement.

Our latest model for the aquatic venue is the remarkable S Series panel that is I P 66 rated and perfect for out door, or indoor venues. It can be front or rear installed and maintenance can be from either side. The panel weight is only 7 and half k g. It is completely sealed, and has no need for fans or vents providing maximum protection against any rain and water.

Series S Panel

ICE AV is a New Zealand based company in Auckland, and is well known globally, and regularly approached by both small, and very large companies around the world to offer innovative solutions.

No matter where your location and venue is located we can work with you, ship to your location.

Thank you for your attention and we look forward to hearing from you.

Please do not forget to request our free Aquatic Product Brochure where we describe a variety of LED models that might be interesting for you to learn about. It could be very helpful for you if you are new to LED screen technology as we explain some interesting aspect for your education.

ICE AV welcomes inquiries from clients world wide to meet your needs nd project requirements.

Our range of screen technologies are available for a wide range of applications.

ICE AV Technology Ltd has a number of Product Divisions catering for different industries and sectors such as Multi Touch, Simulation, Projection, AV Integration, LED and Component supply.

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Product Announcement: ICE LEDFlex – Film Stunning new flexible LED film for digital displays

We are announcing an innovative new image technology that opens up exciting new digital display opportunities world wide. It has range of very characteristics that delivers unique benefits to those wanting innovation and major point of difference.

It is the ICE Flexible LED Film we called LEDFLEX.

It has a number of very unique features that when combined together opens up a wide range of new applications and utilizes a bare chip design with no encapsulation based on new wafer manufacturing capability.

There are a range applications for LEDFLEX Adhesive LED film:

Able to apply onto the glass facade of buildings of unlimited height and size.. making it the first giant size stick on modular poster to display branding and advertisements.

It is perfect for LED Displays onto city landmark building.

Office and retail store windows along side the main street are ideal locations.

Iconic installations as part of creative, interactive and multimedia projects.

Businesses such as banks, real estate, vehicle show rooms are perfect as they often have large street facing windows.

High traffic areas like train, Subway city transport hubs entrances are excellent positions.

Due to the extreme light film like nature it means installation sites that might have a weight constraint will benefit with large reduction in installation and infrastructure costs.

The LEDFLEX is perfect for coloring environments, light shows and enhancing city facades and fences Environments like Interior decoration: shopping malls stores decoration, exhibition hall presentations can take advantage of the low profile subtle installation placement.

Transparent Flexible LED_05
The characteristics of the product are as follows:

– Its super light weight at 1- 3 kg per square meter.
– Very thin display of 1-3mm
– No heat emission or need for fans so it is completely silent
– Flexibility so it can wrap and bend around surfaces.
– High look thru transparency from 50 to 86% according to pitch in both front
and rear viewing directions
– Easy to apply due to adhesive and electrostatic sticking ability.
– Modular tiles in a variety of Pitch resolutions from 4mm to 20mm
– Safe to touch due to encapsulation and manufacturing method
– Wide viewing angles of 160-170 degrees, with no dead spots
– Seamless images by combining multiple LED tiles
– Excellent colour reproduction of all media content
– Unlimited screen sizes
– Non Waterproof and Waterproof configuration (coming)
– Ability to Control the display system from your smart phone.


If you found this article of interest and you have a digital display project, we look forward to hearing from.

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If you are a forward thinking company and wish to be a member of the ICE AV Global Partner Network to bring this and other innovative solutions to the market we look forward to hearing from you. ICE AV welcomes inquiries from clients world wide to meet your needs.

Our range of LED screens are available for a wide range of applications.
ICE AV Technology Ltd has a number of Product Divisions catering for different industries and sectors such as Multi Touch,Simulation, AV Integration, LED and Component supply.

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Special Limited Time Promotion for FlexiFold G Series LED screens

This is a LIMITED TIME only promotion and you have 7 days to make up your mind.

Perfect screen for staging, expos, music, entertainment, clubs and the like. You determine the final screen width. The screen panels are all 2.4m tall and each is 600mm wide. If you are serious about improving your stage performance it will never look this good at this hot price of only $US878 per sqm. 12.5mm resolution, indoor brightness. Save big time on the panel costs for your screen. Orders must be received by 14 Nov 2014. NZ Time.

The FlexiFold G Series from ICE LED is a unique screen panel that is designed to be rolled up and when used, simply hung from overhead. It can be used to display direct from a computer or if you are wanting to display camera feeds, DVD, multiple computer then use the optional LED Switcher / Processor.
down arrow

Flexible led screen

The versatile FlexiFold screen will do wonders for your show.


Pixel Composition RGB 3528MD LED
LED Manufacturer Nationstar
Density 6400pixels/sq.m
Pixel pitch 12.5mm
Brightness(white) 1200 nits
Optical View Distance 9 meter
Work Voltage: DC5V
Weight (kg/sq.m) 12kg/sq.m
Max Power Consumption 300W/sq.m
Refresh rate ≥2,000 HZ
Ingress Protection IP54

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Magical Transparent Screen heads to the Middle East for installation in Jordan

Transparent LED screen set to make an early first in the Middle East.

This week our first installation in Jordan is underway. It is the first transparent LED screen to be installed in Jordan and will grace the street side front window of the new head office for one of the corporate giants in this hot spot country. The screen will be used for communicating with passing traffic and promote the various brands the company represents.

transparent led screen

This transparent LED screen allows innovative content display and effects.

The screen measures 3.84m wide x 2.80m high and is 80% transparent in both directions.
The installation is the start of a roll out within Jordan, soon to be joined by a number of other sites throughout the Middle East that ICE AV Technology Ltd is working on in partnership with our network of ICE AV Global Partner Resellers.

The screen can be placed up against the window and then display content in full daytime and still allow 80% transparency. In addition it can hang, be glued or floor mounted enabling most situations to be catered for.

Transparent led screen

For further information contact ICE AV Technology Ltd

ICE Portable LED Sports and Marathon LED Timer Screen

It has become mandatory for community, sports club, city and national events to display times at the finish line or throughout the course. This trend has been bought about because of the major implementation we have become accustomed to and expect in any major sports event. Replay screens, perimeter advertising  screens and timing screens have become common in the big game and now combined with affordability and product range any event is able to bring this professional element to their event.

ICE LED Sports timer screen clock 01

The ICE 6″ / 150mm Timer screen screen Model ICETSPID66 is a versatile rugged display screen with all the features to create a long lasting solution for all sports activities. The six inch 6 digits ultra brightness led digital Marathon clock  is widely applicable for 10,000m, 50,000m marathon and other race sports.

*    Static driver LED digital clock
*    Waterproof, durable
*    Low current consumption
*    Outstanding visibility

Features: There are four function modes featured for different purpose, which are clock display, Countdown timer, Count up timer / Elapsed timer, and Stopwatch. Ideal for indoor and outdoor sports activities.


ICE AV Remote Control

  • Master Specifications:
  • 6″ high 6-digit LED numeric displays.
  • Viewing distance up to 265 feet.
  • With the IR remote with full functions operating.
  • Backup lithium battery is able to keep time accurate when power fails.
  • Use outdoors(with weather protection) or indoors overcomes direct sunlight.
  • Ambient operating temperature: -10~50 C; 0~95% relative humidity.
  • Daily errors: less than 2 second.
  • Screen Dimensions 808 x 200 x 160mm
  • Excellent visibility.
  • 12/24v DC – Powered by external battery. (AC version available)
  • Battery and Tripod not supplied
  • Use on table top or tripod stand.
  • The framework is covered with Black Rugged Aluminum Alloy,
    providing a smart look, weather-proof and durable Timer Display.

ICE LED Sports LED ScreenTripod & Clock

For increased versatility the screen can be used with a tripod for free standing applications. Due to international security regulations we do not ship the battery to power the system. However because it can be powered of the common 12 / 24 V DC dry cell battery or even a  car battery you can find this item world-wide. ICE AV’s LED Division can supply custom and standard LED screens for all sports applications. From stadium size screens, trailer size and hand carry screens we are able to deliver your requirements.

Zara Fashion Brand launches flagship store with massive transparent GlassLED Screen in the front windows.

When your competitors are every high end brand or low cost commodity store vying for the dollars walking past your store, you really need to know yourself and your unique proposition and that is even before customers step in through the front doors!

The ICE GlassLED window screen tiles allows retailers to create clarity, sparkling clean lines, transparency and light. The interior of the Zara store can be seen through the screen depending on the content being displayed. This capability is unique of all the display technologies currently known and can be applied to multiple floor windows or a single window.

Zara GlassLED screen

A pair of custom size 2.56m wide x 8m high transparent LED Glass tiles.

Zara knew they had to make a fresh statement and deliver a modern appearance that started on the footpath that engaged with passing traffic. For any fashion brand like Zara, the front store windows are like a canvas to the heart of the brand that displays fashion, trends and new lines. However today simply relying on clothed mannequins or some pretty window display is insufficient in the Hong Kong market where you face the highest rental costs in the word.  Printed posters or installing a bank of 42inch screens in your front store windows are simply inadequate today when digital content, social media and smart phone technology are central to any marketing or brand.

Hong_Kong-Crawford_House_Zara transparent GlassLED screen

This recent Zara installation is located at 70 Queen’s Road Central Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The site was previously the location of a H & M clothing store who vacated due to the massive monthly rental costs. The Zara flagship store is located over 6 floors and epitomises the Zara philosophy of Beauty, Clarity, Functionality and Sustainability.

Elegance and an open design, the front display windows are flanked by two 20sqm transparent GlassLED screens

Elegance and a open design, the front display windows are flanked by two 20sqm transparent GlassLED screens

On reflection it may seem obvious that the GlassLED installation reaching 8 metre high at the front of the Zara store at ground level, however it was a natural choice as it combines five very unique aspects:

– Daytime time brightness,
– Appropriate resolution,
– Custom scalability,
– Rear window installation,
– No special installation infrastructure.
– Stunning transparency, that can be any size you desire.

The two Zara GlassLED Screens each  measures 2.56m wide x 8m High and beckon shoppers with fashion video content and acts as a digital screen. The transparent nature of the screen allows shoppers in-store to still see through the screens and view the outdoors, allows sunlight to enter from outdoors and if black is in the content then the content area becomes transparent and invisible allowing people passing be to actually see in the store looking through the screen. This feature is exclusive to the GlassLED and the additional building and window façade display technologies from ICE AV Global.  We call this “The Magic is in the Screen”.

The 55,000 sqft Zara Hong Kong flagship store is surrounded by many billboards and advertising signs, to the point it would seem any surface or airspace is used by surrounding businesses to promote their service, phone number and specials. In the midst of this it becomes a daunting task even for a global brand with 6,500 stores world wide. H & M could not sustain their presence due to dwindling sales at 70 Queen’s Road central in Hong Kong, so Zara had to overcome market trend and the visual noise surrounding them. The location harks back to the 1930’s when the China Emporium Ltd had an iconic business there that epitomises the finer things of life and has gone onto be known as the luxury brand of Lane Crawford.

Zara-inaugura-flagship-Hong-Kong GlassLED screens

The former tenant H & M had a different layout and designed front façade.

The former tenant was H & M fashion store. Now home to Zara

The former tenant was H & M fashion store. Now home to Zara

The Screen uses the latest GlassLED model based on 960mm x 320mm tile size.

GlassLED tiles

ICE GlassLED Model X930_01 -  (2)

If you have a need to create some digital magic on your store front, glass clad building, or internal partition wall into a digital transparent screen we would love to have a chat on how we can work with you to create your magic.

We look forward to hearing from you if you think this solution might be useful in your next project.
If you would like to discuss in detail about any comments or solutions referred to in this video then we invite you to pick up the phone and give us a call or send an email. We also welcome reseller enquiries.

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