Small Screen for the Big City: ICE announces the ICE Rear Window LED vehicle screen.

Designed as a transparent in-vehicle mobile advertising LED screen. The transparent ICE LED Vehicle screen allows the rear window of a vehicle to be used as an advertising screen without blocking the view out the window.

ICE Rear Window Taxi Ver 1_02

From the driver’s interior position the transparency looking thru the screen is 50%. This is achieved by the vertical LED spacing which is 5.2mm and also the brightness is only seen from the exterior. This allows the driver to still see traffic behind their vehicle through the window. Also note on the average taxi or other vehicle the screen will not cover the entire rear window.

The screen is easily installed from the inside of the vehicle’s rear window using 3M industrial grade dual side adhesive tape. The DC>DC power unit should be installed close by. Power is drawn from the 12v cigarette socket output. When the vehicle is switched off the screen would cease to operate.

ICE Rear Window Taxi Page 3up imagesm

Controlling the screen is from the Novastar Asynchronous Controller that utilizes the Smart Phone software for both Android and iOS preferences.

Operating and Setup
This requires the Smart phone device to have the software installed. A comprehensive 22 page Novastar manual is available for the software. As this is a LED screen specific software, it is expected users will familiarize themselves with its operation.  Please note if required, the Controller can be controlled from a Windows PC

Attach flexible transparent screen to inside of window using 3M double side tape.
Power supply source plugs into cigarette dashboard socket.
Transparency is 50% and exterior is view-able through the screen.
The power supply(12VDC to 5VDC) & controller is placed near the panel.
If after some time you wish to install into a different vehicle then it is possible.

The screen could be used in other window scenario’s if needed, however in this specific case we have targeted it to in-vehicle display.

Demonstration Video

Please note we do not recommend you operate the the software on your phone whilst driving. Setup and operations should be done whilst the vehicle is stationery and off the road for legal and safety reasons.

Screen size 750Wide mm x 250mm High
Pixel Density 144 W x 96 H pixels, and
Pixel pitch orientations W 5.2mm W x H 2.6mm H
Management via smart phone is possible with App
Power supply to convert vehicle 12VDC to the screen’s 5VDC;
Screen controller is by Novastar.

ICE AV Header LED_02

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The Magic is in the Screen

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Special Limited Time Promotion for FlexiFold G Series LED screens

This is a LIMITED TIME only promotion and you have 7 days to make up your mind.

Perfect screen for staging, expos, music, entertainment, clubs and the like. You determine the final screen width. The screen panels are all 2.4m tall and each is 600mm wide. If you are serious about improving your stage performance it will never look this good at this hot price of only $US878 per sqm. 12.5mm resolution, indoor brightness. Save big time on the panel costs for your screen. Orders must be received by 14 Nov 2014. NZ Time.

The FlexiFold G Series from ICE LED is a unique screen panel that is designed to be rolled up and when used, simply hung from overhead. It can be used to display direct from a computer or if you are wanting to display camera feeds, DVD, multiple computer then use the optional LED Switcher / Processor.
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Flexible led screen

The versatile FlexiFold screen will do wonders for your show.


Pixel Composition RGB 3528MD LED
LED Manufacturer Nationstar
Density 6400pixels/sq.m
Pixel pitch 12.5mm
Brightness(white) 1200 nits
Optical View Distance 9 meter
Work Voltage: DC5V
Weight (kg/sq.m) 12kg/sq.m
Max Power Consumption 300W/sq.m
Refresh rate ≥2,000 HZ
Ingress Protection IP54

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Magical Transparent Screen heads to the Middle East for installation in Jordan

Transparent LED screen set to make an early first in the Middle East.

This week our first installation in Jordan is underway. It is the first transparent LED screen to be installed in Jordan and will grace the street side front window of the new head office for one of the corporate giants in this hot spot country. The screen will be used for communicating with passing traffic and promote the various brands the company represents.

transparent led screen

This transparent LED screen allows innovative content display and effects.

The screen measures 3.84m wide x 2.80m high and is 80% transparent in both directions.
The installation is the start of a roll out within Jordan, soon to be joined by a number of other sites throughout the Middle East that ICE AV Technology Ltd is working on in partnership with our network of ICE AV Global Partner Resellers.

The screen can be placed up against the window and then display content in full daytime and still allow 80% transparency. In addition it can hang, be glued or floor mounted enabling most situations to be catered for.

Transparent led screen

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ICE Mobile LED trailer screens can be configured for many different applications

We often have clients world wide contacting us solve large screen requirements and one is often mobile displays. Many have wanted to transition from printed bill boards or projection based systems. Today LED screens in many of the LED formats we offer, are ideal for vans, trailers and in their vans or trucks for digital signage, score boards, entertainment screens, event displays, big boys toys displays for private functions or corporate events.

LED Screen trailer

LED Screen Trailer

The mobile trailer platform as a LED screen is ideal for park and display situations. Since the trailer is both the transportation and the display structure, its minimalist structure delivers clean lines and can be easily fitted into supporting stage structures, promo banners and the like. Unhitched for the car or van the display screens is left free standing ready to deliver an image that can overcome any sunlight directly facing the screen or rain that

By using one of our flexible LED technologies that has incredible light weights of 3- 6 kg per sqm, large format mobile platforms can be achieved with the bulk and weight of typical cabinet screens. By using some of our motion sensing technology and controllers we can actually programme the LED screen so the image changes when a person approaches or vehicle passes the screen.

By using our Plas480 industrial cabinets manufactured out of industrial grade plastic, allows us to deliver state of the art high quality digital displays for groups of people where ever they may be. These panels have the advantage of being 6kg each and easily fixed into place by hand.

Plas480 Blank panels front rear

Placing them on trailers allows maximum versatility and reduces issues relating to vehicles, mobility and placement. These allow modular screens that can be easily increased or lifted in size according to needs.

A trailer makes an ideal capital investment rather than a truck for an LED screen, due the substantial difference in cost. Trailers have little maintenance comparatively, a lot less to run, less on road costs, can be parked and allows you to drive off in the towing vehicle, access where trucks may not be allowed. Ideal for home based digital sign businesses and easily parked in the driveway.

ICE Trailer LED

If the trailer is of sufficient size with stability out riggers, then we can use an hydraulic riser to lift the screen height allowing complete flexibility according to the function.

The public today expect to see large screen displays anywhere an event is happening. Events like the Olympics, Rugby World Cup and others rely very much on LED screens, and when community and local city events are happening they expect that same large screen experience. They make ideal digital advertising screen, sponsor screens, and for our trailer based systems the reverse sides can be used for stretched printed billboards providing additional message opportunities. Where ever large groups of people gather, organisers need to be able to effectively communicate the crowd for such things as a Lost Child.

Furthermore by adding our multi touch technology interactive displays and dynamic media software systems it is possible to turn the LED screen of any size to be the display out put of the full multi touch experience. This then allows us to create large screen system that can be used at Pool Parties where visitors can use the interactive multi touch music video touch screen to manipulate and select the pool side party music video and have it appear on the huge LED screen. What better way than to have party goers be involved selecting music and then sending a note up to an operator to play the next video. Self help pool side. As evening rolls in the LED screen can be switched over to display the Multi Touch interactive DJ HoloDesk System bringing state of the active virtual  DJ to the big screen. (also from ICE AV)

Multi touch interactive

Notices, Traffic Management, Announcement, Community Bulletins.
Combining with a PA system the screens can be used as gigantic TV screens, Community Movie evenings. By the time you have arrived on site and positioned the screen you can be up and running within 15 minutes.

If you would like to discuss your needs for a large format outdoor mobile LED display, please contact us for a free and friendly discussion. We welcome callers and clients world wide.

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ICE Spheronic Iris LED Sphere brings science fiction alive.

LED Screen Division: The ICE Spheronic Iris is a break through in LED screen and spherical LED technology and manufacturing. The Dynamic version combines robotics, unique structural design, unique data feeds and LED screen development. The result is a screen that comes live not just with content but in its very physical form.

The ICE Spheronic Iris LED Sphere is a one of a kind sphere system that changes for ever the way a LED screen displays content, responds to its audience and changes its form over time and can be configured to match content.

This video feature the first installation of the ICE Spheronic Iris Globe Dynamic screen and is a resolution of 4mm Pitch. It has a compressed diameter of a 2.5m and expands up to 4.5m diameter. Each panel moves independently and content can be matched per panel or spread indefinitely over any configuration of the panels.

The ICE Spheronic Iris Sphere is a 360 degree globe where the image appears on all surfaces. They are available in hanging and floor mounted versions to match a range of installation preferences.

The ICE Spheronic Series Led screens are ideal for museums, corporate installations, concerts, casinos, hight tech art installations, media centres. technology installations and city centre attractions.

The Spheronic Series includes a unique image mapping, scheduling and robotics software allowing unique programme sequences. The ICE Sphereonic Series also includes the static 360 Globe that is a non expanding globe screen. This is a static non moving solution that either sits on the floor or is suspended on from overhead.

Diameter Size currently available include:
1m, 1.2m, 1.5m 1.8m, 2m, 2.5m 3m, 4m, 5.5m, 6m and 7.2m diameter.
The ICE Spheronic Iris Sphere LED screen is available in a variety of Pitch resolutions.

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