Special Limited Time Promotion for FlexiFold G Series LED screens

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Perfect screen for staging, expos, music, entertainment, clubs and the like. You determine the final screen width. The screen panels are all 2.4m tall and each is 600mm wide. If you are serious about improving your stage performance it will never look this good at this hot price of only $US878 per sqm. 12.5mm resolution, indoor brightness. Save big time on the panel costs for your screen. Orders must be received by 14 Nov 2014. NZ Time.

The FlexiFold G Series from ICE LED is a unique screen panel that is designed to be rolled up and when used, simply hung from overhead. It can be used to display direct from a computer or if you are wanting to display camera feeds, DVD, multiple computer then use the optional LED Switcher / Processor.
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Flexible led screen

The versatile FlexiFold screen will do wonders for your show.


Pixel Composition RGB 3528MD LED
LED Manufacturer Nationstar
Density 6400pixels/sq.m
Pixel pitch 12.5mm
Brightness(white) 1200 nits
Optical View Distance 9 meter
Work Voltage: DC5V
Weight (kg/sq.m) 12kg/sq.m
Max Power Consumption 300W/sq.m
Refresh rate ≥2,000 HZ
Ingress Protection IP54

For further information contact ICE AV Technology Ltd
Sales at iceavglobal dot com


How big is big enough when considering your LED Sports Scoreboard size requirements

Understanding how LED pixels relate to viewing distance, image quality, image size, quality of viewed image and maximising the LED screen area is confusing for those new to considering an LED solution.

In this discussion I want to describe some actual scenarios relating to score boards and using the computer based score board software.

So the first aspect to consider is how large does the text need to be viewed. This really comes down to how far are the viewing distances as the text needs to be easily viewable and understood. Not much point having an LED that is not delivering good quality readable text. Every score board typically will have a mix of text and the all important score digits. Typically the text will be the team name, venue etc.

This digit of the play time clock digit measures 640mm x 480mm on a P10 LED screen and measures 3.36m x 1.92m measures

This digit of the play time clock digit measures 640mm x 480mm on a P10 LED screen and measures 3.36m x 1.92m measures

The pitch of an LED sign is the distance between each pixel. If the specifications of an LED screen you are considering has a Pitch (or resolution) of 10mm – then there are ten millimetres from the centre of one pixel to the adjacent pixel. The smaller the pitch number the more LEDs per square-meter which means the resolution will be higher and image sharper. A sign with an LED screen rated at 10 mm pitch can show more characters and the picture will be less pixelated up close than a LED screen of the same area size with a pitch of 20 mm.

An ICE LED Scoreboard screen is a full matrix screen which means that every pixel is active in the screen area. This means we can take advantage of scaling the score board software to maximise the ICE LED cabinet size when they are combined together.

In the the following graphics we have mapped on the desktop the LED screen pixel area to meet actual screens and then the scaling of the scoreboard software to best maximize the area. We have used a P10mm pitch screen as the example.

So first up is a cabinet size of 1280mm x 1920mm screen arranged in a 3 x 2 array giving us a total of 384 pixels x 192 pixel and screen szie of 3840mm x 1920mm. Here the digital display in real life on the screen, the 0 digit in the Visitor Team score  is 900mm high x  680 wide. the T in team name is 130mm high and the H of the venue is 180 mm

This images shows the area of 384 x 192 pixels and for a P10 screen measures 3.84m x 1.92m

This images shows the area of 384 x 192 pixels and for a P10 screen measures 3.84m x 1.92m

Next we have some examples using our Plas480 cabinets. In a 3360mm x
1920mm screen size of 7 x 4 cabinets we have 336 pixels x 192 pixels

This screen image on P10 screen is 3.36m x 1.92m

This screen image on P10 screen is 3.36m x 1.92m

Finally we have a screen size of 2880mm x 1920mm by using 6 x 4 cabinets giving us a total pixel size of 288 x 192 pixels. Here the digital display in real life on the screen, the 8 digit is 700mm high and wide. The T in team name is 130mm high and the H of the venue is 180mm.

288px * 192px screen size is 2880mm x 1920mm in display area

288px * 192px screen size is 2880mm x 1920mm in display area

So you can see where we have lined up the actual graphic output of the LED screen area (smiley faces area) with the Scoreboard software scaled to the correct pixel size.

These sizes would all be ideal for many sports fields. Depending on the sports disciplines the screens might need to be slightly larger as a minimum size due to extra on screen scoring information.

Winners and Losers all get fair billing on an ICE LED Scoreboard.

Innovative and versatile Score Boards using ICE LED screens deliver stunning performance for your sporting discipline. ICE AV is able to offer LED sports screens for timing, scoreboards and digital advertising. We have LED screen solutions ideal for permanent and temporary installations. In addition we can supply flat panel and a range of projection systems Score Board Solution.

LED screens are the only solution that can display bright outdoor images in any size format that can been easily viewed by the spectators and competitors. An ICE LED Screen has the ability to be used as a score board and also a digital display with messages and advertisements, making them ideal for use between scoring events.

Volley Board Scoreboard display
LED screen scoreboard

For the sports event the crucial elements is to have a screen that has legible digits with good clarity making it easy to view the content form a distance. There are a number of factors that must be considered to make this happen.

  1. Physical Size of the Screen
  2. Resolution Pitch
  3. Viewing Distance
  4. Mono or Full Colour

Elements such as portability, brightness, power consumption are additional aspects to consider. The use of a score board for indoors or outdoors is another important aspect and can have a notable impact on your investment due to brightness and waterproof requirements

To turn your LED screen into a score board we have software available for the following sports and activities. Our systems ship configured ready for a plug and play experience. We can supply fixed installation, mobile, trailer based and breakdown formats. All our score boards also are supplied with LED screen management software that allows technical changes to be made and also to run the LED screen as a full Digital Signage System.

Currently software is available for the following:

Auction Display – Australian Rules Football Scoreboard
Baseball Scoreboard Pro – Basketball Scoreboards
Basketball Scoreboard Dual – ChronoTimer
Foosball Table Scoreboard – Football Scoreboard Pro
Gymnastics Event Scoreboard – Hockey Scoreboards
Horseshoe Scoreboard for League Doubles – Judo Scoreboard 2009
Judo Scoreboard Deluxe – Multisport Scoreboard Standard
Paintball Scoreboard Deluxe – Score Banners
Shot Clock Standard – – Roller Derby Scoreboard Pro
Soccer Scoreboards – Statistics Scoreboard
Swim Scoreboard Basic – Wrestling Scoreboards
Tennis Scoreboard – Video Overlay Scoreboard Basic
Volleyball Scoreboard Pro – Water Polo Scoreboard Pro
Team Scoreboard

The software allows a range of aspects to be customised including colour selection, logos, team names and the score data relevant to each of the disciplines. Score data can be entered via mouse, HOT key via the key board, touch screen or custom button pads.

Volley Scoreboard – Scorekeeper Display with score keeping menu.
NZ Volley-Admin_01sm

The scoreboard software is easily scaled to the LED screen pixel size right on the desk top, or can be used in full desktop mode if it is scaled via an LED switcher. The optional secondary screen for many of the score boards means that the LED screen output and admin screen can co-exist on the same LCD desktop screen.

Whether your score board is used for competitions at national, regional, school club or venue level we can supply a comprehensive solution.

For those who can use projection our unique Digital Daytime Lens Concave screens allows high quality images using low cost projectors in very high ambient light level environments as the screens can enhance a projector brightness by up to 2,000% when compared to using a Matt White Screen. This allows dramatic savings compared to our LED screen solutions however projection is not suited for outdoor sunlight.

In addition our FastFold projection systems can be desirable in controlled environments, as even a large 3x2m system collapses down into a tiny footprint. For those who wish to make their own rear projection score board our range of ICE projection polymers are an excellent choice.