Landrover showroom gets a significant boost with a streetside transparent GlassLED screen.


Hong Kong a retail, transportation and commerce capital of the world demands edgy attention. The city is an iconic trend centre and readily adapts to new technology.

The third GlassLED Transparent digital screen makes itself known on the busy Gloucester Street in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, one of its busiest roads. The road was named in 1929 after Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, to commemorate his visit to Hong Kong that year. Today it is also home to the Landrover and Jaguar automotive brand show room in the Sino Plaza The compressed area of Hong Kong generally means that stores don’t have the open space for signage and this especially applies to open yard vehicle areas due to the high premium real estate of Hong Kong.

Gloucester Road Hong Kong

The screen was able to be installed without effecting the physical environment and being light weight certainly was an advantage being able to mount on to the front window and still provide a view direct into the showroom.

The GlassLED Screen is a 12sqm P8mm resolution and is a street side screen facing onto the busy main road and can display content of any nature. The GlassLED tiles have been fitted to the existing front showroom glass window to the inside surface. This means there is minimal physical internal mounting structure, and yet we still have a transparent, open and see through viewing experience when both inside and outside.

The GlassLED tile sizes used are 512mm x 256mm which allows a precise fit in the display area and have been glued to the interior side of the window.

GlassLED tile screen installation

The brightness of the screen means that it can still display excellent quality images during the day. For night time, the software allows the brightness to be automatically reduced so as not to be glaringly bright.

If you have a need to create some digital magic on your store front, glass clad building, or internal partition wall into a digital transparent screen, we would love to have a chat on how we can help.

The GlassLED tiles are ideal for airport interiors and outward facing glass walls, casinos, office building, retail stores, room and space dividers. In addition with ICE AV expertise we can make the screens interactive with change of content caused by passing pedestrian’s for example.

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