Product Announcement: ICE LEDFlex – Film Stunning new flexible LED film for digital displays

We are announcing an innovative new image technology that opens up exciting new digital display opportunities world wide. It has range of very characteristics that delivers unique benefits to those wanting innovation and major point of difference.

It is the ICE Flexible LED Film we called LEDFLEX.

It has a number of very unique features that when combined together opens up a wide range of new applications and utilizes a bare chip design with no encapsulation based on new wafer manufacturing capability.

There are a range applications for LEDFLEX Adhesive LED film:

Able to apply onto the glass facade of buildings of unlimited height and size.. making it the first giant size stick on modular poster to display branding and advertisements.

It is perfect for LED Displays onto city landmark building.

Office and retail store windows along side the main street are ideal locations.

Iconic installations as part of creative, interactive and multimedia projects.

Businesses such as banks, real estate, vehicle show rooms are perfect as they often have large street facing windows.

High traffic areas like train, Subway city transport hubs entrances are excellent positions.

Due to the extreme light film like nature it means installation sites that might have a weight constraint will benefit with large reduction in installation and infrastructure costs.

The LEDFLEX is perfect for coloring environments, light shows and enhancing city facades and fences Environments like Interior decoration: shopping malls stores decoration, exhibition hall presentations can take advantage of the low profile subtle installation placement.

Transparent Flexible LED_05
The characteristics of the product are as follows:

– Its super light weight at 1- 3 kg per square meter.
– Very thin display of 1-3mm
– No heat emission or need for fans so it is completely silent
– Flexibility so it can wrap and bend around surfaces.
– High look thru transparency from 50 to 86% according to pitch in both front
and rear viewing directions
– Easy to apply due to adhesive and electrostatic sticking ability.
– Modular tiles in a variety of Pitch resolutions from 4mm to 20mm
– Safe to touch due to encapsulation and manufacturing method
– Wide viewing angles of 160-170 degrees, with no dead spots
– Seamless images by combining multiple LED tiles
– Excellent colour reproduction of all media content
– Unlimited screen sizes
– Non Waterproof and Waterproof configuration (coming)
– Ability to Control the display system from your smart phone.


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