Glass LED window film – LEDFlex launched by ICE AV Global

The innovation in display technology continues at a rapid speed. We just need to look at the TV set and see how far we have come so quickly and we are on the verge of roll up film OLED technology for you how TV set. Large format billboard type display technology has seen LED to be the pre-eminent screen technology for stadiums, building screens and all daylight displays. The technology is now being widely used in corporate foyers, AV events, shop windows, concerts and the like. Most of these have been based on using panel and cabinet type models. Now with ICE LEDFlex we bring a unique and innovative solution that opens up increasing numbers of display opportunities.

LEDFlex hand transparency_01

In a new exciting development ICE AV introduces transparent adhesive LEDFlex film panels that combines the aspect of flexible film similar in concept to OLED and the capabilities of traditional LED displays. In essence think of it as Glass LED, LED Film or window screen technology.

The LEDFlex Window glass led tiles are available in a few different finishes:
Opaque – where the circuitry is bonded between two encapsulation films and is the most flexible. Here the see thru effect is translucent rather than transparent.
Sandwiched – here the tiles are mounted between two micro thin clear acrylic sheets and provide maximum transparent see through in both directions.
Black Backing – here the tile has a solid black lamination and zero transparency
Framed – here the tiles are mounted into aluminum frame.

For the first 3 installation can be installed against a window by adhesive tape.
Here are two intro videos. Its possible to use the tiles in a curved scenario – either glass facade, small scale cylindrical shape, – onto building glass or acylic sheet.

In this 12 minute video we provide an in-depth insight introduction to the remarkable ICE LEDFlex LED film tiles.

The tiles have the option of three optical clarity conditions: Opaque, Transparent, Blocked. In addition the led tiles can be built into a frame that bolts together.

One of the unique characteristics is that the tiles can be laminated onto windows and building glass facades. It is not designed to be mounted on the external outdoor surface.

The LEDFLex tiles are available in a variety of Pitch Resolution ranging from P3 – P20mm
LED Flex Applications
There are a range applications for LEDFLEX Adhesive LED film:

Able to be applied onto the internal side of the glass facade of buildings of unlimited height and size, making it the first giant size stick on modular poster.

LED tile panel to display branding and advertisements of any media type or signal type input.

It is perfect for LED Displays onto city landmark building.

Office and retail store windows along side the main street are ideal locations. windows along the street.

Iconic installations as part of creative, interactive and multimedia projects.

Businesses such as banks, real estate, vehicle show rooms are perfect as they often have large street facing windows.

High traffic areas like train, Subway city transport hubs entrances are excellent positions.

Due to the extreme light film like nature it means installation sites that might have a weight constraint will benefit with large reduction in installation and infrastructure costs. For instance installing daylight capable LED screens on the 20th floor of any building with glass facade is now possible with NO NEED for any external cranes and scaffolds, closing off the road and expensive resource consents.

The LEDFLex is perfect for coloring environments, light shows and enhancing city facades and fences.

Environments like Interior decoration: shopping malls stores decoration, exhibition hall presentations can take advantage of the low profile subtle installation placement.

LEDFlex curved_01a

The characteristics of the product are as follows:

– Its super light weight at 1- 3 kg per square metre.
– Very thin display of 1-3mm
– No heat emission or need for fans so it is completely silent
– Flexibility so it can wrap and bend around surfaces.
– Bi directional transparency
– Image transprency from 50 to 90% according to pitch in both front and rear viewing directions
– Image displays only on front side
– Easy to apply due to adhesive and electrostatic sticking ability.
– Modular tiles in a variety of Pitch resolutions from 3.6mm to 20mm
– Safe to touch due to encapsulation and manufacturing method
– Wide viewing angles of 160-170 degrees, with no dead spots
– Seamless images by combining multiple LED tiles
– Excellent colour reproduction of all media content
– Unlimited screen sizes
– Non Waterproof and Waterproof (coming) configuration
– Ability to Control the display system from your smart phone.

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If you found this video of interest and you have a digital display project, we look forward to hearing from. If you have specific project we require full details and ideally with photos so we can understand your project and quickly resolve all the parameters for your project.

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