Outdoor Grade Transparent LED screen is a new dynamic digital surface to create exciting displays for various applications.

Transparent LED screens create a new dynamic visual feast that allows the illusion of the content to be floating on a see-thru screen. The applications are wide and varied, for example, turning office and building windows into transparent LED screens without blocking the view from inside when looking out. They can be ideal for creating dynamic walls in foyers, retail stores and can act as a division wall to segment and define various areas.

GOB LED technology allows improved long life.

In the early introduction of transparent LED screens they had to be mounted indoors due to the lack weatherproof ability. The concept for transparent LED started to inspire designers, architects and building owners and build demand momentum. The initial LED technology was based on SMD type. With the advance of GOB LED a new direction has enabled new innovation to allow the thin profile transparent LED screens for OUTDOOR installations.

The question you might be pondering is, “Why would I want to install a transparent LED screen out doors. There are a number of good reasons and applications for installing outdoors. Following are a number of ideas to consider.

First is the weatherproof (front and rear) feature, as this means the screen will not be damaged due to wet weather and humidity. This factor removes the worry often associated with electronics outdoors in general.

The Transparent LED screen can be hanging, floor mounted or mounted onto a frame

Outdoor Installation ideas.
Stage concert.

This means the concert musicians and concert designers no need to worry about any wet weather that might appear. Being outdoor grade provides peace of mind. Visually the transparent mechanical nature allows the content to float and works well with integrated lighting. Irish group U2 on their last world tour made extensive use
of transparent LED screens in a stunning way.

Building Facade
Installing a transparent LED screen on the outside of a modern glass facade building or window area, means that the window frame structure does not segment the appearance of the content as the screen is on the viewer side and in front of the window.

Art Installation
Transparent LED screens make an ideal technology in a public environment as an art installation, branding and naming screen.
The LED screen can be installed as a free standing wall, part of an architecutral construction. Display fun animation, or even be integrated with motion interactive technology.

ICE Global offers both indoor and external transparent LED screens. Generally speaking OUTdoor rated transaprent LED screens are more expensive than INdoor options.

Following is an example of a specific solution that can be applied in many applications outdoors. The pricing is reduced to take advantage of components being on hand for manufacturing your order.
Once these components are used up for orders pricing will revert back to normal.

This model is framed based and enables that each panel can be attached to each other by the built in connection system and cable connections. The panels can be hanging from an over head mount for example a lighting truss common in a truss, or for a building or wall, then they would be attached to a support frame.

Specifications for current promotion offer.

Currently we are offering this 4m wide x 2m high transparent LED screen for:

4m wide x 2m high
Pitch resolution P3.9Wx7.8H
LED type GOB
Weatherproof IP65 front and back
Transparency 65%
16 panels 1000mm x 500mm
Brightness 4500 – 5000 NITS
Operating system Windows OS
Includes setup and display software
Hanging mount beams
Panels Packed in 2 flight cases

Cost $US23,896
Excluding sea Freight.

The system can be enhanced with an LED Processor Switcher where numerous input devices can be connected which would be ideal for concert, staging or similar applications.

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ICE AV has a wide range of innovative Projection screen solutions it can offer clients worldwide to create affordable solutions for a wide variety of applications.

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Building Your Massive LED Screen Strip by Strip

Large Structure LED Strips and Panels

ICELVSS Large Structure LED Strips and Panels

Large format building and wall screens are an increasing trend world wide to create mesmerising light installations, digital displays and bill boards. Increasingly the requirement for solutions that can be integrated into existing sites becomes crucial to add that digital element.

The ICELVSS Strip and Structure LED Panels are an ideal solution where you can build your screen strip by strip. The solution meets the rigours of out doors in three crucial ways:

  1. Light weight
  2. Daytime Brightness
  3. IP68 Weatherproof

These three aspects along with the physical form factor the ICELVSS Strip and Structure units can be mounted outdoors or indoors.  They are particularly useful for mounting behind glass walls over large areas.  The strip nature of the screens allows the screen to breath and pass air making it ideal for reducing wind loading.


LVSS Building Mesh Screen

The 25mm Pitch solution delivers a massive 8000 Cd/sqm making it suitable for the brightest day. At 50mm Pitch the brightness drops to 4500 Cd/sqm making it still suitable for daytime use. For all models during the evening the software can be set to dramatically reduce the brightness due to night time light levels. This sensitivity to the running costs reduces running costs and allow users to customise the setting for day and night levels. The 16 bit grey scale processor with 281 trillion color delivers crystal clear image  with true-to-life color reproduction. To enhance the quality of the installation all cables are housed inside the frame.

The single strip version allows unique installation onto surfaces that may be curved or irregular and allows creeping angle installation. An important aspect of the design is the minimal connectors ensures longer reliability and failure. In this close up detail you are able to see the front face structure of a single trip

Curtain screen


In this drawing you are able to understand the installation structure. The advantage for installations where people maybe behind the screen is the 50% transparency nature  making it ideal when light must still pass from outdoors into the interior environment. Each panel assembly fits into a U structure frame providing a minimalist approach to the supporting structure.

curtain led screen, mesh screen

The ICELVSS Strip and Structure Panels are an ideal solution for large format screens as pictured in this installation. When installed behind a glass facade the building is able to retain the smooth shiny glass look, however when the screen is switched on, it is as if though the glass itself comes alive.ICELVSS LED_04

If you would like to discuss how you are able to create your Magic is in the Screen installation do not hesitate to contacts us on the following details. Be sure to provide sufficient details so that we can provide an informative reply. Before we are able to provide pricing we need to discuss numerous aspects with you about your required installation.

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