Small Screen for the Big City: ICE announces the ICE Rear Window LED vehicle screen.

Designed as a transparent in-vehicle mobile advertising LED screen. The transparent ICE LED Vehicle screen allows the rear window of a vehicle to be used as an advertising screen without blocking the view out the window.

ICE Rear Window Taxi Ver 1_02

From the driver’s interior position the transparency looking thru the screen is 50%. This is achieved by the vertical LED spacing which is 5.2mm and also the brightness is only seen from the exterior. This allows the driver to still see traffic behind their vehicle through the window. Also note on the average taxi or other vehicle the screen will not cover the entire rear window.

The screen is easily installed from the inside of the vehicle’s rear window using 3M industrial grade dual side adhesive tape. The DC>DC power unit should be installed close by. Power is drawn from the 12v cigarette socket output. When the vehicle is switched off the screen would cease to operate.

ICE Rear Window Taxi Page 3up imagesm

Controlling the screen is from the Novastar Asynchronous Controller that utilizes the Smart Phone software for both Android and iOS preferences.

Operating and Setup
This requires the Smart phone device to have the software installed. A comprehensive 22 page Novastar manual is available for the software. As this is a LED screen specific software, it is expected users will familiarize themselves with its operation.  Please note if required, the Controller can be controlled from a Windows PC

Attach flexible transparent screen to inside of window using 3M double side tape.
Power supply source plugs into cigarette dashboard socket.
Transparency is 50% and exterior is view-able through the screen.
The power supply(12VDC to 5VDC) & controller is placed near the panel.
If after some time you wish to install into a different vehicle then it is possible.

The screen could be used in other window scenario’s if needed, however in this specific case we have targeted it to in-vehicle display.

Demonstration Video

Please note we do not recommend you operate the the software on your phone whilst driving. Setup and operations should be done whilst the vehicle is stationery and off the road for legal and safety reasons.

Screen size 750Wide mm x 250mm High
Pixel Density 144 W x 96 H pixels, and
Pixel pitch orientations W 5.2mm W x H 2.6mm H
Management via smart phone is possible with App
Power supply to convert vehicle 12VDC to the screen’s 5VDC;
Screen controller is by Novastar.

ICE AV Header LED_02

About ICE Technology Ltd
ICE AV has a wide range of innovative LED solutions it can offer clients worldwide from string LEDs, Folding LED screens, rolling screens, semi transparent LED screens, high definition LED screens, waterproof screens and twisting screens are just some of the solutions available.

If you would like to discuss in detail about any comments or solutions referred to in this video then we invite you to pick up the phone and give us a call or send an email.

ICE AV Technology Ltd has a number of Product Divisions catering for different industries and sectors such as Multi Touch, Simulation, AV Integration, LED and Component supply. ICE AV is a company that consists of Product Divisions active in the LED sector, Interactive, Projection solutions. We manufacturer, distribute and partner with companies world wide in creating unique experiences with our portfolio of technologies.

If you have an interest we invite your designers, architects to contact us to begin discussions for your next project.

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The Magic is in the Screen

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China Sign Expo 2019 Promotion for floor standing LED Mirror Screens – LIFE Size!

To coincide with China Sign Expo month in September we are offering a special introduction production of the P2.5mm Model LV Portrait Digital Poster from ICE AV.
ICE Model LV Poster_005

Resolution: Pitch P2.5mm
Size 640mm Width x 1760mm Height

Promotion Price $US2,299 ex works.
Additional discount for 5 or more pieces.
The Promotion price lasts till 30 November 2019

In this 98 second video we provide an in-depth insight introduction to the ICE LED Mirror Screen.

The Mirror Style LED Poster is the perfect solution for creating eye catching displays.Particularly suited in areas that might be spaced constrained, NO assembly installation required weighs only 32kg, Floor standing Lean mount is standard or optional floor base available.

ICE LED Mirror Screen_01

Applications that would suit include small and large retail stores, product promotions, shopping mall destinations, cinema ticketing areas, expos, presentation events, banks, museums and art gallery exhibits, in fact as you can imagine they are perfect in many locations. Ideal for moving around your shop or venue according to your application.

The age of the 42 inch LCD screen on a stand is starting to seem old style visualizing and now with the Mirror Display you get life size floor to head display capability in one piece screens.

Stacking LCD screens is a thing of the past. The one piece taller than most people of the planet redefines the shape of eye catching LED screens. The screens can be used standalone or placed side by side to provide larger display areas.

ICE LED Mirror Screen-Rear_01

Order Now Button

Technical Specifications
Model LV2.5

1 Pixel pitch – 2.5mm
2 Led type – KINGLIGHT SMD2020
3 Module size – 160 x 160mm
4 Module resolution – 64 x 64 dots
5 Driving IC – MBI5124
Cabinet Specification
1 Cabinet size – 660mm W x 1780mm H
2 Display area – 640mm W x 1760mm H
3 Display resolution – 256 x 704 dots
4 Module qty 4pcs W x 11pcs H
5 Cabinet materials – Aluminum Profile
6 Cabinet weight – 32kg pc
7 Brightness – 800 nits
8 Viewing Angle – H: 160° – V: 160°
9 Viewing distance – Greater than 2.5m
10 Gray level – 14 bit
11 Refresh frequency – Greater than 1920Hz
12 Power Input – AC110~240V
13 Power consumption – Max: 600W – Average:200W
14 MTBF – hours Greater than 10,000 hours
15 Life–hours – 100,000 hours
16 IP grade – IP31
17 Operating Temperature – from -20C~50C
18 Storage Humidity – 10C~90C RH
19 Control system – Standard: ECSR
20 Operating system – Windows98, Me, 2000, NT, XP
21 Power supply – G-energy CE
22 Maintenance access – Full Front access
23 Frame rate – 65 fps
24 Brightness control – Manual – Auto – Programming
25 Colors – trillion for perfect colour rendering
26 We will ship direct from our factory in Shenzhen to your destination in a road case.

Additional Resolutions available

P1.27, 1.58, 1.9
Size 1: 610mm W x 1715mm H
Size 2: 610mm W x 2058mm H

ICE AV Global is at the forefront of transforming windows, interiors and large building glass facades to transparent digital surfaces. This recent display technology is allowing architects, building owners to use the technology to retrofit display technology to create creative and commercial display.

To enable us to consider all customer needs we have a range of product solutions that allow a holistic approach rather than a product model or price list focus. This approach allows us first to consider what you wish to achieve, the solution that best meets this requirement. Then we can consider the various options we might offer.

ICE AV Header LED_02

ICE AV Technology Ltd has a number of Product Divisions catering for different industries and sectors such as Multi Touch, Simulation, AV Integration, LED and Component supply.

If you have an interest we invite your designers, architects to contact us to begin discussions.

For further information contact ICE AV Technology Ltd
Sales at iceavglobal dot com

Kevin Andreassend
The Magic Screen Specialist and Consultant.
ICE AV Technology Ltd
LED Display Systems Div
New Zealand

Tel +64-9-414 2348
sales at iceavglobal com
The Magic is in the Screen

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2018 End of Year Indoor Events LED Screen Promotion P3.9mm Pitch. 500sqm Ready to ship today!

The end of the year is fast approaching and the time for reflection, missed opportunities, successes achieved, thinking about the future and what will 2019 hold, will descend on the world. Its also the time many millions will give gifts, look for Hot buying products, specials and End of Year promotion.

ICE AV want to help you if you are contemplating LED screens for your project and to celebrate the end of another successful 2018 We have a ex-stock 500sqm of P3.9mm Pitch Indoor BRAND NEW LED screens that would look stunning in your project. The screens would be perfectly suited in large venues like meeting room, auditoriums, banquet hall, retail video walls, school falls, sports score and replay screens.

ICE 39mm End of Year Promotion_02

Companies will be pondering on capital purchases, designers, retail stores, hotel projects, architects will be considering products for their projects and fit out that require LED screens.

We recommend you order in quantities of 8 panels as this is the capacity of each road case. Each panel is 500mm square so it is easy to calculate as 1sqm requiring four panels. Your LED Screen can be configured to any square or rectangular size,

For additional capability we can offer full source capability LED Switcher Processors to meet any input requirements.

ICE 39mm End of Year Promotion_08

Discounted Cost $US759 per sqm exworks Based on 20sqm or more.
Discounted Cost $US813 per sqm exworks Based on less than 20sqm.
Minimum purchase requirement 2sqm
Includes panels, receiver cards and road case
Only while stocks last. First in First Served
Payment required with order.

Excluded from price

Sender Card
Hanging bars
International Freight

LED Screen Technical Specifications

Color Model Red, Green, Blue SMD2121 Black
Viewing angle 160°/160°
Module Resolution 128×128 pixels
Dimensions 500 x 500 x 75mm
Cabinet Weight 6.8 Kg
Cabinet color black
Material Die-cast Aluminum
Flatness degree Max. 0.2mm
Full white brightness Min. 900cd/m2 (colour temperature 6,500K)
Contrast ratio 4000:1
Chromatic calibration by pixel completed
Luminous intensity calibration by pixel Done
Refresh frequency (IC driver MBI5153) Min. 1,920Hz
San’an copper wire LED SMD
Frame frequency 50Hz & 60Hz
Grey scale 16 bit
Screen color 281 trillion
Scan mode 1/16
Video play 2K, 4K
Voltage input AC 110V/220V @50-60Hz
Max power consumption 600W/m2
Ave power consumption 250W/m2
View angle 160°/160°
Operating temperature /humidity -20 to 60°C /10% – 85% RH
Operating life 100,000 Hours
IP rating Not applicable
Novastar Receiver Cards
Eight cabinets per road case.

ICE AV welcomes inquiries from clients world wide to meet your needs. Our range of LED screens are available for a wide range of applications.

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For further information contact ICE AV Technology Ltd
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ICE FlexiFold R Series LED Screens continues to push the envelope for large format easy to install screens.

The ICE FlexiFold LED screens is destined to change many opinions on how LED screens can be used. For most people LED screens are those big screens you see at a stadium or on the side of the road. Now thanks to the growing range of innovative ICE LED screens options continue to increase.

In the following video we demonstrate a 6mm Pitch folding LED screen – the ICE FlexiFold R Series 6mm. The screen is 6.37m wide x 3.4m high setup. This size makes it ideal for numerous applications such as churches, reception halls, concerts, theatre stages, school halls, venue entertainment, cardio theatres.

The screen was filmed at approx 4m distance from the screen. The ability to install by hanging provides a unique technique that bypasses the issues often attributed to heavy cabinet style LED screens.

It is a versatile solution for indoor installations and is ideal in a wide range of installations from concerts, stage show, signage, expo and exhibitions. The flexible light weight structure combine with the easily handled panel sizes delivers a new wow factor in form and function. The FlexiFold flexible led screens overcome the issues of cumbersome weight and rigging. Each panel is manufactured to the size required based on predetermined module steps and enables the full FlexiFold LED screen to be installed one panel at a time.

Folded stack of the ICE FlexiFold R Series

Folded stack of the ICE FlexiFold R Series

The range of Pitch resolution for the FlexiFold R Series includes:
4.6875 mm, 6.25 mm, 7.8125 mm, 9.375mm, 12.5 mm, 16mm

Technical Specifications:

LED Model: 3528 SMD LED RGB 3-in-1
Pixel Density: 22682 pixels/sq.m
Pitch: 6.64mm
Brightness: 2600 Nits
View distance: 5meters
Working Voltage: DC 24V
Weight: 10.5 kg/ Sq.m
Panel Size 1700mm(H)*425mm(W)
Max Power consumption: 280 W/SQ.M
Viewing angle 120°
Drive mode Constant Current
Control mode: DVI
Refresh date: ≥7000 HZ
Body Structure Plastic, Metal
Ingress protection IP43
Control direct from Computer or via LED Processor Multi Source Switcher

ICE FlexiFold R Series

Business Opportunities

For resellers looking to expand their product line or expand their services we would like to discuss with you how you can join the ICE Global Partner Network.

ICE AV has a wide range of innovative and unique Plasma, LCD, LED and Projection solutions it can offer clients worldwide and is working with a growing network of integration and distribution partners.

If you would like to discuss in detail about any comments or solutions referred to in this video then we invite you to pick up the phone and give us a call or send an email.

We look forward to hearing from you if you think this solution might be useful in your next project.

For sales and further information contact

ICE AV Technology Ltd, LED Division
Auckland, New Zealand
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We will endeavour to reply within two days. At times we have numerous enquiries, proposals, and discussions underway that may mean our response to you can be delayed. If you have an absolute deadline you urgently need to meet and require information urgently.

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Front service ICE LED Magnetic Cabinets solves many installation issues

The DIC Series ICE LED Magnetic LED Cabinet are a innovative approach for a modular magnetic tile based cabinet screen. The Magnetic LED Cabinet DIC Series is a break though design that is built on five key aspects:

Value Cost
Front Access
Easy to Service
Modular Metal Cabinet
Magnetic Tile Mounting

Magnetic LED Cabinet

Designed for indoor installations and easy front access maintenance solves a number of challenges faced by many other LED screen solutions. Using the traditional cabinet design allows the cabinets to be easily integrated and installed against the walls. This removes the need to have rear access to the LED wall and can enable unique installation requirements. The P5.33 resolution allows high quality viewing at close distances. The cabinets can be stacked and bolted onto a rear support structure to keep the completed LED wall upright and secure.

Magnetic Cabinet LED tile

All of the electronic components are covered by 2mm Tri-Guard Lacquer to ensure no oxidation, no rusty and no moisture. The large viewing angle, up to 150°horizontally and 140°vertically, has no image distortion and no colour cast at any angle within this range

Once the cabinets are bolted into place and up against the wall, the screen is easily serviced. Each tile can be easily removed for replacement or repair from the front as they are held in place by strong magnetic feet. Power supplies and Receiver are mounted within the cabinet frame and can be serviced as well.

The front access ability reduces the costs for infrastructure as the cabinets can be mounted against a simple frame or suitable wall construction. The Magnetic Cabinets are available in 4mm, 6mm and P10mm Pitch resolutions.

Cabinet Sizes and options

P4 512x512mm or 1024x1024mm.
P5.33 768 x 768mm
P10.66 768×768, or 1024×768, or 1024x1024mm

Front acess simple cabinet-P6

The ICE Magnetic LED cabinet has good performance characterised by flatness, uniformity, consistency and clarity. The raw material of all of the outdoor products including LED chips, mask, glue and steel cabinets have the ability of enduring high temperature and high humidity, and being anti-UV, waterproof, anti-corrosion and anti-rust.

The large viewing angle, up to 150°horizontally and 140°vertically, with no image distortion and no colour cast at any angle within this range. This makes the Magnetic Cabinets ideal for indoor applications such as supermarkets, hotel rooms, receptions, night clubs, entertainment, ball rooms, stage and theatre applications are all perfect uses of the ICE Magnetic DIC Series Cabinet.

If you have a project that needs an easy to install screen, serviced from the front displaying high quality images then the ICE DIC Series Magnetic LED Cabinet might be your perfect affordable solution. Fill out your details and project parameters below and we will be in touch soon.

P6.4mm Indoor LED Panel – New Year promotions offers excellent savings for a limited only.

ICE SmartSeriesP6 Advertisementsm

This model is Indoor P6mm cabinet with excellent price and features
Key aspects to know is the cabinets are:

  • Screen Cost per sqm $US1719
  • 1800 NITS per sqm brightness
  • Brand new stock
  • Aluminium die cast structure
  • Modular interlocking design
  • Light weight mount by hand
  • Stock available for shipping.
  • Panel weight 12.5kg
  • Includes Receiver card
  • 512mm x 512mm Cabinet

P6.4 Resolution Indoor New Year LED Screen Promotion – Expires 21 January 2014

Panel design USmartWiringStructure

This promotion finishes on 21 January 2014. If you have been contemplating a P6 Indoor  screen then this would be an ideal solution. Contact us immediately to discuss your requirements and to secure your screen.

ICE Continues to deliver Magic in the Screen with the P5mm Pre-Love Promotion

We continue our End of year Pre-Love Promotion with the addition of P5 Indoor Panels at Black Friday Thanks Giving gotta have pricing.

We will be running the panels out at a HOT HOT price till they are all gone. We can not take reserves, so it is First in First Served. Once they are sold we do not know when will we be running a Pre-Love Promotion for P5 again.

The LED Panels would be at home in any indoor installation. They are suited for permanent or rental type applications. Each panel is 480 x 480 x 100mm and manufactured from an aluminium cast case. The P5mm panels will let you set a new standard in your display applications with a stunning P5mm Pitch resolution. At 12m viewing this is going to look like a printed poster !!! Download the link for technical specs and watch the video for a preview.
Download link for technical specs

Easily assembled P5mm panels. Viewed here from the rear as  3 x 3.

Easily assembled P5mm panels. Viewed here from the rear as 3 x 3.

ICE P6 Model GSOV_02sm

ICE P6 Model GSOV_04

Contact us via the form or send a email to sales at
or Tel +64-9-414 2348. be sure to explain how you want to use them and your target screen size.