Amazing award winning bicycle powered interactive light installation engages between cyclists and for viewers.

The ICE Interactive Cycling Entertainment installation is an award winning public lighting installation, that can bring public areas alive due to an excellent degree of integration. The towering 42m high ring sculpture features twelve inner grooves around the inner surface of the sculpture. Twelve light strips consisting of a custom-made double protection of 70 linear lights are installed and have built-in interactive control system, which is connected with the 12 stationery bicycle.

ICE Circular Cycling Screen install

The interactive control system can change the rate of pedaling into a control signal through the sensor to change the light embedded in the sculpture. The lighting effect changes with the speed of the rider.

The colorful interactive lighting method creates a dynamic lighting experience that converges the interaction between people and lighting. Users can interact with the sculpture by riding the 12 bicycles that control the lighting pattern.
This is achieved through an interactive control system connected to the bicycles. The system responds to the sensors via control signal rate, and hence the lights change with variation in the speeds of the bicycle riders.

With 12 lighting rings, and 12 bicycles connected to interactive control system, the sculpture lighting becomes a stunning object during the evening. The bicycles can be used in three different modes that allow different interaction modes with the light sculpture.

• Co-operative Mode

12 bicycles control the overall animation of the lights which dependents on the overall speed of the bikes. The faster the people ride the bicycles, the quicker the lighting circles move. At the highest speed, the lighting is in full colors which lasts for 10 seconds then returns to its starting state.

• Single Competitive Mode

Each bike controls one light band with a specific color. The faster the speed of the rider, the quicker its light band moves in circles. The first one to reach highest speed becomes the winner, and the lights of all the other bike change to the color of the winner’s bike.

• Group Competitive Mode
Similar to a tug-of-war, this mode provides for an interactive way for participants to compete in groups. The 12 bikes are divided into groups of two, consisting of 6 people each. Starting from the bottom, one group’s light moves clockwise while the others move counterclockwise. The first group controls the lights in clockwise direction and the second group controls the lights in counterclockwise direction. The faster the speed changes, the faster the light changes. When the two sets of lights meet, the direction of the light flow is determined according to the speed of both sides, and when the winner reaches the end, the color of the winner group will take over the whole image.

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Bringing together stationery cycling, interactive power controller, competitive human behavior, in a public area and packaged into any number of structure designs, now allows a new type on experiential lighting.

The quantity of bicycles is completely variable though we would recommend at least two as this will enable a competitive strategy. The lighting elements can be as picture in a circular structure, or lines set in the ground, ribbon structure, tower, around the edges of a building. In addition to be strip lights, we can also apply the cycling experience onto our LED soft net mesh and when no cyclists are pedaling the screen led mesh resorts automatically to displaying animation, photos, video content for visual effects or advertising.

If you have an interest we invite your designers, architects to contact us to begin discussions.

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