ICE Flexifold G Series LED Screens deliver affordable cost for 12.5mm and 7.8mm Pitch Resolution.

The ICE FLexiFold Series of LED Screen range increase to provide clients with a comprehensive range of solutions as part of the “flexible” LED screen catalogue.

Full Colour Folding LED Panels.

Full Colour Folding LED Panels.

A recent addition is the Indoor rated FlexiFold G Series flexible panels that deliver a favourable image with a minimum viewing distance of only nine metres.

The panels come standard in 800mm widths and 3200mm height and a secondardary option of 1000mm. From a cost ratio of power supplies relative to panels the 800mm width provide the best cost ratio.

The capablity of LED screens to be folded for storage and unraveled for installation, has major commercial and functional benefits due to the light weight fast installation.

ICE FlexiFold is the solution many have wanted - fine resolution, light weight and large panels.

ICE FlexiFold is the solution many have wanted – fine resolution, light weight and large panels.

Principle Specifications

FlexiFold G Series LED Screen Panels

Resolution: 7.8125mm pitch

Density: 16384 dots/SQ.M
Pixel: RGB SMD 3-in-1 LED
Bit depth per color: 16 bit
Bit depth per pixel: 48 bit
Viewing angle: 120º × 120º
Brightness (white): 2730 NITS
Recommended Size: 750mm width x 3000mm height
Installation: Hang
Control system: Power-600,Power-1200
Safety certificate: CE, FCC

Resolution: 12.5mm pitch

Density: 6400 dots/SQ.M
Pixel: RGB 3-in-1 LED
Bit depth per color: 16 bit
Bit depth per pixel: 48 bit
Viewing angle: 120º × 120º
Service life: 80,000 hours
Brightness (white): 1650 NITS
Recommended Size: 800mm width x 3200mm / 3000 height
Installation: Hang
Control system: Power-600,Power-1200
Safety certificate: CE, FCC

Full Specification Download Link

Applications for the ICE FlexiFold G Series, include stage and theatre applications, retail displays, cinema promotion, museum display and multi media displays, digital signage, information, concert and DJ screen, exhibit promotion.

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Transparent LED curtain walls can make the design statement sought after by Interior Designers.

Creating large format transparent LED curtain walls is now a possibility by using the ICE Mesh Flexible LED Screens. The idea of a large format transparent LED wall that has the ability to display on both sides is unique as it is innovative.

Transparent LED Mesh Curtain

In this video using the the transparent soft LED screen we displays a series of digital files and provide the viewer the ability to view at a 4m / 12ft viewing distance. In this LED media video we are using our 35mm transparent LED Net Screen that allows us to incorporate some key factors.

The key elements of the ICE Soft Mesh Transparent LED screen include:
– Modular panels
– Optional Dual Side LED Pixels
– Resolution Pitch Choice
– Simple dis-assemble structure
– Clear or black structure choice
– Silent to run
– Electronics and cables out of sight
– Light weight
– Custom sizes

The Modular ICE Mesh net Screens are ideal for the following applications.
– Decorative interiors
– Digital walls
– Room and spacial dividers
– Stage backdrop
– Effects screen
– Nite Club decor
– Atrium environments
– Custom shape screens

Technical details
Variety of Pitch available
Indoor and Outdoor IP rating options
Brightness varies according to model

Close up of the Mesh Net LED Pixels

Close up of the Mesh Net LED Pixels

LED screens are increasingly being used for entertainment, building design, message screens, staging and bill boards. The diversity of LED screen innovation available from ICE AV incorporates these developments giving us the ability to draw on the solutions that are dreamed up by those who are wishing to push the barriers in a digital display world. ICE AV is being increasingly asked by clients, designers, end users, architects and resellers for solutions that create that digital touch point magic.

ICE AV has a wide range of innovative LED solutions it can offer clients worldwide from string LEDs, Folding LED screens, rolling screens, semi transparent LED screens, high definition LED screens, waterproof screens and twisting screens are just some of the solutions available.

About ICE Technology Ltd
ICE AV is a company that consists of Divisions active in the LED sector, Interactive, Projection solutions. We manufacturer, distribute and partner with companies world wide in creating unique experiences with our portfolio of technologies.

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FlexiRoll LED screen delivers very light weight digital images

The ICE FlexiRoll transparent LED screen comes in a range of formats. Starting at 16mm pitch it delivers the ability to display graphics and videos in a large scale format, but without the large weight and bulk often attributed to LED screens.

The flexible nature is a real bonus when it comes to installations due to the substantially less weight in the semi transparent screen.

This photo is of the Flexible LED 20mm pitch that delivers recognisable images even at relatively close up. Ideally the resolved MVD is starting at 20mm pitch when the image becomes non pixelated to the viewer. the areas of the screen that are white is what would be black on a graphic and therefore the SMD LED are not lit.

In the next photo of the FlexiRoll screen, we have zoomed in real close and you can see in this option the Double Strip model where two vertical rows of LED are present and the transparent nature between the strips.

FlexiRoll LED screen

The real advantages can be also considered in the light weight. For a screen that measures just on 10m wide and 2m high the next weight is approx 165kg. An equivalent metal cabinet LED screen could at least weigh in at 600 kg excluding all the infrastructure to keep it up right. because the screen of this size using the ICE FlexiRioll also means the sectional panels are easily carried by one person as they are only 9kg. This carry on benefit means that install costs become a lot less and and easier to implement.

Flexible LED Screen

If you would like to discuss in detail about any comments or solutions referred to in this video then we invite you to pick up the phone and give us a call or send an email.

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Fold and Roll up your LED screen Just like a Curtain or Mat!

ICE AV’s LED Division is gaining a world wide reputation for delivering innovative products and also solutions for unusual and in recent cases enormously large LED screens. The ICE Flexible LED screen known as the Hang-Roll-Fold is a revolutionary concept in large screen digital format display technology.

In this video we talk about the connectivity and give you a close up view of a 960mm x 1920mm panel.

As the ICE Flexible LED curtain screens are flexible and can be folded and rolled they are easily transported, do not require a truck and simply hung from lighting bars, irrespective of the screen size. The ICE Flexible LED can be manufactured in custom sizes and have the increased flexibility of being able to be joined together if specified at the time of manufacture. The screens can even be walked on rolled, folded whilst being operated.

Towards the end of the video we demonstrate how multiple screens can be connected to make one single larger screen displaying either one single image of multiple images. The Flexible LED screens range from 18.5mm Pitch to 100mm pitch. This video displays the 20mm Pitch and is suited for video from camera feeds, television, DVD and other sources. Sources can either be a standalone computer or althernatively multiple AV sources are displayed via the Screen input switcher processor.

The screens can be used in environments including outdoors with low light levels and of of course in doors. The screens performance enables many new exciting applications where projection is not practical.

The applications are numerous including public venue events, temporary setups, concerts, sports and entertainment, club parties, movie evenings.

Key features

1. SMD RGB 3-in-1LED, small, bright and colorful, can display clear and smooth image
2. Soft and flexible, can be folded, curved and rolled like a paper, suitable for many shape application
3. waterproof, fire retardant, durable
4. Small volume and light weight, easy installation and transportation
5. Multi purpose function, suitable for various situation
6. Easy connection and combination
7. customized size and elegant shape

Brochure Download link

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Flexible LED screens have a wide diverse applications. Tel +64-9-414 2348

LED Division: We have been noticing a big increase in LED screen technology projects inquiries. What was once only ever seen in sports stadiums or as billboards in major international cities, LEDs have really become a major enabling technology in so many industries and none more so than in the Digital Display area.

ICE FlexiRoll LED screens are available in 16, 20, 25mm Pitch for video and graphics and more coarse for light patterns and very long distance viewing. Overall within the range they are available in
outdoor and indoor versions and from 1800 – 5800 NITS brightness.

We offer two models in this category of single and dual LED strip.

Screen size can be unlimited and you are able to join each panel section together.  Between each vertical led strip is a transparent see-thru air gap. Often we recommend that a black material cloth is hung behind the screen to re-inforce picture brilliance or if there are light sources behind the screen. The  need to do this really does depend though on your application and environment.

In this video clip we are using the Double Strip. For close up screen detail click here.

LED Curtain and metal cabinet LED Screen options.

Most people have seen the giant digital displays outdoors along side public areas or in stadiums. In many cases they consist of metal cabinets with LEDs mounted on the front. They provide stunning quality over large sizes and will be be the basis of many applications in the years ahead.

Outdoor Screens

ICE AV Outdoor Digital Billboard - the first permanent streetside digital billboard installed in Taranaki

There is a new breed of LED technology starting to be implemented that falls into a different category called LED Curtains. One of the huge differences is the physical format – they are light, often but not always transparent, very modular and in some cases depending on screen size could be installed by one hard working technican. Typically the finest pitch is about 18mm Pitch.

The ICE Bri-Curtain is a very unique LED screen designed for very large ourdoor screens. Now by large I mean LARGE, think larges as in the side of a building 100 meters in the air and say 5000 sq metres. Mounting a Bri-Curtain high up the side of a building requires careful planning and logistics.

The ICE Mesh LED Curtain is a rigid panel solution that gives a excellent image when the viewing distance is starting at around 15m indoors and where you want a large image.

The Mesh Screen type might be a suitable scenario for your up and coming display as these are very light weight comparatively with a transaparent see thru the screen look. This presentation will give you a feel for this type.

The Strip Tile LED Curtain is a non Flexible screen that can be used to build any shape screen simply by bolting and mounting the sections together.

The ICE Flexible LED Curtain Screen is a scalable large panel LED Screen with the theme of Fold – Roll – Hang
It is a non transparent screen and can be used as one large screen or separated into small screens, providing excellent flexibility.

Digital Screen - Roll - Fold - hang

The ICE AV Flexible LED Screen can be joined together, hung from a bar, rolled and folded.

These resources might help for determing viewing distances.

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