How to install an Aquatic LED Cinema Screen – Installation insight.

Are pool side LED screens the next trend in the ultimate must have for Aquatic venues, hotels and private residences? Going by the number of enquiries we receive from end users and resellers from many countries and the opportunities we see world wide, big screen installations change are an exciting new opportunity to inform, communicate and entertain.

All ready to start up and entertain swimmers..

All ready to start up and entertain swimmers..

The ease of installation and even remote calibration today makes LED screens a compelling reason to consider. The cost in recent years has dramatically reduced making them affordable.

In this video we provide a little insight to installing the Plas480 LED panels in a structural rotating frame. The LED panels can be mounted in a variety of ways according to installation environments and this is just one of many ways. In this case they are mounted in a steel manual rotating frame structure. This allows the screen to be viewed in a number of directions and for servicing removal from the rear. Each panel interior can be opened up from the rear in the unlikely case of replacing a power supply.

One person can easily handle the Plas480 panels due to their light 6 kg weight which in turn with a partner on the opposite side of the screen inserting the bolts installation is a no stress affair. This makes the Plas480 panels perfect for the rental market as well as permanent installation.

For installations like in aquatic venues, water based theme parks, private swimming pools or resort swimming facilities, the Plas480 are an ideal choice due the the non corrosive characteristics of the industrial plastic moulded case enclosure. Impossible to rust!

Connecting each of the 28 Plas480 LED panels

Connecting each of the 28 Plas480 LED panels

The Aquatic Cinema screen experience is the latest in a trend that ICE AV is able to assist venue and pool owners in creating a unique visitor experience. In addition to the entertainment use, the screens are ideal for swim meets, race scores. Large format high quality screens in public environments is becoming a common occurrence, providing a functional purpose such as a scoreboard or digital advertising. The Aquatic LED Cinema screen is one of those solutions that seems to be perfect for swimming venues where the audience is captivated, in a healthy mind set, having fun, contained within a area, fully lit and looking for a good time.

Fitting a Plas480 panel to the mounting bracket

Fitting a Plas480 panel to the mounting bracket

Connecting the infrastructure to run a LED screen is straightforward with either the option of the computer or the optional switcher if you have numerous sources. Pictured below shows a typical setup ustilising both a computer and source switcher with a desktop monitor and LED screen preview monitor.

Plas480 screen connections

Main signal components for an LED screen

For hotels where people hit the swimming pool like to have fun, be entertained, be seen and party away, LED screens are the only technology that can display perfect brightness in any lighting level, video quality and run 24/7 non stop indoors or outdoors.

ICE AV is equipped to work with aquatic venues, hotel pool owners and luxury pool owners who want to create the big screen experience within a splash or two of the pool.

The range of ICE LED screens are available for virtually any environment, from models that can be operated underwater for up to 60 minutes, to use in the sweltering heat, hotel venue cinema screen, screens for rolling up, transparent net led screens to even glass led screen…..the range is diverse as it is imaginative.

ICE LED has a selection of LED screens that will appeal to owners who have a diverse range of requirements. Download one of our Aquatic catalogues here.

If you are not sure what size best suits your needs give us a call or send an email and we will advise the best cost effect solution.

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