July Promotion for all purpose LED Panels – Outdoor and Indoor Installations and Event Rental.

Here is a July promotion for the OPTTV-F-P4.81 Panel. It is a versatile LED panel that is ideal for fixed and rental application. It is suitable for outdoor daytime use and of course indoors. An experienced technician is able to mount a panel 20 seconds!


Key Features
– Aluminum alloy cabinet – 500x1000mm
– Epistar Led lamp – SMD2727
– Brightness – 5000 NITS
– Refresh rate >1920Hz
-1/13 Scan constant driving
– Protection level – IP66/IP54

Opto Promotion 2

1- Super light 14.5kg per panel, with cabinet, modules, power supply, receiving card, flat cables etc, one man can lift up and take down easily
2 – Fast lock with spring plunger, 20 seconds each cabinet with experience, save time and labor
3 – High precision, seamless splice through CNC machine make programme perform with high quality, butterfly connector to strengthen between cabinets
4 –  Thickness is 95mm after adding modules, improve the feeling of design and beautiful design
5 – Colors is optional according to your preference

Here we picture a complete panel – a rear view with out tiles and the front view without LED panels

Opto Promotion specifications

Shipped in Flight Cases for rental and event use.

flight cases

Opto Promotion 1

If you have never used a LED Screen before it is actually not that much of a mystery. One of the most common options is simply install this Controller Sender Card in your Windows PC. If you want to connect various sources then you would use one of our LED Switcher Processor.

Novastar controller

If you are in the event business this panel is ideal for your requirements. The screen is ideal for companies offering inflatable screens using projectors…now you are able to offer services any day time or night time. Ideal for even when rain comes along at the screens are waterproof. We can also ship truss mounting systems together with your LED screen.

Opto Promotion 2

We ship world wide.

JULY PROMOTION PRICE –  $US 1,244 Per square Metre. Minimum Order Size 10 sqm

Our contact details are following:

If you are a forward thinking company and wish to be a member of the ICE AV Global Partner Network and to bring this and other innovative solutions to the market we look forward to hearing from you.

ICE AV welcomes inquiries from clients world wide to meet your needs. Our range of LED screens are available for a wide range of applications.

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For further information contact ICE AV Technology Ltd
Sales at iceavglobal dot com


P6.4mm Indoor LED Panel – New Year promotions offers excellent savings for a limited only.

ICE SmartSeriesP6 Advertisementsm

This model is Indoor P6mm cabinet with excellent price and features
Key aspects to know is the cabinets are:

  • Screen Cost per sqm $US1719
  • 1800 NITS per sqm brightness
  • Brand new stock
  • Aluminium die cast structure
  • Modular interlocking design
  • Light weight mount by hand
  • Stock available for shipping.
  • Panel weight 12.5kg
  • Includes Receiver card
  • 512mm x 512mm Cabinet

P6.4 Resolution Indoor New Year LED Screen Promotion – Expires 21 January 2014

Panel design USmartWiringStructure

This promotion finishes on 21 January 2014. If you have been contemplating a P6 Indoor  screen then this would be an ideal solution. Contact us immediately to discuss your requirements and to secure your screen.

End of Year Promotion for Pre-Loved P6 and P10 indoor LED Screens – Huge savings on new price !

Admit it, we all love a good low price, with new warranty and stunning quality. In time for Christmas, Thanksgiving and the end of an eventful year, ICE AV is coming to the party with a special promotion that will save dollars and deliver fantastic images.

Set of screens under soak test prior to shipping.

Set of screens under soak test prior to shipping.

We have End of Year Promotion of indoor P6mm and P10mm LED screen cabinets. It is not common to have Pre-loved LED screens sold with a 12 month warranty! So in time for the end of the year we are delighted to announce we have 100 sqm of ex-rental LED cabinets in good condition for our global channel.  The screens have been well looked after by a professional company and would suit project for permanent or rental applications. These LED cabinets are NOT end of life, must get rid of at all costs. They fully warranted LED screens.

The pricing is is very desirable and represents substantial difference to new the price and still with full 12 month warranty.


– Pre-loved ex rental LED cabinets
– Indoor only product
– Includes Flight cases
– All cabinets tested
– Reconditioned as required
– Each screen order assembled and tested for each order prior to shipping
– Everything is in full working order
–  Full 12 month warranty
– Manufactured in 2011
– Pricing is based on ex-works.
– Pricing applies to all countries.
– No prior sale required.
– All sales subject to our Std Terms and Condition of Sale
– Spare parts can be purchased with your screen if required

Stack of P6mm ready for your order

– P6 SMD LED die-casting aluminium frame  with swing open rear doors
– For quantities less than 4sqm – $US1,320/sqm
– For quantities greater than 4sqm – $US1,220/sqm
– Brightness ≥1500cd/m2
– P6mm LED Cabinet is 576mm x 576mm x 120mm .33sqm
– Weight 15kg per cabinet
– Brand new Sending processor $US400 per screen (required)

Rear access cabinet

P10mm Frame LED Panels
– Metal steel cabinets
– For quantities less than 4sqm – $US910/sqm
– For quantities greater than 4sqm – $US884/sqm
– P10mm LED Cabinet 640mm x 640mm x 110mm
– Weight 12kg per cabinet
– Brand new Sending processor $US400 per screen (required)

The cabinets are ideal for shopping malls, retail displays, stage screens, night club LED, corporate reception areas, stadium score board, airports, exhibition halls. Screens can be made to any size simply by combining the quantity of panels you need.

Pictured are a quantity of P10 Panels. We can paint the Rear Mount Frame black free if you require to give a tidy new looking appearance

Pictured are a quantity of P10 Panels. We can paint the Rear Mount Frame black free if you require to give a tidy new looking appearance

LED panels, flight cases, LED Software, and if required free remote online assistance setup. Requires you to have Teamviewer and Skype camera for remote setup.

Excluded costs are.
ex works freight,  computer – either a laptop with HDMI output or desktop with dual graphics DVI card. Windows OS XP/7 (buyer supplies)
Brand new Sending processor $Us400 per screen (required)
Optional brand new LED Processor with Multi source Switcher with SDI input $US2,300
Import taxes, duties, port fees in your country.

What next?
Please advise your shipping address, Screen size and Pitch resolution preference and we will give you an all up cost to ship to your destination. Please note there are no reserves and first come first served.

If you are not sure if these would suit your needs please let us know and we will give you our professional opinion.

The Pre-Loved P10mm Pitch LED Panels create a new ambience in this venue.

The Pre-Loved P10mm Pitch LED Panels create a new ambience in this venue.

For further details like pricing, technical specifcations and to discuss your project, Contact us on Skype iceavtechnology  or phone 24/7 on +64-9-441 2348, email sales at iceavglobal.com

September Promotion – Daytime Outdoor light weight screen LED Panels

Outdoor LED Screen September Promotion

September Pronotion

This is a limited time promotion, once the allocated stock is sold we will not be offering the product at this promotion price. So it is first in first served.  This pitch resolution is ideal for typical outdoor applications when you are not going to be standing up real close. Applications, such as a sports field score board, concert back drop stage and digital billboard are ideal applications. This particular cabinet is designed for a fixed installation as it does not include the fittings required for rental applications where the screens might be set up for the day only. The light weight of 13kg per panel, makes it easy to man handle during installation and overall screen weight can be substantially less compared to traditional metal cabinet designs.

Ideal for any fixed installation
Sides of buildings to capture passing eyes
Stage use for enhanced environments
Even use in the snow for sports or advertising in winter

P20 is an ideal resolution for out-door viewing when the average viewing distance will start at 20m / 60ft. Your screen will likely to be at least 6 sqm (2m x 3m) minimum if it is a billboard applications. If you were using it as a digital clock for example you could possibly use only one sqm (4 panels).

LED panel


􀂄1. Wide application: It can be used for any rental application of stage show,such as main screen, side screen, floor screen, arc screen stage design etc.
􀂄2. Light weight: each cabinet size only 640mm*640mm*97‐106mm,12.8‐cabinet, frame 55mm.
􀂄3. Easy and Fast: cabinet installation.
􀂄4. Front maintenance module structure design, modules can be installed and dismantled from front side, any individual cabinet can be assembled and dismounted freely from the screen.
􀂄5. More stable: easy connection of each components, modules and HUB card without flat cables, modules and systems without power cable.
􀂄6. Cabinet and modules are hollow designed for great heat dissipation performance, high transparency, and high wind resistance level.
􀂄7. Both indoor and outdoor series are compatible, outdoor SMD and DIP screen with IP65 weatherproof level, so it can be used normally in rainy days.
􀂄8. Floor led screen can bear 1 ton weight, IP65 weatherproof level.

Operating in the snow in very cold conditions.

Operating in the snow in very cold conditions.


Additional costs include $US70 per cabinet for the receiver card and typically at least one send Card processor ($US250)  per screen (subject to screen size). Other options include Fibre Optics cable if transmission over 100m / 300ft and Multi source LED Switcher Processor. The stated pricing includes the LED software. The screen can be configured to run from a standard Windows XP / 7 PC or Laptop with at least DVI or HDMI output. A Desktop requires a dual graphics output.
To calculate your costs simply work add up how many panels you need, calculate the sq m area, multiple by $US998, add $US70 for the Receiver card per the number the number of panels and $US250 per screen (sender card processor) and this will be the LED screen hardware cost.


These panels are ex-stock so there is no manufacturing delay. Shipping times by ship will be on average 4-5 weeks. Order processing, payment procedures, packing your order will typically take 7-10 working days. Let us know your shipping address and we can quote you the additional freight cost. Once you have physically installed the panels we are able to commission and calibrate the screen and we can easily achieve this remotely without being on site. This is ideal if you are not familiar with the setting up of the LED software, LED drivers etc or simply want a guiding hand. We would need to be able to log in via the Internet to the LED screen host computer and also you would need to be able to give us a Skype camera view of the LED screen. We normally charge for this service, however we will waive this cost if your screen is over 20 sqm in total area.

So if you have been contemplating installing an LED screen and need a hot price then this is an ideal time to make your decision and step into one of the fastest growing and installed technology solutions for digital displays.

Kevin Andreassend – Please contact me direct for a no obligation discussion.

The Magic Screen Specialist and Consultant.
ICE AV Technology Ltd
LED Display Systems Div
New Zealand
Tel +64-9-414 2348
sales at iceavglobal com

Xmas Promotion offering high resolution ICE LV780 indoor concert LED panels


Further promotion being planned.

ICE LED panel promotion

Xmas LED panel promotion

Our promotion of the LVP780 Indoor LED Panels brings savings for any artist, theatre, DJs, drama, opera, bands that wants to get up on the big screen action.

The ICE LV780 Indoor LED panel is a seamless solution for creating large format screens. The 7.85mm pitch is ideal for theatre solutions as it provides the ability to create high quality images with a recommended minimum viewing distance starting at 8m. For a pitch of this resolution provides excellent savings during this promotion.

Brochure link download

The panels are cast aluminium and rated at 800 NITS brightness with a per weight panel of 9kg, making them ideal for touring, stage and entertainment activities.

We currently have 100 sqm metres of screens at our factory that were used once only in a rental occasion. The stock is being offered world wide so they are expected to go reasonably promptly.

Photos of 2 panels (1 sqm) photographed at 1m.

Indoor LED Panels for stage, entertainment and video walls



Contact ICE AV Tech, LED Division, Tel +64-9-414 2348 sales at iceavglobal com