New Year Promotion. Large savings on Outdoor P16 for Billboards and Sports Field Screens.

Existing Stock - Be quick to gain savings

This promotion is for the current stocked P16. After these stocked cleared, then the promotion is over. The duration of availability is expected to be only in January 2014.

This cabinet is suitable for many Outdoor applications such as score board, sports screen, advertising bill board. Ideal viewing distance starts at approximately 16m. Below is pictured a P16mm installed at the Queens Wharf that is used to welcome and inform.

P16mm Outdoor LED Screen

Select unlimited size height and width

Model ICEUNI16
This model is an outdoor grade cabinet at our most crazy price.
Key aspects to know are:
– Cabinets are 1024mm Width x 768mm Height
– 7500 NITS per sqm brightness
– Brand new stock
– Metal cabinet
– Rear opening door
– Outdoor rating IP65
– 38 kg per cabinet
– 24 Month warranty
– Cost includes receiver card
– Stock available for shipping.
– Price includes LED software

Full Technical Specification Sheet. Download link.

Establish the overall area size of the screen based on the number of the quantities

Decide the width and height according to the chart to determine the final screen size.
Example 4096mm Width x 3072mm Height = 12.58sqm
is a 4 cabinets wide x 3 cabinets high = Total of 12 cabinets
Cost would be 12.58sqm x $US687 = $US8642.46
Additional Costs
– LED Screen Cost per sqm $US687
– Sender Card $US258 (one required per screen)
– Ex-works freight

Requires client to supply a Windows OS computer (XP/7)
Either a desktop with Dual Graphics card one of which must be
DVI or HDMI or a Laptop with HDMI output.

Contact us on sales at Tel +64-9-414 2348

Promotion Code ICENTP16


ICE Continues to deliver Magic in the Screen with the P5mm Pre-Love Promotion

We continue our End of year Pre-Love Promotion with the addition of P5 Indoor Panels at Black Friday Thanks Giving gotta have pricing.

We will be running the panels out at a HOT HOT price till they are all gone. We can not take reserves, so it is First in First Served. Once they are sold we do not know when will we be running a Pre-Love Promotion for P5 again.

The LED Panels would be at home in any indoor installation. They are suited for permanent or rental type applications. Each panel is 480 x 480 x 100mm and manufactured from an aluminium cast case. The P5mm panels will let you set a new standard in your display applications with a stunning P5mm Pitch resolution. At 12m viewing this is going to look like a printed poster !!! Download the link for technical specs and watch the video for a preview.
Download link for technical specs

Easily assembled P5mm panels. Viewed here from the rear as  3 x 3.

Easily assembled P5mm panels. Viewed here from the rear as 3 x 3.

ICE P6 Model GSOV_02sm

ICE P6 Model GSOV_04

Contact us via the form or send a email to sales at
or Tel +64-9-414 2348. be sure to explain how you want to use them and your target screen size.

Ex-stock Promotion of ICE Hang Roll Fold Flexible Panels

Limited ex stock clearance sale means savings and a screen on your stage next week! Be sure to go to our Facebook page for all the details by clicking on this image.

Limited ex stock clearance sale means savings and a screen on your stage next week! Be sure to go to our Facebook page for all the details by clicking on this image.

The current stock Flexible LED Hang Roll Fold panel size available is 2560mm High x 1280mm Wide

Who should buy an ICE Hang-Roll-Fold?
The Flexible LED Screen is perfect for music bands, night clubs, karaoke clubs, large foyers, temporary advertising signs, stage back drop, expos etc. It has the remarkable feature that you can roll it up put into the rear of the van and drove off to your next gig
The screen is very much like a floor mat in regards to weight and handling.

Why use a ICE Flexible Curtain Screen
One reason stands head and shoulders above all others….
EASE OF transportation, handling and installation. Many of the LED screens you might have seen before required manpower and forklifts to install. Then 5 hours later the fork lifts roll back in. Forget that back breaking task, With an ICE Flexible Roll – Fold – Hang LED Screen the panels are unrolled and connected to a over head bar and lifted into place.

Pricing Panel 256x128

ICE AV’s LED Division is gaining a world wide reputation for offering innovative products and also solutions for unusual and common place applications where thinking outside the square is required.

ICE LED Division welcomes enquiries world wide.
Please contact us on Tel +64-9-414 2348 sales at
This promotion price is for a limited time and will expire when existing stocks are sold or without further notice.