PROMOTION DISCOUNT for the ICE Rear Window LED screen display for Taxis, Personal Branding, Pimping, Marketing

Time for our First Time Promotion for the ICE Rear In-Vehicle Car Window Led screen.

Turn your vehicle into a mini mobile vehicle billboard that is capable of displaying and control form your Android / IOS smart phone.

It is a complete easily installed solution that can be fitted to the inside surface of a rear car window. From inside the vehicle, the screen is 50% transparent and can be viewed through the actual screen to the exterior. The exterior view is as seen on the video delivering an advertising and branding content to vehicles and viewers behind the car. Control is via a smart phone app for Android or Apple iOS.

Promotion ICE Rear Window Taxi Ver 2_01

The transparent LED screen allows rear window of a vehicle to be used as an advertising screen without blocking the view out.

From the driver’s interior position the transparency looking thru the screen is 50%. This is achieved by the vertical LED spacing which is 5.2mm and also the brightness is only seen from the exterior. This allows the driver to still see traffic behind their vehicle. The screen is not operating.

The screen is easily installed from the inside of the vehicle’s rear window using 3m industrial grade dual side adhesive tape. The DC>DC power unit should be installed close by. Power is drawn from the 12v cigarette output. When the vehicle is switched off the screen would cease to operate.

Controlling the screen is from the Novastar Asynchronous Controller that utilizes the Smart Phone software for both Android and iOS preferences.

Image size 750Wide mm x 250mm High
Pixel Density 144 W x 96 H pixels, and
Pixel pitch orientations W 5.2mm W x H 2.6mm H
Management via smart phone is possible with App
Power supply to convert vehicle 12VDC to the screen’s 5VDC;
Screen controller is by Novastar.

ICE AV Header LED_02

ICE Techical Specs P5

About ICE Technology Ltd
ICE AV has a wide range of innovative LED solutions it can offer clients worldwide from string LEDs, Folding LED screens, rolling screens, semi transparent LED screens, high definition LED screens, waterproof screens and twisting screens are just some of the solutions available.

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ICE AV Technology Ltd has a number of Product Divisions catering for different industries and sectors such as Multi Touch, Simulation, AV Integration, LED and Component supply. ICE AV is a company that consists of Product Divisions active in the LED sector, Interactive, Projection solutions. We manufacturer, distribute and partner with companies world wide in creating unique experiences with our portfolio of technologies.

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Digital Outdoor LED Sports Score Board for two team sports activities.

The ICE Football Digit Screen is designed for permanently installed or temporary use screens at the sports field. The screen comes with two digits for each sports team and with a central game timer screen. The screen is ideal and versatile for any game where two teams are competing with a score result of up to 99 each such as Rugby, Football / Soccer and Hockey. In addition to the sports application the screen can function as a clock. There are two control management solutions, neither of which require any other software, computer or devices to be fully functional. The brightness is suitable for outdoor blue sky environments.

As it is waterproof it can be left outdoors in the rain. The digits are very bright and capable of displaying clear scores in sunny days. Score labels – Home and Visitor is vinyl lettering. Mount with an associated sponsor advertiser logo naming board.

The score board is ideal for any school, university, community and club sport grounds. The screens can be shipped world wide door to door. To request a price decide on the digit size and control type you want to use.

Various cleats against green artificial turf, studio shot

Technical Specifications.
Super Bright High Quality LEDS
100,000 hour life expectancy
120 Degree Viewing Angle
Ellipse Lamp (546)
Available in Red, Green, Amber, Blue, White
Brightness 5,000 cd/sqm
Digit Height 8″, 10″, 12″, 16″, 20″, 24″, 36″

Light sensor with automatic dimming – over 200 levels of automatic intensity adjustment. Manual intensity adjustment up to 36 levels.

Game Timer Display

MM:SS (Minutes:Seconds) that counts up from 00:00 to any preset time and stops
at which time a 3 second siren sounds. This game timer can also be set to count DOWN from any preset time to 00:00. at which time a 5 second siren sounds. The last minute of the game will run down in 1/10th seconds or seconds.


When not used for sports, it can be used as a digital clock with alarm function.

Score layout Custom
Audio – Siren Horn: Optional for time
Transmission – Super LCD wireless handset up to 300 metres
Protocols – RS485, RS232, WiFi, Ethernet


Housing Material – Waterproof steel casing
Cold rolled steel plate, electro-static painted, anti corrosion.
Mounting – Mount onto existing signs or building
Simple installation method
Attach screen signs back to back
Packaging Timber box


Waterproof IP65
Operational Temperature 10F > 140F
Humidity range 10-80% RH
Power input 100-240 VAC, 50Hz / 60 Hz

Wireless Controller

wireless terminal

– Fully automated scoring software requiring few button operations making it user friendly to operate.
– Communication operation is over the ISM frequency band without application frequency point.(433 MHz)
– The wireless portable controller updates scores from anywhere up to a distance of approximately 300 meters.
– Uses large capacity lithium battery with long standby time. Over voltage protection. If batteries run low during a match, just plug charger into the controller.
– Uses 3.2inch TFT LCD display with 160mm x 160mm resolution.

orange controller

Control Console
Communication operation is in the ISM frequency band without application frequency point.
The wireless portable controller updates scores from anywhere within approx 300m
Uses large capacity lithium battery with long standby time.
Over voltage protection. If batteries run low during a match just plug charger into the controller.
Uses 3.2inch TFT LCD display with 320mm x 240mm resolution.
Backlight to enable clear viewing.
Dimensions 215mm x 14mm x 83mm
Supports RS2323 serial port for external interface
Support secondary development.

If you are a forward thinking company and wish to be a member of the ICE AV Global Partner Network and to bring this and other innovative solutions to the market we look forward to hearing from you.

ICE AV welcomes inquiries from clients world wide to meet your needs. Our range of LED screens are available for a wide range of applications.

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Aquatic Centre LED Screen Catalogue and Guide

LED Screen Division: Aquatic Centre LED Screen Catalogue and Guide is published to enable Aquatic Venue managers to gain an understanding of the various screen hardware options and some of the aspects to consider when selecting a screen.

ICE AV Technology’s LED Division understands that managers need help to come to grips with LED technology without being swamped with models and geeky hardware speak.

Please send an email to to request the password to open this document.

Today‚Äôs swimming pool complex is a far cry to when I attended the local swimming pool as a youngster. Unheated part from the sun, timber uncovered audience seating, small in size, timber outdoor changing rooms, two level dive boards, snack shop and all enclosed by a corrugated tall fence. Today we have progressed with stunning facilities with multi lane sports pool, dive pool, a leisure pool with waves and sprays, a tots’ pool and a learners’ pool. And it does not stop there with a water slide, wave pools, dive pools, therapy services and rehabilitation pools, massage facilities, spa pool, steam room and a cafe — all indoors and with off-street car parking.

Until recently only large and well financed aquatic facilities have installed large digital LED screens, though most facilities have a timing clock, or a score board for race meetings. The roll out of LED screens were initially used as digit screens displaying race times however a new trend is developing with the use of the LED Matrix as an entertainment and advertising digital display within the aquatic venue.

Aquatic Centers are dynamic destinations where people meet, have fun, compete and enjoy the magic of water based activities. The community swimming pool complex is an important centre for many smaller town and cities and can play an important role in cohesiveness of a community just like the theatre and sports area.

Simply complete this form if you want to discuss and brainstorm your ideas for your own LED screen. Or call us on +64-9-414 2348 or send an email to We work with clients world wide so don’t let your location inhibit your ideas. We love it when clients want to push the boundaries and we will work you to deliver an affordable solution. For us it is more than just selling an LED screen but it is about creating a new experience and covering all the bases. We typically have a tonne of ideas that we bring to the table that you probably have never considered. We look at the whole project from screen, audio, connectivity, remote access, remote control and can supply complete installed solutions.

LED screens from ICE AV are perfect for ultra humongous wide TV sets.

LED technology is really coming into its own in the last year. Whether it is lighting up your LCD TV powered with a LED backlight, your room lighting, street lamps, vehicle lights and those tiny chips that emit stunning bright light can even be found now powering projectors.

Here at ICE AV our LED division works with LEDs in many ways. By using LEDs creatively we can use them to build the largest screens in the world, to creating amazing columns of audio sensitive light as in the new performance lights we are developing for the music and event industry. In the USA incandescent lamps are being banned from 2014. In NZ the Government has not gone as far, but what surprises me on that account there has been little promotion in NZ of a lighting technology that will last 20,000 plus hours and even up to 100,000 hours before it gets to 50% factory new brightness. Thats almost like lasting a life time when you think about it.

NZ's widest WIDE Screen TV

LED technology though starts to get really cool when it is used in LED digital screens. This screen pictured above was housed in Telecom NZ’s new HQ in Auckland up till recent;y and is now being relocated out at the Auckland international airport in time to welcome the many 1,000’s of Rugby World Cup visitors. The P6mm Pitch is almost as good as its gets, and be improved by even higher resolution by going to 4mm Pitch. However it also doubles the price!

ICE AV is able to supply for example screens similar to this size and larger measuring 20m x 4.6m ranging in price suitable for various budgets. The variation is all due to the quality and specifications that include everything from the cabinet construction, material, LED SMD manufacturer, LED type and scanning frequency.

The following installation set a milestone in New Zealand by being the second permanent digital LED billboard installed outdoors for advertising and general communication. The installation is actually being split over to sections and the second half will be installed in 2011. The first section measures 2.88m x 1.60m tall.

Installed ICE AV LED Screen

Mounted and waiting for the passing traffic

Installing an LED screen requires a alot more than just unpacking out of the box and standing it on the table. Prior to manufacturing alot of planning is required both on and off site. This typically involves permission from some authority like a City Council or traffic authority, liasing with electricians, network personnel, content providers, engineering company and architects. If the home work is done correctly and everyone is on the same page then it can come together like clock work. In this installation it came together very well, to the point it was featured in the morning newspaper BEFORE it had been installed and before the newspaper had been delivered to subscribers in time for their breakfast reading …. hows that for confidence. Pictured is ICE AV’s team member Leighton holding up the newspaper in the early hours of the morning proudly showing off the installation article. The screen was installed well before the morning traffic started to arrive, signaling another successful project.

ICE LED Screen

Front page news

ICE AV LED Screens cover an extensive range from Mesh, cabinet screens, roll up screens, floor screens, transparent screens, perimeter screens, indoor and outdoor screen. Contact us if you have a need or would like to discuss how LED technology can assist you.

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LED Sreen Catalogue
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Understanding LED Screen Resolution.
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