Asia’s leading jewellery brand Chow Sang Sang installs transparent GlassLED screen.

A busy Hong Kong street corner on Nathan Road, the golden mile of Hong Kong retail, has a high tech upgrade with transparent GlassLED digital screen. Recently the leading Asian jewellery brand Chow Sang Sang equipped its latest Hong Kong store with a stunning transparent digital 4360mm high LED screen alongside the store’s main entrance.

Chow Sang Sang Nathan Road Store

The two level store is located on the busy intersection of Nathan and Austin Road. The building features a stepped back corner design on the ground floor providing additional waiting and walking space for pedestrians. The GlassLED screen allows a new smart and sophisticated appearance for the company and the store.

Formerly the corner of Austin and Nathan Road in Hong Kong featured the garish lime green colour scheme of Bossini clothing brand store. In this earlier view of the street corner the cluttered view can be easily seen.

Bossini Hong Kong store

The highly competitive nature of Hong Kong’s retail sector is well known and standing out from the competition in a fresh and modern way is vital to gain shopper attention.

The GlassLED screen technology allows this in a way that a traditional LED screen does not allow. The transparent nature of the LED screen means the interior is not blocked off from the outdoors and does an excellent job of enhancing the visual appearance and coincides well with the glistening elements of jewellery.

The upstairs show room benefits from the transparent LED as the external windows are able to receive external sunlight to enter which would be impossible with traditional LED screens or a LCD wall.
The screen faces outwards to the environment and is able to deliver an image quality unaffected.

GlassLED  Chow Sang Sang

P10 Panel close upInstallation Screen specification
P10mm Pitch
Size – 4360mm High x 2340 mm Wide
NITS 6500 brightness
Tile Sizes – 640 x 320/320 x 320
Pixels per sqm – 10,000
Average Power Consumption – 440 watts

The ICE GlassLED tiles are available in a variety of Pitch Resolution providing a range of options according to the viewing distances. The Chow Sang Sang installation is the second retail installation in Hong Kong.

Currently forwarding thinking signage and AV companies world wide are invited to contact ICE AV Global to apply to be an authorised GlassLED reseller.

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The ICE Transparent Glass LED Screen Tiles enables innovative implementation for creative designers.

ICE LED Division: How to turn your shop front window, commercial floor to ceiling windows has now become very straightforward with the ICE Transparent Glass LED Tiles


The GlassLED is an ideal architectural digital screen solution that allows glass windows to be turned into transparent digital high resolution screens ranging from P8mm – 31.25mm Pitch resolution. In this set of photos you can see some close up views from the front and rear.


Each tile is an easily handled solution that allows them to be installed simply into the rear of the windows and building the screen tile by tile. In the photo below is a 10mm tile and shows how the spacing is planned. 10mm Pitch viewing distance typically would start at approximately 10m. There is a close relationship between pitch, viewing distance and screen size. Underscoring this is the per square metre cost regime. The bigger the screen, the more pitch resolution available and the further the viewing distance is.

ICE GlassLED Screens

ICE GlassLED Screens

The ICE LED Glass is ideal for modern petrol station forecourt windows, commercial office blocks, retail store fronts, night clubs window facades. Adding digital imaging to glass has never been easier and with P8 pitch and other pitch options.

Most commercial buildings sell naming rights allowing the paying tenant to mount a sign on the building top edge. Now by using Glass LED tiles allows you to put your name, logo, message onto your floor window.

GlassLED screens can play any video, photo, graphic, animation, social media feeds, twitter feeds in both daytime and night time applications. All content can be scheduled to play according to your marketing plan, events and messages you need to share.

Of course it is simply not just about digital advertising but using the ICE GLassLED to create wow graphic effects and building appearances.

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LED Brick Tiles enable easy assembly for many project situations in or outdoors.

The LED Brick is a light weight complete enclosed module that can be installed from the front. Fully designed for use outdoors, it can still be used indoors where the mounting solution has use on flat wall installations.

The brick tile allows easy front access installations

The brick tile allows easy front access installations

In this video we describe and show the versatility of this solution. The LED Brick Tile is a complete enclosed solution that mounts onto a rear wall bracket. The power supply fits in behind hidden from view. Each tile is held in place from front mounted screws in each corner enabling easily installation and removal, one brick tile at a time.

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