Glass LED panels can revolutionise a building and environment

Glass is one of those materials that has revolutionised our lives in more ways than we take for granted. It has only been very recent that it has taken on another form as a large format digital display technology.

Projecting onto Glass has its place, but for countering sunlight and creating enormous and any size digital image during the day or night irrespective of the weather or lighting level from the sun, LED Glass Screen delivers a unique visual experience that has huge potential for modern buildings, shop windows and shopping malls.

ICE LED Glass panels

ICE LED Glass Panels

ICE AV has a selection of LED Glass panels that are suitable for any installation condition. The ability to stand inside and look outdoors through a window and yet on the outside looking in is possible to see both an image and straight into the interior creates amazing opportunities for architects, designers and building owners.

In this video we show some examples of how mesmerising LED Glass can be.

Shown in this photo is how LED Glass could be used to bring a meeting room or foyer window alive with a brand, digital video or abstract image.

Interior Glass LED fitted to an existing internal window

Interior Glass LED fitted to an existing internal window

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