The ICE FlexiFold series LED Screens are possible as fine as 4mm Pitch resolution

The ability to fold up into a stack, a commercial grade fine grade Pitch resolution LED screen has been the secret desire of installers, event organiser, show designers, theatrical technicians and installers. They all know the heavy lifting, effort and time required.

The ICE FlexiFold R Series eliminates this by allowing innovative storage, light weight handling, assembly of large size LED screens, and simplicity of mounting from an overhead structure bar. In the following pictures we provide an insight in the hanging, folding and storage ability. In essence a single person could assemble a screen due to the average 11.5kg per square metre.

FlexiFold R series folding


The mounting is straightforward as pictured. Many people are confused as to how to feed a content source to a LED screen. So plainly speaking it falls into the following scenario:

One solution is where a (1) computer is constantly connected to the LED screen or a (2) LED Switcher processor is connected (as pictured). You can remove the multi source LED switcher / processor and operate directly from the Windows OS computer if all your content will be via a computer. For live and multi source use a LED switcher / processor allows increased instant source selection. If you only use a Apple computer you will need to use this via the LED switcher processor, and initial screen setup will need to be via a Windows OS computer.

ICE FlexiFold_R Series_01

Storage of the Panels
As pictured the ICE Flexifold panels easily fold up and store in the flight case. The lighter weight of the panels means that moving the flight cases around are light compared to large format cabinet type solutions which can help reduce transportation costs.

Storage of each panel is safely stored.

Storage of each panel is safely stored.

Business Opportunities

For resellers looking to expand their product line or expand their services we would like to discuss with you how you can join the ICE Global Partner Network.

ICE AV has a wide range of innovative and unique Plasma, LCD, LED and Projection solutions it can offer clients worldwide and is working with a growing network of integration and distribution partners.

If you would like to discuss in detail about any comments or solutions referred to in this video then we invite you to pick up the phone and give us a call or send an email.

We look forward to hearing from you if you think this solution might be useful in your next project.

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September Promotion – Daytime Outdoor light weight screen LED Panels

Outdoor LED Screen September Promotion

September Pronotion

This is a limited time promotion, once the allocated stock is sold we will not be offering the product at this promotion price. So it is first in first served.  This pitch resolution is ideal for typical outdoor applications when you are not going to be standing up real close. Applications, such as a sports field score board, concert back drop stage and digital billboard are ideal applications. This particular cabinet is designed for a fixed installation as it does not include the fittings required for rental applications where the screens might be set up for the day only. The light weight of 13kg per panel, makes it easy to man handle during installation and overall screen weight can be substantially less compared to traditional metal cabinet designs.

Ideal for any fixed installation
Sides of buildings to capture passing eyes
Stage use for enhanced environments
Even use in the snow for sports or advertising in winter

P20 is an ideal resolution for out-door viewing when the average viewing distance will start at 20m / 60ft. Your screen will likely to be at least 6 sqm (2m x 3m) minimum if it is a billboard applications. If you were using it as a digital clock for example you could possibly use only one sqm (4 panels).

LED panel


􀂄1. Wide application: It can be used for any rental application of stage show,such as main screen, side screen, floor screen, arc screen stage design etc.
􀂄2. Light weight: each cabinet size only 640mm*640mm*97‐106mm,12.8‐cabinet, frame 55mm.
􀂄3. Easy and Fast: cabinet installation.
􀂄4. Front maintenance module structure design, modules can be installed and dismantled from front side, any individual cabinet can be assembled and dismounted freely from the screen.
􀂄5. More stable: easy connection of each components, modules and HUB card without flat cables, modules and systems without power cable.
􀂄6. Cabinet and modules are hollow designed for great heat dissipation performance, high transparency, and high wind resistance level.
􀂄7. Both indoor and outdoor series are compatible, outdoor SMD and DIP screen with IP65 weatherproof level, so it can be used normally in rainy days.
􀂄8. Floor led screen can bear 1 ton weight, IP65 weatherproof level.

Operating in the snow in very cold conditions.

Operating in the snow in very cold conditions.


Additional costs include $US70 per cabinet for the receiver card and typically at least one send Card processor ($US250)  per screen (subject to screen size). Other options include Fibre Optics cable if transmission over 100m / 300ft and Multi source LED Switcher Processor. The stated pricing includes the LED software. The screen can be configured to run from a standard Windows XP / 7 PC or Laptop with at least DVI or HDMI output. A Desktop requires a dual graphics output.
To calculate your costs simply work add up how many panels you need, calculate the sq m area, multiple by $US998, add $US70 for the Receiver card per the number the number of panels and $US250 per screen (sender card processor) and this will be the LED screen hardware cost.


These panels are ex-stock so there is no manufacturing delay. Shipping times by ship will be on average 4-5 weeks. Order processing, payment procedures, packing your order will typically take 7-10 working days. Let us know your shipping address and we can quote you the additional freight cost. Once you have physically installed the panels we are able to commission and calibrate the screen and we can easily achieve this remotely without being on site. This is ideal if you are not familiar with the setting up of the LED software, LED drivers etc or simply want a guiding hand. We would need to be able to log in via the Internet to the LED screen host computer and also you would need to be able to give us a Skype camera view of the LED screen. We normally charge for this service, however we will waive this cost if your screen is over 20 sqm in total area.

So if you have been contemplating installing an LED screen and need a hot price then this is an ideal time to make your decision and step into one of the fastest growing and installed technology solutions for digital displays.

Kevin Andreassend – Please contact me direct for a no obligation discussion.

The Magic Screen Specialist and Consultant.
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Global Promotion of P6mm Indoor Grade LED Panels

A great opportunity to create stunning high grade LED images at an excellent price with this P6mm resolution indoor LED panel. This one price for all is your outstanding opportunity if you are considering large format LED screens for rental or stage and theatre installations. Simply add the number of panels you need to create your own custom screen size.

These 576mm x 576mm Indoor Cabinets are ideal for staging applications and rental use.

These 576mm x 576mm Indoor Cabinets are ideal for staging applications and rental use.

The ICERTF-B is a die casting aluminium enclosure indoor led panel specifically designed for the concert tour.

Quality contrast ratio
UBy using the revolutionary black SMD leds creates brilliant deep space black facing led screen featuring a contrast ratio of 3500:1.

Advanced image processing colorimetry
To ensure high performance true to life images it features calibration of dot to dot images, 16 bit grey scale processing for 281 trillion colors delivers ultimate flawless images

High refresh rate
With PWM constant current driving IC,the screen’s Refresh rate maximum can be 4800HZ, minimum 960HZ, thanks to the PWM constant current driving IC.

Energy -save design
Compared with normal market design, the ICERTF series is able to save 50% energy while delivery the same brightness.

The low weight means your road and set up crew will work with a smile.
Crystal Sharp Silence
The fan-less design makes it perfect for the most sensitive opera and stage performance due to the no fan design. this is because of the high quality led chips and patented data and power transmission design. The power chain is able to delivery high brightness while using very small current. The less current, the lower temperature.

Advanced and elegant cabinet design

The seamless design is due to high precision die casting aluminum design. Beautiful seamless images and unrivaled viewing angles. The small panel of size 576x576mm allows creative shaped LED design

Light-weight and ultra slim design

Road and set up crew will love the ease to assemble manual lift weight. This reduces set up time and transport costs.

Industrial standard connector
Life is tough on the road so all components in the ICERTF panels use industrial standard data and power plug and socket. We believe the show can not be stopped due to low grade connectors is an absolute.

Click on the photo to go straight to our Facebook page where we reward our fans with extra bonuses. Remember to click the Like the button though

Click on the photo to go straight to our Facebook page where we reward our fans with extra bonuses. Remember to click the Like the button though

Key Specifications

Weight 9.5kg per cabinet / 28.6 per sqm
Density 27777 dots per sqm
LED Type 3528 SMD
Brightness 1200 NITS per sqm (maximum)
Size 576mm x 576mm 90mm
Pixel Resolution 96 x 96
Viewing Angel 160 x 160 deg
Power consumption 33w cabinet / 100w M2

Additional costs such as LED processors, Sending Card, Computer, Flight cases are additional costs.

ICE LED Division welcomes enquiries world wide.
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This promotion price is for a limited time and will be withdrawn without further notice.

ICE LED plays principal digital display role in Turkey’s major Transanatolia Rally Raid across remote Turkish regions in September 2013

ICE LED Division: We are pleased to announce our modular universal Hang-Roll-Fold Flexible LED screens have been selected for the international Transanatolia Rally Raid motor sports event held throughout the rugged Turkish country side. The event pits man and machine against each other and the rigours of rallying in rugged, breath taking beauty and dangerous regions of Turkey.

Pictured is the ICE flexible 18.25mm Pitch LED screen in an Istanbul workshop being prepared for use in the remote Turkish country side over the last few days. All the calibration was done remotely in real time from our offices in Auckland, New Zealand this week.

Display test pattern confirms sequence and colour.

Display test pattern confirms sequence and colour from a live internet camera feed during remote set up.

The 7 day rally (31 August – 7 September 2013) is a fast moving mobile event that had a key requirement for any digital display solution. It had to be sufficiently large, easily and quickly packed away each day, good quality viewing, rugged, simple to hang off the side of one of the travelling support trucks. The ICE Hang-Roll-Fold Flexible LED screens fitted the requirements perfectly meeting the budget requirements. The particular custom manufactured model was created in 3 separate sections which meant two people could easily mount the screen one section at a time and then clip the sections together.

The 5.25 x 2.62m fold up soft LED screen will display videos and information during the evening when the participants all arrive in for the night at the base camp each day, to re-group, attend to repairs, enjoy international friendship and share stories, including the big whoppers of exaggeration around the camp fire before retiring for another heady day of rallying in some very historic country side.

ICE Flexible LED screen

Rally raids are probably the most gruelling form of motor sport, tougher even than the 24 Hour race at Le Mans. The demand on vehicles, support equipment and drivers was pressed home during the 2012 3rd stage of the Transanatolia Rally in Turkey when a horrible crash fatally injured 2 competitors.The iconic 18 year old Turkish rider Kemal Merkit and Italian rider Mirco Miotto were parked up on the road looking at their guide maps book to find the right track, when suddenly at a roaring speed the Dutch rider Wouter Vaarkamp arrived crashing into Kemal and Mirco. Meanwhile Mirco suffered some little injuries, Kemal and Wouter unfortunately were fatally injured.

TRANSANATOLIA RALLY RAID is organised by TransAnatolia Spor Organizasyonları Ltd. Şti. Authorized by Turkish Automobile Sports

If you have an interest in our Flexible LED Screen range we welcome your enquiry. Tel +64-9-414 2348 sales at

Please be sure to to provide sufficient details of your requirement so that we can adequately advise you.

Building Your Massive LED Screen Strip by Strip

Large Structure LED Strips and Panels

ICELVSS Large Structure LED Strips and Panels

Large format building and wall screens are an increasing trend world wide to create mesmerising light installations, digital displays and bill boards. Increasingly the requirement for solutions that can be integrated into existing sites becomes crucial to add that digital element.

The ICELVSS Strip and Structure LED Panels are an ideal solution where you can build your screen strip by strip. The solution meets the rigours of out doors in three crucial ways:

  1. Light weight
  2. Daytime Brightness
  3. IP68 Weatherproof

These three aspects along with the physical form factor the ICELVSS Strip and Structure units can be mounted outdoors or indoors.  They are particularly useful for mounting behind glass walls over large areas.  The strip nature of the screens allows the screen to breath and pass air making it ideal for reducing wind loading.


LVSS Building Mesh Screen

The 25mm Pitch solution delivers a massive 8000 Cd/sqm making it suitable for the brightest day. At 50mm Pitch the brightness drops to 4500 Cd/sqm making it still suitable for daytime use. For all models during the evening the software can be set to dramatically reduce the brightness due to night time light levels. This sensitivity to the running costs reduces running costs and allow users to customise the setting for day and night levels. The 16 bit grey scale processor with 281 trillion color delivers crystal clear image  with true-to-life color reproduction. To enhance the quality of the installation all cables are housed inside the frame.

The single strip version allows unique installation onto surfaces that may be curved or irregular and allows creeping angle installation. An important aspect of the design is the minimal connectors ensures longer reliability and failure. In this close up detail you are able to see the front face structure of a single trip

Curtain screen


In this drawing you are able to understand the installation structure. The advantage for installations where people maybe behind the screen is the 50% transparency nature  making it ideal when light must still pass from outdoors into the interior environment. Each panel assembly fits into a U structure frame providing a minimalist approach to the supporting structure.

curtain led screen, mesh screen

The ICELVSS Strip and Structure Panels are an ideal solution for large format screens as pictured in this installation. When installed behind a glass facade the building is able to retain the smooth shiny glass look, however when the screen is switched on, it is as if though the glass itself comes alive.ICELVSS LED_04

If you would like to discuss how you are able to create your Magic is in the Screen installation do not hesitate to contacts us on the following details. Be sure to provide sufficient details so that we can provide an informative reply. Before we are able to provide pricing we need to discuss numerous aspects with you about your required installation.

ICE AV Technology Ltd
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ICE LED FlexiRoll LED Screens overcome significant installation issues because of its very lightweight.

One of the big challenges facing installers, rental companies and permanent LED screen installations is often the weight of the entire screen structure.

Typically a one meter square LED screen could weigh between 30 – 60kg which poses rather significant installation issues, safety problems, the need for mechanical lifting equipment and such like. This is where flexible LED screens such as ICE’s FlexiRoll (TM) Panel LED screens come into their own. Due the very light weight of 7kg per sq meter one person can easily assemble the panels.

In this video we show you a typical process to assemble a FlexiRoll Screen. We show you the ease of handling and installing the ICE FlexiRoll LED screen, without any lifting equipment.

ICE FlexiRoll LED screens are available in 16,20,25,30, 40, 50, 80 mm Pitch including outdoor and indoor and from 1800 – 5800 NITS brightness. Screen size can be unlimited and you are able to join each panel section together.

We work with clients world wide and welcome your call to duscuss how we can assist you. For graphical pattern, effects and lighting patterns we offer 30, 40, 50, 80 mm Pitch. FlexiRoll screens are available in Single and Double LED strip models. There are Indoor and Outdoor versions and suitable for full daylight environments.

ICE FlexiRoll LED Screen

ICE FlexiRoll Panel Strip

For further information please visit this article link

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ICE AV Corp. is a technology focused international company that has divisions that cover a range of technologies. The LED Screen Divisions supplies an extensive range of LED solutions, including a wide range from flexible LED curtains screens, curved screens or screens designed to roll and fold up all with video grade quality. It range can cover the largest whole building or a sports board at your local high school gym.

If you would like to discuss in detail about any comments or solutions referred to in this video then we invite you to pick up the phone and give us a call or send an email.

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