New Year Promotion. Large savings on Outdoor P16 for Billboards and Sports Field Screens.

Existing Stock - Be quick to gain savings

This promotion is for the current stocked P16. After these stocked cleared, then the promotion is over. The duration of availability is expected to be only in January 2014.

This cabinet is suitable for many Outdoor applications such as score board, sports screen, advertising bill board. Ideal viewing distance starts at approximately 16m. Below is pictured a P16mm installed at the Queens Wharf that is used to welcome and inform.

P16mm Outdoor LED Screen

Select unlimited size height and width

Model ICEUNI16
This model is an outdoor grade cabinet at our most crazy price.
Key aspects to know are:
– Cabinets are 1024mm Width x 768mm Height
– 7500 NITS per sqm brightness
– Brand new stock
– Metal cabinet
– Rear opening door
– Outdoor rating IP65
– 38 kg per cabinet
– 24 Month warranty
– Cost includes receiver card
– Stock available for shipping.
– Price includes LED software

Full Technical Specification Sheet. Download link.

Establish the overall area size of the screen based on the number of the quantities

Decide the width and height according to the chart to determine the final screen size.
Example 4096mm Width x 3072mm Height = 12.58sqm
is a 4 cabinets wide x 3 cabinets high = Total of 12 cabinets
Cost would be 12.58sqm x $US687 = $US8642.46
Additional Costs
– LED Screen Cost per sqm $US687
– Sender Card $US258 (one required per screen)
– Ex-works freight

Requires client to supply a Windows OS computer (XP/7)
Either a desktop with Dual Graphics card one of which must be
DVI or HDMI or a Laptop with HDMI output.

Contact us on sales at Tel +64-9-414 2348

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