Magnetic LED tiles delivers high quality images with remarkable clarity

The Magnetic LED Tiles, MAG240, deliver ease of installation, one tile at a time and all by hand without requiring heavy lifting equipment.

Magnetic LED Tiles

The ICE Mag240 tiles secure onto the mounting surface via the 4 magnetic feet onto the rear support frame. The power supply is mounted conveniently on the wall behind the tiles.

The Fixed Magnetic LED tile combines a number of elements that can make it the ideal solution for video wall displays of any size.

Elements such as:

  1. Hand size tiles – 240mm x 240mm
  2. Automatic mounting due to magnetic feet
  3. High Definition Pitch P4,6,8,10mm
  4. Light Weight – 850 gram per tile
  5. Flat or Curved Walls are possible
  6. Indoor Brightness 1800 NITS
  7. Front Access Installation and Maintenance
  8. Wide Angle Viewing due to 160 deg H/V

Some of the hard core technical specifications include:

  1. Single LED Brightness and Chroma Calibration
  2. White Balance calibration
  3. Adjustable Colour Temperature
  4. Brightness level adjustment
  5. Flatness of the tile module – 1mm
  6. Refresh rate 960 Hz
  7. Average Power consumption 253W/m sqm
  8. Max Power consumption 760W/m sqm
  9. Lifetime Brightness (Half Brightness) 100,000 hrs

The lab certified magnetic holding ability of the LED panels  confirms the tiles have a Magnetic pull of 3 kg per each corner foot and 12 kg per led module indefinitely.  Once they are on a wall together it would be virtually impossible to knock them off.

Magnetic LED tile

The performance of the pixel calibration has achieved a remarkable level of accuracy. Unique technology allows a new level of accuracy to calibrate the displays for both brightness and colour uniformity at pixel level (pixel by pixel) in the factory in Calibration Tunnels where each LEDs are measured and given a value for both brightness and chroma and each LED/Pixel/Cabinet is then aligned to the standard value of the weakest LED to reach perfect uniformity of the entire display. The value of each LED for each pixel is registered in each scan card. This information is also stored in each module’s EEprom and also stored in our factory’s computer system. We can guarantee the color and brightness uniformity when deliver the product and guarantee the uniformity of the new modules with the saved data in the system. The update screen brightness calibration data both ensure the uniformity of the display’s brightness as time goes by.

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