PROMOTION DISCOUNT for the ICE Rear Window LED screen display for Taxis, Personal Branding, Pimping, Marketing

Time for our First Time Promotion for the ICE Rear In-Vehicle Car Window Led screen.

Turn your vehicle into a mini mobile vehicle billboard that is capable of displaying and control form your Android / IOS smart phone.

It is a complete easily installed solution that can be fitted to the inside surface of a rear car window. From inside the vehicle, the screen is 50% transparent and can be viewed through the actual screen to the exterior. The exterior view is as seen on the video delivering an advertising and branding content to vehicles and viewers behind the car. Control is via a smart phone app for Android or Apple iOS.

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The transparent LED screen allows rear window of a vehicle to be used as an advertising screen without blocking the view out.

From the driver’s interior position the transparency looking thru the screen is 50%. This is achieved by the vertical LED spacing which is 5.2mm and also the brightness is only seen from the exterior. This allows the driver to still see traffic behind their vehicle. The screen is not operating.

The screen is easily installed from the inside of the vehicle’s rear window using 3m industrial grade dual side adhesive tape. The DC>DC power unit should be installed close by. Power is drawn from the 12v cigarette output. When the vehicle is switched off the screen would cease to operate.

Controlling the screen is from the Novastar Asynchronous Controller that utilizes the Smart Phone software for both Android and iOS preferences.

Image size 750Wide mm x 250mm High
Pixel Density 144 W x 96 H pixels, and
Pixel pitch orientations W 5.2mm W x H 2.6mm H
Management via smart phone is possible with App
Power supply to convert vehicle 12VDC to the screen’s 5VDC;
Screen controller is by Novastar.

ICE AV Header LED_02

ICE Techical Specs P5

About ICE Technology Ltd
ICE AV has a wide range of innovative LED solutions it can offer clients worldwide from string LEDs, Folding LED screens, rolling screens, semi transparent LED screens, high definition LED screens, waterproof screens and twisting screens are just some of the solutions available.

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ICE AV Technology Ltd has a number of Product Divisions catering for different industries and sectors such as Multi Touch, Simulation, AV Integration, LED and Component supply. ICE AV is a company that consists of Product Divisions active in the LED sector, Interactive, Projection solutions. We manufacturer, distribute and partner with companies world wide in creating unique experiences with our portfolio of technologies.

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ICE Global LED Trailers deliver the big screen experience any and everywhere. Sports Scores / Replay, Community Events, Advertising

ICE is pleased to continue to expand its range of LED screens to cater for all applications. ICE AV offers a range of mobile LED screen solutions too cater for a wide range of budgets and applications.

Here we show the two entry level trailers with single and dual wheel axles.
ICE T5 Trailer Screen_01sm

The trailers feature rotating screens, raised display height system, daytime brightness, Pitch options, Synchronous controller to accept various inputs, GPS security tracking. For automated location based advertising we can incorporate GPS scheduling for your content.

If required, electrical generators can be included so the LED screen trailers can be used in off grid applications without problems. The dual axle trailer has prepared space ideal for two 10Kw generators.

The trailers shown on the attached brochures are the entry level solutions for towing behind a car, small van or truck and extend through to truck based solutions. We are also able to offer Micro range of mobile screens based on tiny vehicle and also bicycle LED trailers that are ideal for use with eBikes.

Trailers are manufactured to order requiring about 40 days. They can be shipped worldwide.

ICE T5D Trailer Screen_01sm

P6 LED Trailer spec sheet
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