PROMOTION DISCOUNT for the ICE Rear Window LED screen display for Taxis, Personal Branding, Pimping, Marketing

Time for our First Time Promotion for the ICE Rear In-Vehicle Car Window Led screen.

Turn your vehicle into a mini mobile vehicle billboard that is capable of displaying and control form your Android / IOS smart phone.

It is a complete easily installed solution that can be fitted to the inside surface of a rear car window. From inside the vehicle, the screen is 50% transparent and can be viewed through the actual screen to the exterior. The exterior view is as seen on the video delivering an advertising and branding content to vehicles and viewers behind the car. Control is via a smart phone app for Android or Apple iOS.

Promotion ICE Rear Window Taxi Ver 2_01

The transparent LED screen allows rear window of a vehicle to be used as an advertising screen without blocking the view out.

From the driver’s interior position the transparency looking thru the screen is 50%. This is achieved by the vertical LED spacing which is 5.2mm and also the brightness is only seen from the exterior. This allows the driver to still see traffic behind their vehicle. The screen is not operating.

The screen is easily installed from the inside of the vehicle’s rear window using 3m industrial grade dual side adhesive tape. The DC>DC power unit should be installed close by. Power is drawn from the 12v cigarette output. When the vehicle is switched off the screen would cease to operate.

Controlling the screen is from the Novastar Asynchronous Controller that utilizes the Smart Phone software for both Android and iOS preferences.

Image size 750Wide mm x 250mm High
Pixel Density 144 W x 96 H pixels, and
Pixel pitch orientations W 5.2mm W x H 2.6mm H
Management via smart phone is possible with App
Power supply to convert vehicle 12VDC to the screen’s 5VDC;
Screen controller is by Novastar.

ICE AV Header LED_02

ICE Techical Specs P5

About ICE Technology Ltd
ICE AV has a wide range of innovative LED solutions it can offer clients worldwide from string LEDs, Folding LED screens, rolling screens, semi transparent LED screens, high definition LED screens, waterproof screens and twisting screens are just some of the solutions available.

If you would like to discuss in detail about any comments or solutions referred to in this video then we invite you to pick up the phone and give us a call or send an email.

ICE AV Technology Ltd has a number of Product Divisions catering for different industries and sectors such as Multi Touch, Simulation, AV Integration, LED and Component supply. ICE AV is a company that consists of Product Divisions active in the LED sector, Interactive, Projection solutions. We manufacturer, distribute and partner with companies world wide in creating unique experiences with our portfolio of technologies.

If you have an interest we invite your designers, architects to contact us to begin discussions for your next project.

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The Magic is in the Screen

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Sports LED Screen for every sport and competition event.

Our STS Series LED Sports Score Board Screens can be used in any sport and competitive event. We developed the series to deliver an affordable solution packed with options and with out a cost penalty for custom solutions.

There are a range of software elements that bring together our database driven display, digital signage, speed and timer options. Even at 2.4m x .48m the screen weighs only 40 kg. Furthermore we made it in a modular format so one person can easily transport, move, assembled and set the screen up on a wheeled floor stand.

STS LED Scoreboard

STS LED Scoreboard

The STS Series ICE LED Scoreboard Screens have been designed from a perspective of needing to be flexible to customise and adaptable for any sports. The LED Database Driven software has been designed for our Plas480 STS Series Modular LED Sports board LED screens and allows a low cost way to have industrial and professional grade LED screens and especially suited for tight budgets where ambitions are high for having the TV grade display experience common for every sports TV broadcast. Our STS Series LED Sports Screen Scoreboards are perfect and affordable for schools, community venues, sports clubs. All of the screens technically have all the capability to play video, animations, graphics, photos and game data.

Description of the database driven led scoreboard software.

Part 1 – Main Display Board

Part 2 – Message and Athlete Display

Part 3 – Timer Screen and Printout

The core STS Series LED Screens are based on a modular 480 x 580mm outdoor panel weighing only 6kg. These can be assembled into any quantity however for the STS Series we have targeted 2400mm x 480mm as being the maximum size. Of course other sizes can be easily configured according to customer requirements.

So for the STS series the standard panel configuration is:
1 x 2 – 480 x 920mm width
1 x 3 – 480 x 1440mm width
1 x 4 – 480 x 1840mm width
1 x 5 – 480 x 2400mm width
2 x 2 – 960 x 960mm wide

Database Driven Software
Key features

– Uses Microsoft Excel
– Excel and OpenOffice compatibility
– Athlete results accumulation during the game
– Print out record of athletes and the game
– Formats available for any sports and competition disciplines
– Affordable

We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you to be a winning team up on your scoreboard. Be sure to tell us about your requirements and project so we can bets advise you.

Kevin Andreassend
The Magic Screen Specialist and Consultant.
ICE AV Technology Ltd
LED Display Systems Div
New Zealand

Tel +64-9-414 2348
sales at iceavglobal com

ICE Mobile LED trailer screens can be configured for many different applications

We often have clients world wide contacting us solve large screen requirements and one is often mobile displays. Many have wanted to transition from printed bill boards or projection based systems. Today LED screens in many of the LED formats we offer, are ideal for vans, trailers and in their vans or trucks for digital signage, score boards, entertainment screens, event displays, big boys toys displays for private functions or corporate events.

LED Screen trailer

LED Screen Trailer

The mobile trailer platform as a LED screen is ideal for park and display situations. Since the trailer is both the transportation and the display structure, its minimalist structure delivers clean lines and can be easily fitted into supporting stage structures, promo banners and the like. Unhitched for the car or van the display screens is left free standing ready to deliver an image that can overcome any sunlight directly facing the screen or rain that

By using one of our flexible LED technologies that has incredible light weights of 3- 6 kg per sqm, large format mobile platforms can be achieved with the bulk and weight of typical cabinet screens. By using some of our motion sensing technology and controllers we can actually programme the LED screen so the image changes when a person approaches or vehicle passes the screen.

By using our Plas480 industrial cabinets manufactured out of industrial grade plastic, allows us to deliver state of the art high quality digital displays for groups of people where ever they may be. These panels have the advantage of being 6kg each and easily fixed into place by hand.

Plas480 Blank panels front rear

Placing them on trailers allows maximum versatility and reduces issues relating to vehicles, mobility and placement. These allow modular screens that can be easily increased or lifted in size according to needs.

A trailer makes an ideal capital investment rather than a truck for an LED screen, due the substantial difference in cost. Trailers have little maintenance comparatively, a lot less to run, less on road costs, can be parked and allows you to drive off in the towing vehicle, access where trucks may not be allowed. Ideal for home based digital sign businesses and easily parked in the driveway.

ICE Trailer LED

If the trailer is of sufficient size with stability out riggers, then we can use an hydraulic riser to lift the screen height allowing complete flexibility according to the function.

The public today expect to see large screen displays anywhere an event is happening. Events like the Olympics, Rugby World Cup and others rely very much on LED screens, and when community and local city events are happening they expect that same large screen experience. They make ideal digital advertising screen, sponsor screens, and for our trailer based systems the reverse sides can be used for stretched printed billboards providing additional message opportunities. Where ever large groups of people gather, organisers need to be able to effectively communicate the crowd for such things as a Lost Child.

Furthermore by adding our multi touch technology interactive displays and dynamic media software systems it is possible to turn the LED screen of any size to be the display out put of the full multi touch experience. This then allows us to create large screen system that can be used at Pool Parties where visitors can use the interactive multi touch music video touch screen to manipulate and select the pool side party music video and have it appear on the huge LED screen. What better way than to have party goers be involved selecting music and then sending a note up to an operator to play the next video. Self help pool side. As evening rolls in the LED screen can be switched over to display the Multi Touch interactive DJ HoloDesk System bringing state of the active virtual  DJ to the big screen. (also from ICE AV)

Multi touch interactive

Notices, Traffic Management, Announcement, Community Bulletins.
Combining with a PA system the screens can be used as gigantic TV screens, Community Movie evenings. By the time you have arrived on site and positioned the screen you can be up and running within 15 minutes.

If you would like to discuss your needs for a large format outdoor mobile LED display, please contact us for a free and friendly discussion. We welcome callers and clients world wide.

ICE AV Corp, LED Screen Division
Tel +64-9-414 2348 – sales @ iceavglobal dot com

Multi format and versatile Mobile LED screen enables many possibilities for sports, retail and expos.

We have been discovering that world wide end users, rental and AV companies have been in need of a modular LED system that is versatile, configurable, perfect for outdoor and expandable.

So we did some thinking, planning and tinkering as we love to do here at ICE AV.

For the rental company we have developed a system set approach, where by utilizing five LED panels and three stand sizes, they can offer a digital display system in vertical or horizontal formats, simply by assembling the components for the arrangement required. This makes it perfect for in-store promo display, roadside attention getter or as a sports event time clock. Select the stand components, screw it together, drop your panels into position and now you have a rugged mobile system designed to impress.

Modular Screen system - modular

The design has been enhanced by giving users the ability to pimp their stand. So you can add side panels with vinyl lettering, top flags and our own unique side profile LED tubes for evening and dusk attention getting. The rear of the stand is idea for rigid board printed signs or tensioned vinyl cover advertisements. The stands are all on (locking) wheels so are easily moved about, with the simple option of unscrewing the wheels for static feet.

Mounting the frames vertical or horizontal is as simple as you deciding which way it should be orientated. We have allowed a rear shelf space and there is even an area to add an powered audio speaker.

One of the crucial aspects was that no matter what the size configuration or the set up, it had to be easily achieved by ONE person. From taking the LED panels out of the flight case each time to mounting each panel, bolting the legs on, every single task had to be easily completed by one person. This is unheard of for a LED abstinent system but we new it was vital as weight is crucial to easy set up.

Counting down the hours to the end of 2012

Counting down the hours to the end of 2012

The applications are diverse for the Plas480 Modular System. For the entertainment industry they are ideal as visual panels for musicians, DJs, Multi media artists. In retail use for announcing sales, now open, discounts, logo and name display, messages are easily displayed in mono or full trillion colour display.

Other applications include sports field advertising, sponsors sign or highly accurate timing screen. Today around the globe at national sports events and major league games the use of LED screens around the perimeter is standard now. However for the school sports and athletics day or community sports day the wow of the LED screen has been out of the reach of schools. So the Plas480 Modular screens can be used during the day for attentional grabbing messages and then come the Saturday sports tournament, simply connect the computer run the timing software and now you have a full professional sports field timing clock, that even integrates to a spreadsheet for accurate record keeping. This extra capability is a standard feature and is
included with every system we ship.

Folks even asked us to make it without needing to use a computer during display time, so we said no problem we will give you a optional choice when you order your system. Which means you simply programme the sign up in whatever configuration in the workshop via our PC, load the set up files into the screen, then pack up the LED screen or wheel it outside to display, connect the power and the screen is fully operational. For those who want to run the screen set up directly from a computer that is the standard configuration. The screen can display video, graphics, clock and the display layout is user configurable.

Size configurations available. First we settled on 5 panels that can be configured in a wide variety of set ups. The reason we settled on 5 panels is that when configured at 1×5 Vertical, the top of the screen is 2800 mm high and about the maximum height you could safely work up on a ladder. In addition the frame is about the maximum length for the average van for transporting to site.

LED screen clock

Set up us as a clock in the horizontal position.

Here is a list of the sizes setups available. All of these sizes are possible on the Plas480 Modular System.

The Business Rental configuration package enables this full capability. End users can select the screen size they require.

1×5 2400mm x 480mm
5×1 480mm x 2400mm
1×3 480mm x 1440mm
3×1 1440mm x 480mm
2×1 960mm x 480mm
1×2 480 x 960mm
2×2 960 x 960mm

LED screen system

Floor standing digital clock for sports etc or any digital sign application.

The Plas480 Modular system is available in P5mm, P10mm, P15mm, P20mm pitch in RGB or mono colour set up. Each screen can be used and installed in either portrait or landscape orientation. Every size can be pimped with additional side, top, bottom, rear dress advertising panels, promotional flags. Additional Plas480 panels can be added over time to increase the screen size.

If you are not sure what size best suits your needs give us a call or send an email and we will advise the best cost effect solution.


The Plas480 panels are manufactured from industrial grade outdoor proof plastic and are the same panels we can use on the large format bill board size screens. The frames and stands are all manufactured from 1.6mm wall box section steel. Every stand includes four wheels including locking function. If you need customisation let us know and we will see how we can accommodate your requirements.

Standard brightness is 5000 NITS
with the option to increase up to a massive 10,000 NITS. the complete system is designed for outdoors in all weather and will deliver a bright image even when the sun is shinning directly onto the screen.

Warranty is 24 months, back to base parts repair or exchange.

Call us on Tel +64-9-414 2348 or email sales at iceavglobal com to discover further information.

Dynamic RibbyMag LED Screens create innovative solutions for digital displays

The latest dynamic innovation being distributed by ICE AV’s LED Division is the RibbyMag flexible led magnetic panels. Designed to be shaped into acute angles and bends allows innovative and usual shaped displays in a wide variety of of installations.

Ideal for circular, concave or convex bends, vertical, horizontal and flat screen applications including bending around at 90 degrees.

LED Ribbon panels for digital signage

LED Ribbon panels for digital signage

The absolute light weight nature removes the weight problem often associated with digital screens and a 7.62mm screen is only 125g/sqm making flexible LED screens a reality. Certain customisation can be implemented according to client project needs.

The special flexible LED module panel design was made for users as it is extremely easy to assemble, install and maintain. Each panel can be connected and assembled without any cables.

Principal Specifications

Brightness(CD/sqm) 1000-1200 Nits
Color Processing 16 bits
Control Method WiFi Transmission and USB storage
Video display function Text, graphics, picture, video
Power supply 11200MWH 5V or 22V
Can run on rechargeable batteries
Screen made up from 320 x 160mm tile modules.
Pricing based on sqm rate and any customisation required.
Thickness of the screen is 12mm

The RibbyMag screen solution has luminance for indoor use, has excellent uniformity and serviceability by using the latest LED SMD technology. Displays can be mono, multi-colour and full RGB. Its possible to create Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Pink or any colour configuration desired thanks to full colour SMD LEDs.

For the control system includes an off-line system , infra red remote controller with a transmission distance of 20 metres. the display mode includes mode effects for Snow, Twinkle, Rotate, Hold, Scroll (6 directions), Star Burst, Wipes (6 directions), Interlock. Messages display automatically in centre and the Administrator can select the desired mode or auto mode to display messages. A timing function and 16 levels of brightness settings are available.

Mobile LED screen

Flexible portable LED screen

The system can run on portable batteries for complete mobile independent requirements. The display content is from a media player and input via the custom keyboard. the system has been designed to run without the need for a separate computer.

Screens are manufactured to order based on customer size requirements. Interested parties should contact:

As this product is a B2B product please note we do not send email pricing to free email accounts.
ICE AV Technology Ltd, Led Division, Tel +64-9-414 348