Huge savings on Bankrupt Client – looses screen as they can not pay amount outstanding dues. Their Pain – Your Savings

Model ZC Outdoor billboard _01sm

Their Loss your savings. Bankrupt company forgoes their order in the factory as they can not pay for the screen on the amount outstanding. If you have been waiting to get a better price on a full size outdoor LED screen, then your wait is over. Be quick as another purchaser may beat you to excellent savings

We are offering an outdoor LED Screen Billboard for $US4,999 ex-works for immediate shipping. The screen is P10, 6000-7000 NITS brightness, Steel cabinets with rear opening doors would suit any bill board requirements. This is offered on a first come first served basis for BRAND NEW screen. Contact ICE AV without delay to secure the savings offered.

The screen measures 3.84m wide x 2.4m high making it perfect size for score board, advertising bill board. Venue advertising screen. Due to the savings offered we do not expect this to be snapped up shortly. Purchaser will also need to budget for steel mounting frame, electrical supply and installation. Our team can advise and assist as required.

ICE AV Global is at the forefront of transforming windows, interiors and large building glass facades to transparent digital surfaces. This recent display technology is allowing architects, building owners to use the technology to retrofit display technology to create creative and commercial display.

To enable us to consider all customer needs we have a range of product solutions that allow a holistic approach rather than a product model or price list focus. This approach allows us first to consider what you wish to achieve, the solution that best meets this requirement. Then we can consider the various options we might offer.

ICE AV Header LED_02

ICE AV Technology Ltd has a number of Product Divisions catering for different industries and sectors such as Multi Touch, Simulation, AV Integration, LED and Component supply. If you have an interest we invite your designers, architects to contact us to begin discussions.

For further information contact ICE AV Technology Ltd
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July Promotion for all purpose LED Panels – Outdoor and Indoor Installations and Event Rental.

Here is a July promotion for the OPTTV-F-P4.81 Panel. It is a versatile LED panel that is ideal for fixed and rental application. It is suitable for outdoor daytime use and of course indoors. An experienced technician is able to mount a panel 20 seconds!


Key Features
– Aluminum alloy cabinet – 500x1000mm
– Epistar Led lamp – SMD2727
– Brightness – 5000 NITS
– Refresh rate >1920Hz
-1/13 Scan constant driving
– Protection level – IP66/IP54

Opto Promotion 2

1- Super light 14.5kg per panel, with cabinet, modules, power supply, receiving card, flat cables etc, one man can lift up and take down easily
2 – Fast lock with spring plunger, 20 seconds each cabinet with experience, save time and labor
3 – High precision, seamless splice through CNC machine make programme perform with high quality, butterfly connector to strengthen between cabinets
4 –  Thickness is 95mm after adding modules, improve the feeling of design and beautiful design
5 – Colors is optional according to your preference

Here we picture a complete panel – a rear view with out tiles and the front view without LED panels

Opto Promotion specifications

Shipped in Flight Cases for rental and event use.

flight cases

Opto Promotion 1

If you have never used a LED Screen before it is actually not that much of a mystery. One of the most common options is simply install this Controller Sender Card in your Windows PC. If you want to connect various sources then you would use one of our LED Switcher Processor.

Novastar controller

If you are in the event business this panel is ideal for your requirements. The screen is ideal for companies offering inflatable screens using projectors…now you are able to offer services any day time or night time. Ideal for even when rain comes along at the screens are waterproof. We can also ship truss mounting systems together with your LED screen.

Opto Promotion 2

We ship world wide.

JULY PROMOTION PRICE –  $US 1,244 Per square Metre. Minimum Order Size 10 sqm

Our contact details are following:

If you are a forward thinking company and wish to be a member of the ICE AV Global Partner Network and to bring this and other innovative solutions to the market we look forward to hearing from you.

ICE AV welcomes inquiries from clients world wide to meet your needs. Our range of LED screens are available for a wide range of applications.

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For further information contact ICE AV Technology Ltd
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ICE LED Screen sits front of house on Auckland’s Queens Wharf as one of three P16mm screens from ICE LED

Auckland’s waterfront is gradually being handed back to the residents of Auckland as development continues along the city edge. The Queens Wharf has now become a popular area for concerts, public events, expos and lunch and weekend visitors.

The area was once at the centre of cargo arriving into NZ from overseas and for exports as Auckland grew its growing economy. For about 100 years it has remained as a commercial area and a working site. Now a new era is emerging as its historic legacy is retired and it becomes a public gathering place.

With its new role, a message LED screen was installed out on the street side in a 20ft container two level stack. The P16mm LED DIP screen was installed in the closed end and consists of 3 x 4 LED metal cabinets. The containers can easily be moved when the space needs to be open for events. The screen now plays an important role of informing the public of developments, activities and up and coming events.

LED screens are rapidly being installed world wide and ICE AV Global has an extensive range of screen solutions suitable for any type of installation. We can work with end clients, architects, resellers or city authorities. We ship world wide, able to help you identify required budgets and explore the appropriate budget. We can advise re the installation phase and offer online post install support if required.

ICE Queens Wharf LED Screen

Below shows the area that is known as the Ferry Building and the Queens Wharf where the ICE Container screen is located. A now and then photos shows the growth of buildings.

Queens Wharf Auckland

Auckland down town Ferry building

Contact us here or email direct to sales @ or Tel +6494142348. Be sure to supply adequate information so we can commence informed discussions. We offer full confidentiality to facilitate discussions of your project.

September Promotion – Daytime Outdoor light weight screen LED Panels

Outdoor LED Screen September Promotion

September Pronotion

This is a limited time promotion, once the allocated stock is sold we will not be offering the product at this promotion price. So it is first in first served.  This pitch resolution is ideal for typical outdoor applications when you are not going to be standing up real close. Applications, such as a sports field score board, concert back drop stage and digital billboard are ideal applications. This particular cabinet is designed for a fixed installation as it does not include the fittings required for rental applications where the screens might be set up for the day only. The light weight of 13kg per panel, makes it easy to man handle during installation and overall screen weight can be substantially less compared to traditional metal cabinet designs.

Ideal for any fixed installation
Sides of buildings to capture passing eyes
Stage use for enhanced environments
Even use in the snow for sports or advertising in winter

P20 is an ideal resolution for out-door viewing when the average viewing distance will start at 20m / 60ft. Your screen will likely to be at least 6 sqm (2m x 3m) minimum if it is a billboard applications. If you were using it as a digital clock for example you could possibly use only one sqm (4 panels).

LED panel


􀂄1. Wide application: It can be used for any rental application of stage show,such as main screen, side screen, floor screen, arc screen stage design etc.
􀂄2. Light weight: each cabinet size only 640mm*640mm*97‐106mm,12.8‐cabinet, frame 55mm.
􀂄3. Easy and Fast: cabinet installation.
􀂄4. Front maintenance module structure design, modules can be installed and dismantled from front side, any individual cabinet can be assembled and dismounted freely from the screen.
􀂄5. More stable: easy connection of each components, modules and HUB card without flat cables, modules and systems without power cable.
􀂄6. Cabinet and modules are hollow designed for great heat dissipation performance, high transparency, and high wind resistance level.
􀂄7. Both indoor and outdoor series are compatible, outdoor SMD and DIP screen with IP65 weatherproof level, so it can be used normally in rainy days.
􀂄8. Floor led screen can bear 1 ton weight, IP65 weatherproof level.

Operating in the snow in very cold conditions.

Operating in the snow in very cold conditions.


Additional costs include $US70 per cabinet for the receiver card and typically at least one send Card processor ($US250)  per screen (subject to screen size). Other options include Fibre Optics cable if transmission over 100m / 300ft and Multi source LED Switcher Processor. The stated pricing includes the LED software. The screen can be configured to run from a standard Windows XP / 7 PC or Laptop with at least DVI or HDMI output. A Desktop requires a dual graphics output.
To calculate your costs simply work add up how many panels you need, calculate the sq m area, multiple by $US998, add $US70 for the Receiver card per the number the number of panels and $US250 per screen (sender card processor) and this will be the LED screen hardware cost.


These panels are ex-stock so there is no manufacturing delay. Shipping times by ship will be on average 4-5 weeks. Order processing, payment procedures, packing your order will typically take 7-10 working days. Let us know your shipping address and we can quote you the additional freight cost. Once you have physically installed the panels we are able to commission and calibrate the screen and we can easily achieve this remotely without being on site. This is ideal if you are not familiar with the setting up of the LED software, LED drivers etc or simply want a guiding hand. We would need to be able to log in via the Internet to the LED screen host computer and also you would need to be able to give us a Skype camera view of the LED screen. We normally charge for this service, however we will waive this cost if your screen is over 20 sqm in total area.

So if you have been contemplating installing an LED screen and need a hot price then this is an ideal time to make your decision and step into one of the fastest growing and installed technology solutions for digital displays.

Kevin Andreassend – Please contact me direct for a no obligation discussion.

The Magic Screen Specialist and Consultant.
ICE AV Technology Ltd
LED Display Systems Div
New Zealand
Tel +64-9-414 2348
sales at iceavglobal com

ICE LED Screens are versatile, multi purpose and all weather capability for most applications.

We have a wide range of LED models to cater for numerous applications, variations within an applications. Often times one model might be seen to be perfect as the solution, but then the brightness might be to low, or it needs to be IP65 rated and not IP43 for indoors.

Other times weight is a crucial aspect as the cabinets need to be installed by manual labour without lifting equipment. Alternatively it might be that it requires quick installation times and light weight as it is used in a variety of locations.

Pictured is a Plas480 10mm screen in a 1x5 array viewed at about 6m.

Pictured is a Plas480 10mm screen in a 1×5 array viewed at about 6m.

The options and considerations we need to consider draw on our wide knowledge and being able to offer the best solution without compromise, or at least with minimal compromise. Underlying this at all times is budget and affordability.

At times an LED screen needs to be able to perform various functions whether it is a client driven solution requirement or it might be that a particular model needs to fill certain tasks for different clients.

A good starting place is to consider:

  • Brightness
  • IP rating required
  • Weight issues
  • Viewing distances
  • Target screen size

After that we can consider

  • Pitch resolution
  • Installation characteristics
  • Temporary or permanent
  • Fixed or Mobile
  • Indoor or Outdoor

Depending on the mix of these parameters, it may mean a few solutions are suitable or in fact only one solution becomes obvious. Once it has been determined then the budget available is going to be the deciding factor and at this point it may mean a more coarse pitch resolution is required in the selected LED model to meet the budget.

Modular LED screen

The modular concept applied to the Plas480 and other models allows light weight easy to configure screens to be designed

It is always helpful and can mean a lot of time is not wasted if a client is up front with the budget scope available and often times means we can come straight to the point, rather than going back wards and forwards with solutions to meet an undisclosed budget.

Determining whether mono colour or RGB colour is required is a good case in point where budget could be saved. For most digital screen applications full colour is highly desirable, however if it is a message board or timer screen then mono colour is totally acceptable. As time goes by though, we are offering less mono screens as a general digital screen and mono or tri-colour screens are typically now used as the scrolling text and animation message boards. The Plas480 Model is still offered in Mono Red @ P10mm resolution allowing modular size LED screens to be built according to the modular incremental panel size.

This makes it an ideal solution to consider for numerous situations whether you are building a vertical or horizontal strip screen or a large 4:3 format LED screen. In a Score board application Mono could be ideal on a restricted budget if you are building a 2m x 1.5m screen or if budget allowed going full colour.

Pictured is a mono screen based on using full colour RGB and running out LED timer clock software.

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ICE LED Division welcomes enquiries world wide.
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Flexible 10mm thick Folding LED Panels for indoors and outdoors achieves unique break thru in LED design.

LED Division: ICE Flexible LED Panel offers high resolution in folding type LED screens

This latest addition, FlexiFold O Series, is based on small panels (192mm x 192mm) that are stitched together and 10mm thick. The panels can be joined together to create large screens such as 5m x 3m. Each screen panel can be joined together to create extensive size screen.

Folding LED screen

The middle panel pictured with the lady is our 12mm Folding LED screen panel.

The FlexiFold O Series is available in Indoor and Outdoor Brightness, various Pitch Resolutions and a variety of IP Ratings.

The stitching wire forms the attachment for adjacent panels. Each row can be folded on the next, forming a neat stacked when all folded. The range extends from 6mm – 20mm. Screens can be suspended from over head or laid flat on the floor. Screen height should be based on 192mm steps and each panel width is made of 4pcs or 6pcs unit panels, with an overall panel module width of 768mm or 1152mm.

The signal and power is connect with independent cable and the power supply, receiver card, led screen are separated components.

Shipping volume means that when folded and stacked the bulk of the volume is the actual screen with out air.

The IP rating ranges from IP43, IP54 and IP65. Brightness ranges from 950 – 9000 NITS. This capability delivers huge capability for daytime and night time conditions.

ICE FlexiFold LED Panels

ICE FlexiFold LED Panels 12mm

With some creative planning it can be used as a LED floor and ideal for temporary installations.
Protected by a laid over acrylic sheet allows reliable performance, protect from damage and stunning images.

We welcome your enquiries directly via this form or to our international sales office Tel +64-9-414 2348 or email sales@ at iceavglobal dot com.

Please ensure that you include full details of what your project will consist of and what is intended. We have a range of free and professional Pre-Project services to establish your project. Please note if you are a reseller we do not provide reseller pricing to free email addresses such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo unless they have been verified.

ICE AV can create your big screen experience

LED Screens

The Rugby World Cup is the talk of many here in New Zealand. Millions of dollars have been spent so far in preparation. Companies are organising activities how to show case their technology and capability. Venues, stadiums, fan zones, branding opportunities are just a few of the areas being covered off.

ICE AV LED Cabinet Modules

ICE AV LED Cabinet Modules

ICE AV has the ability to enable clubs, venues, shopping malls to create their own buzz and large screen viewing experience. In well lit environments often times LED screens are the most viable technology to use and in recent years there has been a dramatic drop in costs to what they once were. In addition there has been dramatic increases in quality and resolution. Screen sizes can be customised and a wide variety of pitch (resolution) sizes are available. Effectively this will be determined by budget and viewing distance. For maintenance they can be manufactured as front or rear servicing units.

ICE AV team

ICE AV can offer full technical support, integration and installation for your LED Screen needs.

Pictured in this post are LED cabinets set up as a perimeter screen alongside the sports field for advertising. They could just as easy be stacked to create one large TV set. Pictured is Colin connecting the many cabinets together for a perimetre LED screen.
Contact ICE AV if you want to plan the big screen experience at your venue. tel +64-9-414 2348