Pre-Loved fully refurbished LED Screen Promotion. Outdoor P4.8mm Resolution

One of the niche LED range that ICE AV Global is able to offer are a range of end of contract Pre-Loved LED screens. These screens are carefully selected by our highly discerning experienced buyer and after passing the initial evaluation and inspection, then shipped to the refurbishment workshop for a team of specialist engineers to give them the full treatment, repair any defects, complete clean, facial front mask replacements, check all LEDs, electronics and connectors.

Stock being prepared in the refurbishment workshop

Just in now is 150sqm P4.8 outdoor screen perfect for rental applications. Screens are shipped out in flight cases. Clients ordering a Pre-Loved Refurbished screen can be assured that all screen panels shipped have been 100% tested and ship as new performance. Screens are typically 90% new and certainly not disused screens dumped on the market.

Varying quantities, models and specifications will come available on irregular basis and typically once ever 3 – 4 weeks new stock becomes available.

Set of screens being demonstrated outdoors.
Panels mounted onto a simple frame. Rear view

Technical Specifications
P4.8 outdoor rental display,
Kinglight SMD2525 led,
MBI5124 driving IC,
Control System Nova
4,000cd brightness,
Available stock, total 150sqm(130sqm 500x1000mm & 20sqm 500x500mm)
Screen Condition 90% new
6 Cabinets per road case (500mm x 1000mm panel)

Signal Management
Includes Nova LED software. (Windows OS)
Option for Sender electronics are available as PC Slot Card, External black box Sender unit or LED Switcher processor

Promotional price is $US699/sqm, including screen, flight case, receiving card and all necessary cables.

Excludes mounting frame or hanging mount fixtures and international shippings

To calculate the cost of your desired screen
Width x Height in metres based on using 500mm wide x 1000mm/500mm heights
Sqm Area x $US699/sqm = Is the cost of your screen.

Closeup rear view of 500mm x 1000mm panels
Road case loaded with 6 panels / 3sqm (minimum purchase requirement)

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