ICE LED Screen sits front of house on Auckland’s Queens Wharf as one of three P16mm screens from ICE LED

Auckland’s waterfront is gradually being handed back to the residents of Auckland as development continues along the city edge. The Queens Wharf has now become a popular area for concerts, public events, expos and lunch and weekend visitors.

The area was once at the centre of cargo arriving into NZ from overseas and for exports as Auckland grew its growing economy. For about 100 years it has remained as a commercial area and a working site. Now a new era is emerging as its historic legacy is retired and it becomes a public gathering place.

With its new role, a message LED screen was installed out on the street side in a 20ft container two level stack. The P16mm LED DIP screen was installed in the closed end and consists of 3 x 4 LED metal cabinets. The containers can easily be moved when the space needs to be open for events. The screen now plays an important role of informing the public of developments, activities and up and coming events.

LED screens are rapidly being installed world wide and ICE AV Global has an extensive range of screen solutions suitable for any type of installation. We can work with end clients, architects, resellers or city authorities. We ship world wide, able to help you identify required budgets and explore the appropriate budget. We can advise re the installation phase and offer online post install support if required.

ICE Queens Wharf LED Screen

Below shows the area that is known as the Ferry Building and the Queens Wharf where the ICE Container screen is located. A now and then photos shows the growth of buildings.

Queens Wharf Auckland

Auckland down town Ferry building

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Visitors to Auckland’s Queens Wharf are greeted by an ICE AV LED Screen

Queens Wharf in the heart of Auckland’s waterfront harbour and down town area is part of the area that in recent years is receiving major investment to make the area welcoming to visitors, events and entertainment … and now its very own permanent LED screen.

During the Rugby World Cup 2011 it was the centre for one of the main fan zones and saw some of the largest crowds ever to gather in the down town area. Today and in the time ahead it is becoming a principal gathering place for sporting, fashion, entertainment activities.

ICE AV’s role began further along in the redeveloped Wynyard Quarter that was home to commercial fishing, with the container installation where two LED screens were installed at the top of a stack of containers displaying content relevant to the area at both ends of the top container.

The latest installation follows a similar theme as the top 20ft container of the two container installation is set forward giving a slightly suspended LED feel. The screen is a 16mm DIP RGB type, metal enclosure, rear door access, and powered by synchronous method.

Downtown Auckland

100 years ago the wharf and area was the heart of passenger and goods arrival to New Zealand and the infancy of NZ’s export industry . Today Queens Wharf is playing a new role that began with the Rugby World Cup 2011. It is one of the few cities in the world where you can step off a luxury cruise liner and within a few minutes walk, be in the heart of New Zealand’s golden mile of shopping and business.

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