Pre-Loved fully refurbished LED Screen Promotion. Outdoor P4.8mm Resolution

One of the niche LED range that ICE AV Global is able to offer are a range of end of contract Pre-Loved LED screens. These screens are carefully selected by our highly discerning experienced buyer and after passing the initial evaluation and inspection, then shipped to the refurbishment workshop for a team of specialist engineers to give them the full treatment, repair any defects, complete clean, facial front mask replacements, check all LEDs, electronics and connectors.

Stock being prepared in the refurbishment workshop

Just in now is 150sqm P4.8 outdoor screen perfect for rental applications. Screens are shipped out in flight cases. Clients ordering a Pre-Loved Refurbished screen can be assured that all screen panels shipped have been 100% tested and ship as new performance. Screens are typically 90% new and certainly not disused screens dumped on the market.

Varying quantities, models and specifications will come available on irregular basis and typically once ever 3 – 4 weeks new stock becomes available.

Set of screens being demonstrated outdoors.
Panels mounted onto a simple frame. Rear view

Technical Specifications
P4.8 outdoor rental display,
Kinglight SMD2525 led,
MBI5124 driving IC,
Control System Nova
4,000cd brightness,
Available stock, total 150sqm(130sqm 500x1000mm & 20sqm 500x500mm)
Screen Condition 90% new
6 Cabinets per road case (500mm x 1000mm panel)

Signal Management
Includes Nova LED software. (Windows OS)
Option for Sender electronics are available as PC Slot Card, External black box Sender unit or LED Switcher processor

Promotional price is $US699/sqm, including screen, flight case, receiving card and all necessary cables.

Excludes mounting frame or hanging mount fixtures and international shippings

To calculate the cost of your desired screen
Width x Height in metres based on using 500mm wide x 1000mm/500mm heights
Sqm Area x $US699/sqm = Is the cost of your screen.

Closeup rear view of 500mm x 1000mm panels
Road case loaded with 6 panels / 3sqm (minimum purchase requirement)

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ICE AV has a wide range of innovative Projection screen solutions it can offer clients worldwide to create affordable solutions for a wide variety of applications.

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ICE 39mm End of Year Promotion_08


ICE AV Announces New Partnership to supply new like Refurbished LED Panels

ICE AV is pleased to now co-operate with our Refurbishment Partner to enable global buyers to access as New Pre-Loved End of contract LED panels. Each month additional stock is offered by the industry leaders. Only the quality stock is accepted and selected for the Refurbishment Programme and accepted stock quantity range in the 100 – 800sqm availability. The selection process is set high so only high quality stock is accepted and with reliable high performing electronics.


To finish off 2018 ICE LED is pleased to offer 300sqm of stock for fast decision makers for P4.8mm Pitch screens. P4.8mm is ideal for viewing distances starting at 5m. From 5m – 10m the viewing quality will be of commercial acceptability,
so from 10m and more for example, you will having stunning viewing quality.

Sale bag
End of Year Promotion
There exists three category of commercial grade LED screens available on the global market. Brand new manufactured to order, second hand screens from defunct companies, end of life and where companies want to simply sell off their old screen, and Re-Furbished Pre-Loved End of Contract screens.

With brand new models, ICE is able to offer an extensive range from sub 1mm to more coarse pitch in a wide range of model configurations. This includes transparent, flexible, indoor, outdoor, ultra thin, boiling water capable performance, unlimited sizes, flexible building mesh, message screens, sports result screens, data screens


A highly desirable options for buyers who want high value for cost, without the cost of brand new, but with all the benefits of brand new.

The alternative options is fully refurbished screens with limited use, as new performance, warranty cover and ship complete with all cables, electronics, flight cases. The screens are only refurbished if they meet a high selection criteria and available in large quantities. Every pixel is checked and replaced if necessary. All screens front face masks are replaced automatically to ensure
front surface blacks are in new condition. Highly experienced industry engineers complete the Refurbishment Process who are employed at above industry salary standard. Refurbishment programme supported by the major industry brands.

The flight cases are repaired if required, all cables are delivering new performance. Actually one you turn the screens and playing your preferred content you will now be able to tell the difference between factory new hours old screens and the new like Refurbished Panels.
In an end of year promotion ICE LED have 300sqm of P4.8mm LED screens being offered ready for shipping with the following specifications.

Technical Specifications

Pitch Resolution
P4.8 indoor rental screen,
Cabinet size 500x500mm,
LED Type SMD2121 CREE black lamp,
Type Gold wire,
Mooncell control system.
Complete with road cases
All required cables
100% working LED.
Fully tested before shipping.

Ideal for in-store walls, night clubs, auditoriums, Church venues, hotel event halls, rental companies.

Our Refurbished LED screen stock is constantly changing with new bulk supplies going through the intensive refurbishment programme, with both in and out door screens. Stock quickly sells out as buyers take advantage of new like performance for a lot less costs.
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Purchase Conditions and Hot Price
Payment with order
Minimum 10 sqm – $USA590 price per sqm
= (40 panels / 4 flight cases)
Over 20sqm – $USA575 price per sqm
1 Year Warranty
Ships approximately after 1 week of receiving cleared funds.
Consignments ship from our Refurbishment Centre in Shenzhen, China
Flight cases ship full with 10 panels. No splitting flight case quantities.

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If you are a forward thinking company and wish to be a member of the ICE AV Global Partner Network and to bring this and other innovative solutions to the market we look forward to hearing from you.

ICE AV welcomes inquiries from clients world wide to meet your needs. Our range of LED screens are available for a wide range of applications.

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