Dynamic RibbyMag LED Screens create innovative solutions for digital displays

The latest dynamic innovation being distributed by ICE AV’s LED Division is the RibbyMag flexible led magnetic panels. Designed to be shaped into acute angles and bends allows innovative and usual shaped displays in a wide variety of of installations.

Ideal for circular, concave or convex bends, vertical, horizontal and flat screen applications including bending around at 90 degrees.

LED Ribbon panels for digital signage

LED Ribbon panels for digital signage

The absolute light weight nature removes the weight problem often associated with digital screens and a 7.62mm screen is only 125g/sqm making flexible LED screens a reality. Certain customisation can be implemented according to client project needs.

The special flexible LED module panel design was made for users as it is extremely easy to assemble, install and maintain. Each panel can be connected and assembled without any cables.

Principal Specifications

Brightness(CD/sqm) 1000-1200 Nits
Color Processing 16 bits
Control Method WiFi Transmission and USB storage
Video display function Text, graphics, picture, video
Power supply 11200MWH 5V or 22V
Can run on rechargeable batteries
Screen made up from 320 x 160mm tile modules.
Pricing based on sqm rate and any customisation required.
Thickness of the screen is 12mm

The RibbyMag screen solution has luminance for indoor use, has excellent uniformity and serviceability by using the latest LED SMD technology. Displays can be mono, multi-colour and full RGB. Its possible to create Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Pink or any colour configuration desired thanks to full colour SMD LEDs.

For the control system includes an off-line system , infra red remote controller with a transmission distance of 20 metres. the display mode includes mode effects for Snow, Twinkle, Rotate, Hold, Scroll (6 directions), Star Burst, Wipes (6 directions), Interlock. Messages display automatically in centre and the Administrator can select the desired mode or auto mode to display messages. A timing function and 16 levels of brightness settings are available.

Mobile LED screen

Flexible portable LED screen

The system can run on portable batteries for complete mobile independent requirements. The display content is from a media player and input via the custom keyboard. the system has been designed to run without the need for a separate computer.

Screens are manufactured to order based on customer size requirements. Interested parties should contact:

As this product is a B2B product please note we do not send email pricing to free email accounts.
ICE AV Technology Ltd, Led Division, Tel +64-9-414 348   sales@iceavglobal.com


Disappearing invisble Mercedes Benz cars is possible with innovative flexible LED technology.

LED technology exploded once again onto our TV sets, onto the stadium seats and to the enjoyment of many with the Spice Girls onto their cabs during the 2012 London Olympics. However earlier in March some else was demoed in the Germany market.

The use of LED screens on a vehicle’s exterior as a display surface is a relatively new concept made possible by a new generation of flexible rubber / magnetic LED tiles that are applied to the vehicles surface.

Here at ICE we have two new generation tile formats to assist the innovators, marketers and those who want to create unique visual experiences to create high quality images with either the P10 or P6mm tiles.

Rubber LED Tiles

The key is the ability to hold the tile in place by built in magnets that hold the tiles vertical in place and to curve around the side of the vehicle. Ideally the power to drive is from the vehicle helping to make it stand alone.

Recently German automotive maker Mercedes Benz used the tiles for great effect to launch their hydrogen fuel system technology when they placed the vehicle in public environs or driving down the road. When the screen was switched on, the vehicle disappeared by virtue of the camera on the on the other side of the vehicle that placed the view that the vehicle was obstructing  onto the screen in real time enabling the vehicle to blend into the environment.

So you have a great idea to create some immersive invisible cars or that matter any object? Essentially a starting point is a accurate plan drawing of the vehicle. This is then used to plan and calculate the mapping of the tiles over the vehicle, from that costs can be calculated.

Full demo kits are available for purchase consisting of all the components required for either 4 tile or 8 tile sets. Excludes the computer that you will need to supply.

Contact us on Tel +64-9-414 2348 or sales at iceavglobal.com