High definition expansive LED screen design to make an impressive visual statement.

ICE AV has been invited to propose a solution that incorporates the ability for venue visitors to walk thru the screen to access the elevators for a prestigious nationally significant company at their international company headquarters.

The requirement calls for a high definition, expansive viewing screen that is designed to overwhelm viewers and to provide an immersive high definition display experience.

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The screen design is 22m wide and 4.4m high (Area 74 sqm) with three walk through sections and in 3.9 and 1.8mm Pitch options.

The LED screen follows similar projects that have gained wide exposure. Salesforce in their flag ship San Francisco Headquarter implemented a 32.6m wide x 4m (8112 x 960 pixels) foyer wall LED canvas that displays stunning high definition images incorporating creative realistic computer rendered video and content.

Alibaba as part of the 11th G20 Summit held September 2016 in Hangzhou also implemented an impressive screen to reinforce their remarkable international success.
The high definition screen consisted of 8448 x 1728 pixels screen and the installation had the additional challenge of being slightly curved with two doors within the screen that leads to the show room hall Hall 9.

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