Digital Outdoor LED Sports Score Board for two team sports activities.

The ICE Football Digit Screen is designed for permanently installed or temporary use screens at the sports field. The screen comes with two digits for each sports team and with a central game timer screen. The screen is ideal and versatile for any game where two teams are competing with a score result of up to 99 each such as Rugby, Football / Soccer and Hockey. In addition to the sports application the screen can function as a clock. There are two control management solutions, neither of which require any other software, computer or devices to be fully functional. The brightness is suitable for outdoor blue sky environments.

As it is waterproof it can be left outdoors in the rain. The digits are very bright and capable of displaying clear scores in sunny days. Score labels – Home and Visitor is vinyl lettering. Mount with an associated sponsor advertiser logo naming board.

The score board is ideal for any school, university, community and club sport grounds. The screens can be shipped world wide door to door. To request a price decide on the digit size and control type you want to use.

Various cleats against green artificial turf, studio shot

Technical Specifications.
Super Bright High Quality LEDS
100,000 hour life expectancy
120 Degree Viewing Angle
Ellipse Lamp (546)
Available in Red, Green, Amber, Blue, White
Brightness 5,000 cd/sqm
Digit Height 8″, 10″, 12″, 16″, 20″, 24″, 36″

Light sensor with automatic dimming – over 200 levels of automatic intensity adjustment. Manual intensity adjustment up to 36 levels.

Game Timer Display

MM:SS (Minutes:Seconds) that counts up from 00:00 to any preset time and stops
at which time a 3 second siren sounds. This game timer can also be set to count DOWN from any preset time to 00:00. at which time a 5 second siren sounds. The last minute of the game will run down in 1/10th seconds or seconds.


When not used for sports, it can be used as a digital clock with alarm function.

Score layout Custom
Audio – Siren Horn: Optional for time
Transmission – Super LCD wireless handset up to 300 metres
Protocols – RS485, RS232, WiFi, Ethernet


Housing Material – Waterproof steel casing
Cold rolled steel plate, electro-static painted, anti corrosion.
Mounting – Mount onto existing signs or building
Simple installation method
Attach screen signs back to back
Packaging Timber box


Waterproof IP65
Operational Temperature 10F > 140F
Humidity range 10-80% RH
Power input 100-240 VAC, 50Hz / 60 Hz

Wireless Controller

wireless terminal

– Fully automated scoring software requiring few button operations making it user friendly to operate.
– Communication operation is over the ISM frequency band without application frequency point.(433 MHz)
– The wireless portable controller updates scores from anywhere up to a distance of approximately 300 meters.
– Uses large capacity lithium battery with long standby time. Over voltage protection. If batteries run low during a match, just plug charger into the controller.
– Uses 3.2inch TFT LCD display with 160mm x 160mm resolution.

orange controller

Control Console
Communication operation is in the ISM frequency band without application frequency point.
The wireless portable controller updates scores from anywhere within approx 300m
Uses large capacity lithium battery with long standby time.
Over voltage protection. If batteries run low during a match just plug charger into the controller.
Uses 3.2inch TFT LCD display with 320mm x 240mm resolution.
Backlight to enable clear viewing.
Dimensions 215mm x 14mm x 83mm
Supports RS2323 serial port for external interface
Support secondary development.

If you are a forward thinking company and wish to be a member of the ICE AV Global Partner Network and to bring this and other innovative solutions to the market we look forward to hearing from you.

ICE AV welcomes inquiries from clients world wide to meet your needs. Our range of LED screens are available for a wide range of applications.

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ICE Global LED Trailers deliver the big screen experience any and everywhere. Sports Scores / Replay, Community Events, Advertising

ICE is pleased to continue to expand its range of LED screens to cater for all applications. ICE AV offers a range of mobile LED screen solutions too cater for a wide range of budgets and applications.

Here we show the two entry level trailers with single and dual wheel axles.
ICE T5 Trailer Screen_01sm

The trailers feature rotating screens, raised display height system, daytime brightness, Pitch options, Synchronous controller to accept various inputs, GPS security tracking. For automated location based advertising we can incorporate GPS scheduling for your content.

If required, electrical generators can be included so the LED screen trailers can be used in off grid applications without problems. The dual axle trailer has prepared space ideal for two 10Kw generators.

The trailers shown on the attached brochures are the entry level solutions for towing behind a car, small van or truck and extend through to truck based solutions. We are also able to offer Micro range of mobile screens based on tiny vehicle and also bicycle LED trailers that are ideal for use with eBikes.

Trailers are manufactured to order requiring about 40 days. They can be shipped worldwide.

ICE T5D Trailer Screen_01sm

P6 LED Trailer spec sheet
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ICE Global trailer_06

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ICE 39mm End of Year Promotion_08

New Zealand excels on the sports field in numerous disciplines including Rugby.

New Zealand is fast heading towards the largest international sports event since the first settlers arrived from around the world 200 years ago to the remote paradise down under.

The Rugby World Cup international competition is held in various countries and 2011 is the turn for New Zealand. Kiwi sports people are renown around the world for being champions in so many sports you could be easily led to think that is all that happens in New Zealand, kicking balls, throwing them, chasing them, hitting, jumping off buildings, the All Whites achieved soccer glory in the last World Cup as being the only team not to be defeated. There is hardly a sports discipline where NZ has not achieved world status, and if not then they certainly are trying. In the air, on the track, on the field, over water Kiwi athletes and sports people invoke fear in their opponents around the world. The thought of a team of All Backs performing the warrior dance called the Haka and then to have them charge you like a pack of bulls has got to create a sweat on any opposing team.

Recently the NZ basket ball team called the Breakers hit at the heart of the Australian men’s Basketball competition by slam dunking the competition and taking the winners mantel back to New Zealand … those Aussies have got to be spitting tacks! A kiwi team winning their own national competition – if you understand the rivalary between our nations you will know thats gotta hurt.

Actually according to one American scholar who visited a primary school near to our office and was quoted that New Zealand sports education programme is well ahead of what he has observed in American schools. Maybe that is one of our secrets is to instill a love of sports and physical action at an early age. This writer certainly follows this tradition following on from his All Black father, a ntaional champion in the 50’s when he also took up the sport of school boy hockey and achieved mild success.

So how does ICE AV help to keep it all fair and above board in the sports area you might be asking.

In this post I want to talk about one of our recent products is the ICE Digital Daytime LED Score Board.

LED Score board

Down to the second can send a team off in exhuberation or tears

This stunning unit is a complete self contained system that requires minimal expertise to operate and yet delivers all the flexibility you might see in a $100 million sports stadium score board screen. It is portable and easily managed with one person and completely digital.

1. Scoreboard feature:

1) Plug and play, easy to use.
2) Sophisticated design
3) Wide range power input
4) Full functions for a variety of sports games
5) Wireless remote control
6) It is in line with European ETSI
7) When not used for sports, it can be used as digital clock with alarm function.
8). Loud and soft horn
9) Program time, could be set 9 programs
10) When you press the 1/10 second button(when one of the two LEDS in time display area goes out),
the last minute will be displayed in form of 1/10 second.

1) Basketball
2) Handball
3) Karate
4) Wrestling
5) Volleyball
6) Badminton
7) Table tennis
8). Track and field sports
9) Judo
10) Boxing
11) Clock & alarm
12) Electronic metronome

3. Technical Specifications
1) Digits:
Time: Max=99 minutes59 seconds—5〞yellow
Score:Max=199 ––4〞red
Foul: Max=9 times—3〞 green
2)Input power: AC110V-240V, 50/60Hz
3) Corresponding frequency: 418-455Hz
4) Power consumption :< 55W
5) Communication distance: 100-1500m
6) Viewing distance: 26-40m
7) N.W.: 7.3kg
8). G.W.: 9kg
9) Product Dimensions: 592*374*80 mm
10) Packing size: 825*545*135mm
11)Time accuracy:within 1 sec per day

The above design is also available in:
700X455X40 mm
800X600X40 mm

We have additional sizes and variations available. Please do not hesitate to contact us at +64-9-414 2348 or sales at ice av co nz