ICE Portable LED Sports and Marathon LED Timer Screen

It has become mandatory for community, sports club, city and national events to display times at the finish line or throughout the course. This trend has been bought about because of the major implementation we have become accustomed to and expect in any major sports event. Replay screens, perimeter advertising  screens and timing screens have become common in the big game and now combined with affordability and product range any event is able to bring this professional element to their event.

ICE LED Sports timer screen clock 01

The ICE 6″ / 150mm Timer screen screen Model ICETSPID66 is a versatile rugged display screen with all the features to create a long lasting solution for all sports activities. The six inch 6 digits ultra brightness led digital Marathon clock  is widely applicable for 10,000m, 50,000m marathon and other race sports.

*    Static driver LED digital clock
*    Waterproof, durable
*    Low current consumption
*    Outstanding visibility

Features: There are four function modes featured for different purpose, which are clock display, Countdown timer, Count up timer / Elapsed timer, and Stopwatch. Ideal for indoor and outdoor sports activities.


ICE AV Remote Control

  • Master Specifications:
  • 6″ high 6-digit LED numeric displays.
  • Viewing distance up to 265 feet.
  • With the IR remote with full functions operating.
  • Backup lithium battery is able to keep time accurate when power fails.
  • Use outdoors(with weather protection) or indoors overcomes direct sunlight.
  • Ambient operating temperature: -10~50 C; 0~95% relative humidity.
  • Daily errors: less than 2 second.
  • Screen Dimensions 808 x 200 x 160mm
  • Excellent visibility.
  • 12/24v DC – Powered by external battery. (AC version available)
  • Battery and Tripod not supplied
  • Use on table top or tripod stand.
  • The framework is covered with Black Rugged Aluminum Alloy,
    providing a smart look, weather-proof and durable Timer Display.

ICE LED Sports LED ScreenTripod & Clock

For increased versatility the screen can be used with a tripod for free standing applications. Due to international security regulations we do not ship the battery to power the system. However because it can be powered of the common 12 / 24 V DC dry cell battery or even a  car battery you can find this item world-wide. ICE AV’s LED Division can supply custom and standard LED screens for all sports applications. From stadium size screens, trailer size and hand carry screens we are able to deliver your requirements.